Did Pierre And Justin Trudeau Destroy Democracy In Canada?

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The coincidences are many– to an extent that Canadian media couldn’t defend them if they tried. A remedy was therefore implemented: do not write about it. We speak of political affinity between former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and current PM Justin Trudeau.

In terms of Canadian history, the War Measures Act has been brought into force three times: during the First World War, Second World War and the 1970 October Crisis. It’s replacement, the Emergencies Act, came into existence in 1988 under Conservative PM Brian Mulroney. Distilling this down, we discover that the only invocation of the statutes  occurring outside of a time of war were made by members of the same family.

The October Crisis refers to events that took place in Quebec in the year 1970. The crisis was the culmination of a series of terrorist attacks perpetrated by the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), a militant Quebec independence movement. On 5 October 1970, the FLQ kidnapped British trade commissioner James Cross in Montreal.

During this time period, FLQ members kidnapped and killed Quebec Minister of Immigration Pierre Laporte. Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa called for federal help. In response, Pierre Trudeau deployed the Armed Forces and invoked the War Measures Act — the only time it had been applied during peacetime in Canadian history.

Kidnapping. Murder– thereby creating circumstances to justify the War Measures Act.

Fast forward to 2022: “Hot tubs, bouncy castles, pancake breakfasts, refuelling drives and DJ parties continue into a third week in the heart of the nation’s capital.”

Justin Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act. No murder, no death, no violence. Is our prime minister’s move singularly focused on ending the Truckers Protest? Or– in typical Trudeau style– is there more to it than meets the Canadian eye? With Justin Trudeau, there always is. The man moves in mysterious ways. His decisions imbued with impressions of string-pullers from beyond Canadian borders.

CAP has ranted endlessly regarding Justin and Pierre Trudeau’s affectation for communism. There is, however, a critical distinction to be made. It’s one thing for prime ministers to admire communism. It’s quite another to emulate this form of governance within our society.

We arrive at a dichotomy. The existence of two schools of thought with a clear demarcation between them. While some maintain suspicious minds, others laugh and jeer in their faces.

Is Canada’s political trajectory over the past half-century random in development? Or rather, are we seeing the outcome of a carefully executed program of pre-meditation? Is the current erasure of personal freedom a result of pre-determinism? If Covid wasn’t the catalyst, would a different catastrophe have transitioned Canada from democracy to neo-communism?

Consider how rare it is for media to speak of affinities between Pierre and Justin Trudeau. Ideologically attached at the hip, it is arguable that two PM’s from the same family have shaped the destiny of our country.

Not the people. Not voters or our citizenship. In terms of democracy,  all citizens do is show up at a voting station once every for years. Once a federal government is established, the people have no impact on their country.

“In a democracy, a government of the people, for the people should govern for the greatest good of the greatest number.” 

— Laws Of Government: Legal Foundations Of Canadian Democracy

Insert cynical laughter here. No national leader in history has eroded “the will of the people” like Justin Trudeau. Our PM behaves as if there is no public. All decisions affecting society are made unilaterally. The same was true for Papa Pierre.

Immigration, Multiculturalism, Refugees, Diversity, Carbon Taxation, Climate Change, Foreign Aid, Federal Deficits. Not that one should expect that the “little people” should have a say in all these issues. But what form of government do we have when the people have a say in nothing at all?

Canada functions as an authentic democracy for a total of one day every four years–voting day.  How large a step is it to eradicate this single day every four years?

Here’s how it’s done: The Canadian government has just announced its Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024.

February 14th, 2022: “Canada is increasing its immigration targets yet again. It will look to welcome almost 432,000 new immigrants this year instead of its initial plan to welcome 411,000 newcomers.”

There’s the formula for success. The majority of new arrivals vote Liberal. As years pass, the Liberal Party become more and more entrenched. This continues to a point when Canadians are so used to Liberal victories they agree with government that elections are futile.

Result? The end of democracy in Canada. This, in CAP’s opinion, is Justin Trudeau. This is Pierre Trudeau, and it is establishment media. Add to it our Marxist-infused academic institutions.

From Pierre Trudeau to Justin Trudeau: the story of an eradication of democracy. Invoking of the Emergencies Act is unwarranted– but not without purpose. To be successful, a seduction of a citizenship must occur incrementally. Otherwise, the public will catch on, and panic will result.

Step-by-step along the path trod by the Trudeau family, our personal freedoms are being stripped away. Covid has been crucial to the agenda. This week, we witness a further ramping up in the passing of the Emergencies Act.

Justin Trudeau now maintains dictatorial powers. It couldn’t be scripted out better by screenwriters for Martin Scorsese. Has Justin Trudeau just used the Emergencies Act to call “cut” on an existence of democracy in Canada?

3 thoughts on “Did Pierre And Justin Trudeau Destroy Democracy In Canada?”

  1. I have been saying this for years now, this guy wants the powers of a dictator period!! He now has achieved his goal of ruling the country, without having to answer to the people?? This is in plain sight, and everyone of you morons that vote for him, will have to answer for him, try that on for size!!

  2. We need to rid ourselves of these Liberal scoundrels one way or another. They are pure evil. The media plays a huge roll in this. God help us all.


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