Hidden By Media: AFRICAN MIGRANT Wave Arriving In Canada

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken Canada’s campaign for a seat on the United Nations Security Council directly to African diplomats with a speech that tried to emphasize his boyhood connection to the continent.

Trudeau fondly recalled accompanying his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, on trips to Africa as a child and later as a young adult backpacker.

He spoke in a pre-reception address on Tuesday night to an audience of about 200 people, most of them diplomats from African countries, at the Ottawa headquarters of Global Affairs Canada.

Incredible. While Canada sinks lower and lower into social chaos, Justin Trudeau’s top concerns remain– United Nations, Africa, Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam and the other “usual suspects.”

Even more staggering is the fact that CBC and establishment media consider this “par for the course.” Degree of media consternation regarding this mix-up in priorities? Next to nothing, of course. CBC cannot seem to find a thing wrong with Trudeau’s Globalist- United Nations-pandering personal behaviour.

Want to know why? CAP shall inform: because everything on the agenda of Justin Trudeau must occur. These behaviors are in no manner random or spontaneous.

Think about it—for Africa and their social problems to take priority over Canada and its current social problems should be branded reprehensible activity on the part of PM Trudeau.

Only problem is–it won’t occur.  Within the globalist agenda of cultural assault upon the dying Great White North, every move is written-in-stone.

Please fellow Canadian patriots– which is a greater priority for the current PM of Canada?

A) The Pipeline protests, thousands of lost jobs, coast-to-coast social consternation, minimizing Coronavirus, lack of transport of vital goods by railcar, Alberta oil industry decimation, and dozens of other domestic political concerns.

B) Africa, Abortion in Nigeria, homosexuality in Senegal, Saudi Arabian Oil, Sikh Nationalism, Transgenderism in Sudan, and myriad related issues.

Obviously, the answer is (B)–yet never has CBC, CTV and the rest ever once alluded to this blatant example of what a sensible Canadian objectively label as political treason.

For CAP, the only way this dynamic could exist in Canada without being toppled over is if a long-term, pre-meditated agenda of national assault is being perpetrated upon Canadian society.

Ask yourself a simple question: How long has the “globalist inversion agenda” been in existence within Canadian society? Was this even the case when previous PM Stephen Harper was national leader? Can even the most blind, ignorant Liberal snowflake claim the previous Conservative government managed our nation in this capacity?

The Old Canada is just five years old. The new anti-Anglophone, anti-democratic government of King Justin of Canada is a very recent development. The job of media is to hide this covert, insidious social agenda from the eyes of 37.7 Million Canadians.

“Trudeau said his father shared with him his deep love and respect for the African continent — an apparent attempt to counter critics who said his government ignored Africa during its first term in power when it was dealing with major trade issues with the United States and Mexico.”

Let’s be very clear here. What Pierre and Justin Trudeau share is a malevolence toward “colonial” Canada–meaning English Canada. Every other nation on earth– particularly communist, socialist and totalitarian nations– take priority over “insignificant little Canada.”

“The prime minister won applause from the crowd when he described the future of Africa-Canadian relations as one rooted in deepening business and trade ties with the fast-growing continent.

Naturally, Trudeau is lying. Or if not this, omitting perhaps the most vital fact relating to Justin’s prostituting of Canada to various African despots and dictators.

The real impact will come from African immigration. These pre-immigration tactics have played out time and time again within globalist Canada:

First, create business ties. Next, create a foreign student exchange program. Include a path toward citizenship for these students. Then, bring in their parents and grandparents by way of government’s Family Reunification policies.

What does this accomplish? Simple as pie–this all paves the way for mass immigration to Canada to follow. This is the exact pattern which occurred as a result of Papa Pierre Trudeau engaging the communist nation of China.

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Guess what, folks? According to non-Canadian media sources, an exodus of Nigerian immigrants to Canada is showing no signs of slowing down.

“For the fifth year in a row, more Nigerians emigrated to Canada than the year before as data published by the Canadian government shows the number of Nigerians issued permanent resident permits has tripled since 2015.

“It’s a growth rate that outstrips some of Canada’s biggest sources of immigrants over the last five years, including India, China and Philippines.”

Degree of mainstream exposure of this information? Minimal to marginal. So it turns out that CAP is correct– the prostrations of Justin Trudeau are trans-forming Nigeria into the next major source of migrants to Canada.

Did you know? The country of Nigeria is exploding in terms of population growth. Nigeria is today to population explosion what China was to the phenomenon in the 20th century.

Degree of CBC focus on these facts? Zero–nothing at all. Witness as the Liberals and their media puppets deceive the people of Canada.

This, folks, is the true “post-modern” Canada of Justin Trudeau–a clandestine experiment in social engineering for the purpose of trans-itioning the dying Great White North from democracy to dictatorship.



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