Hidden By Media: “Trudeauvirus” Transitioning Canada Into A DICTATORSHIP

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The fact is, Canada as it has been known since its founding in 1867 is dying. The steady, incremental demise of our nation began the day that Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada.

As common sense Canadians comprehend, Trudeau Sr. was a “closet communist.” This man is the founder of Canadian globalism-– advanced to our citizenship as “multiculturalism.”

Speaking of the topic of viruses, CAP believe multiculturalism is nothing short of institutionalized racism against Anglophone and Christian Canada. Without any form of buy-in from the people of Canada, Pierre Trudeau forced this agenda upon society.

In other words, the entire affair is 100% devoid of democracy–just the way the Trudeau family like it to be. Even so, one cannot compare the anti-democratic nature of Trudeau Sr. to that of current PM, Justin Trudeau.

Truly, this man runs Canada as if he is a post-modern dictator. King Justin of Canada appears to own our nation. This brings up a logical question: Who owns Justin Trudeau?

CAP has very definite ideas in this regard. Number one is the United Nations, followed directly by geo-political Islam. Sikh Nationalism is another. The communist government of China certainly qualifies, as well as the international banking industry driven by billionaire open-border advocate George Soros.

Degree of comprehension for Canadians: Nothing. CBC and the rest of bought-off media hide the agenda from 37.7 Million Canadians.

CAP Specifics:

Never before have we seen a Canadian government “go to bat” for a nation which produces lethal virus epidemics on a consistent basis. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have done a bang-up job in minimizing the negative impact of Coronavirus upon the world.

For decades a symbiotic relationship has existed between Liberal Canada and Communist China. No surprise, this was instigated by Pierre Trudeau. In this regard, here is a telling quote from the founder of the demise of Anglophone Canada:

“The experience of that superb strategist Mao Tse-tung might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country[Canada], the possibility of establishing socialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

Fact: Pierre Trudeau’s attitude resulted in both his sons–Justin and Alexandre Trudeau– becoming staunch supporters of China, Cuba, Islam and communism in general.

In CAP’s opinion, these three men have something in common: entitlement. This manifested in two social policies becoming entrenched within Canadian society without any consent from the public:

Multiculturalism from Pierre Trudeau, and Third World political empowerment by way of Justin Trudeau. For English Canada, this is a one-two “sucker punch” of the highest caliber.

READ MORE: Iranian-Canadian Activist Brands Justin Trudeau A “WESTERN WORLD DICTATOR”

Multicultural policy in Canada has resulted in a marginalization of Anglophone Canada, and it will continue to do so as long as the policy exists.

Justin Trudeau entrenched  Sikhism and Islam within society, while working to empower these ethnic communities well beyond what they deserve. Sikh-Canadians represent just 1.6% of the Canadian demographic, yet the community is fully empowered within Canadian politics.

No prime minister in history has ever behaved in such a biased manner toward a specific community in Canada. Justin Trudeau has promoted, financed, advanced and integrated the Nation of Islam into both society, and our federal political system.

M103, citizenship for terrorists, illegal border crossings, tens of million in non-profit organization funding. Billions to Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Chad, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Syria, Jordan, Somalia and Burkina Faso.

Speaking of African nations, here is a most telling sign of the methodology of Justin Trudeau. After banning immigration from a handful of Third World nations, Donald Trump recently added three more countries to the mix: Nigeria, Sudan and Eritrea.

You know what CAP call this? Smart– that’s what. Fact is, with Nigeria now developing into “New China” in terms of population explosion, Trump is dealing with the issue upfront.

Not so for Justin Trudeau. Turns out that at the same time Mr. Trump has banned migration from these African nations, Mr. Trudeau is about to board a plane on mission to sell Canada to various African governments.

In other words, Trump bans African migrants, and immediately Trudeau flies to Africa to set up a migration stream to Canada. You see, this is the kind of person he is. There is nothing on earth which prevents Trudeau from whoring out Canada to the highest bidder.

Makes no difference if it is China’s wireless Huewei pitch, Syria’s refugees, Iran’s criminals, or Africa’s despotic governments. Trudeau is always there to pick-up-the-pieces of the fall-out and hustle the desperate of the world into the dying “Great White North.”

For CAP, Justin Trudeau is a political prostitute. There is no limit to the extent this man will unilaterally shape the destiny of Canada in a manner devoid of democracy.

At the end of the day, the situation is actually quite basic: Justin Trudeau is a “hired gun” for the trans-formation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship. The purpose of immigration is for the Liberals to win every seat in Parliament by way of Third World immigrant vote-buying.

Once accomplished, Canada transitions to a One Party State, while Justin becomes the “Fidel Castro” of Canada.

All planned, all pre-meditated, all designed for a single purpose: the reinvention of Canada as a dictatorship in the fashion of Trudeau-family hero nations China and Cuba.





9 thoughts on “Hidden By Media: “Trudeauvirus” Transitioning Canada Into A DICTATORSHIP”

    • Mainstream media in Canada do not strive to communicate truth to the public, they attempt to brainwash the public. That’s the way it is in communist nations, and that’s the way it is in 2020 Canada.

  1. No matter what is said on social media no one does anything just like the cops you can show them all the evidence but they chose to do nothing so when the Canadian wakes the fuck up its going to be to late we have no say in what we do on are own land never mind having any say in control as to what is right for canada we get nothing but half truth from political parties we are in deep trouble perhaps we need trump up here send the fucking little weasel we to the Middle East ware he loves the people more then here and fck all the Trudeau voters you dum fucks we need a hole new political party the ones we have are all corrupted next part should let voters decide for real i can go on and on but i have a life to enjoy good luck Canada 🇨🇦 I love are country hate the dictatorship

  2. I came to Canada 30 years ago escaping communism. For those 30 years I sadly witnessed as the country is going down the drain, being sent there with either approval or apathy on part of Canadians.
    I think I am ready to leave and I will, soon.

    • CAP has had similar feedback from many immigrants from communist nations. They never expected Canada to emulate the societies they came from.


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