Have Canadians Had Enough Now That Outdoor Hockey Is Banned In Canada?

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Over the past five years, Cultural Action Party of Canada has published over 2000 articles on the state of society and politics in Canada. Our writing is generally thematic– politics, immigration, multiculturalism are three  main topics of discussion.

Our top priority throughout has been laser-like focus on policy decisions and rhetoric of  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet.

Not one article has been written without a nagging question lingering in the back our mind:

Exactly how much unilateral government decision-making are Canadians willing to put up with?  It seems more than obvious that Justin Trudeau makes all decisions without consideration for the democratic principle of the “will of the people.”

Is there any incident which would put our citizens–  Old Stock communities in particular– over the top to cause them to “rebel in the streets?’

Obviously, it isn’t  issues such as immigration, environment,  erosion of democracy or the Covid pandemic. If it hasn’t happened yet, it is unlikely to ever occur.

What remains?  How about a quintessential piece of Canadiana–the game of hockey?  Should an impediment come to the table, is this Canadian tradition not so fundamentally ingrained as to motivate “riots in the streets.”

Within the pandemic society of 2020, Canada’s most “sacred treasure” is, in fact, being hampered in a serious manner. A message from the municipal health board in Beaconsfield, Quebec tells the story:

“As of Monday, December 28th, 2020 public skating is permitted, but no hockey is permitted. Due to numerous complaints from citizens and risk to public health, the city has no other choice but to ban hockey on outdoor rinks.”

To place this in perspective, there are at least a dozen other sports included in the ban. CAP focus here is on the big picture– societal implications, or sociological elements of a prohibition of this nature.

In this regard, we add a related incident– the impact of Covid upon religious gatherings in Canada. Here we speak of punitive damages toward Christian church gatherings. Why an exclusive focus? Because it is churches–and churches only— that are the recipients of crackdowns and fines for community gatherings.

In other words,  no media reports exist in terms of  similar circumstances for non-Christian establishments. Sikh temples? No. Islamic Mosques? Negative. Presumably, community members are gathering in the same capacity as Christian worshippers.

In the world of journalism, fact versus speculation is fundamental. To present speculation as fact can result in the dreaded branding of “fake news.”

CAP Speculation: There is something menacing about the Covid pandemic phenomenon. Actually, there are many things. For our purposes, we will focus on a recurrent CAP theme– cultural erosion.

Even before advent of the pandemic, Canadian culture was in free-fall.  In present-day terms,  the bulk of this comes from our ruling government, as well as mainstream media. In truth, we could write an entire book on the subject.

Instead, let’s focus on the overall purpose. In the opinion of Cultural Action Party of Canada, our nation’s days as a democracy may well be coming to an end. Could Covid be serving as an element in the erosion of traditional governance?

As a result of the Covid experience,  Canada has shifted into a virtual society. Human contact is minimized. A political  ramifications can be found in a fundamental shift to online voting— so much easier to manipulate than in-person voting. Parliament has been suspended, meaning, in reality,  democracy is suspended.  Decision-making is consolidated into that of Prime Minister/Cabinet–as well as non-elected medical officers like Teresa Tam. . Parliamentary debate is minimal, as is push-back from opposition parties.

Traditional elements of culture are falling by the wayside.  Two referenced  thus far are church and hockey  Anyone else noticing how much less we are seeing the image of the Canadian flag these days?

References to Canadian history have become all but non-existent. It’s as if Canada in 2020 has no history apart from Justin Trudeau slamming our country for being racist.  At the very least, nothing good is ever stated by PM Trudeau or establishment media in terms of the development of our nation. Specifically, the concept of pride in country has been thrown in the waste-basket. Unless, of course, government speak of pride among “selected” ethnicities or among homosexuals.

Can it be that the nation of Canada from its founding in 1867 to 2020, has come to end end?  Looks like Justin Trudeau really meant it when he spoke with flashing smirk of “post-modern” Canada.

Five years on, his proclamation has come to fruition– yet the result is not post-modernism. The true outcome is more like post-democracy, or if you will, a “post-Canadian” Canada.

Is the Covid pandemic functioning as a form of subterfuge?  As in,  a superficial diversion to cover-up the true agenda. The ultimate goal of government is, in CAP’s opinion, a Canada transitioning from western democracy to socialist dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)












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