Hatred of Trudeau Causes Governor General To Cut Off Public Communications

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“The office of Canada’s Governor General has announced it is turning off comments on all its social media accounts due to a significant uptick in abusive comments that include violent threats,” reports the CBC.

“A statement was posted on the governor general’s Twitter account Monday explaining the decision.”

What the statement leaves out– and serves as the motive for public vitriol– is that the primary motive for public anger boils down to a single Canadian citizen: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Informed Canadians could barely give a fig about a politically benign force such as Governor General Mary Simon. Like her predecessor, space-cadet astronaut Julie Payette and her multiple criminal charges, Ms. Simon exists as little more than a puppet for the prime minister.

As Canada’s first indigenous governor general, Justin Trudeau only has to wave his taxpayer funding wand at First Nations communities for GG Simon to come running to tie his shoelaces.

On what do CAP base our strident commentary? We offer this up for our readers:

July, 2022: ‘Governor General Overwhelmed By Demand To Remove Justin Trudeau’

As reported in the National Post in February, 2022, “Rideau Hall’s call centre normally receives between 25 to 50 calls a day. Since the truckers convoy began the number has exploded, with more than 1,500 on Wednesday and over 4,600 at one point in the afternoon on Thursday.”

4600 phone calls for Trudeau’s resignation in one day not good enough for Canadian media? Of course it isn’t– nothing ever is. No matter the degree of frustration– screaming Trudeau-haters at every pit stop he makes in the country– the PM remains.

Fact is, once a prime minister is blessed by the Governor General as national leader, general society has no recourse for their removal. Not even a time-limit factor exists. Justin Trudeau could remain PM until his dying day, and from a constitutional point-of-view, it would stand.

The result being the neo-dictatorship status that our country currently finds itself in. Let CAP be clear as crystal: Trudeau is the most hated and despised Canadian politician who ever lived. Propped up through a traitorous pact with New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, the earliest that Trudeau can be removed from office is in late 2025.

As published by Canada’s Post Millennial News, “we[GG office] have witnessed an increase in abusive, misogynistic and racist engagement on social media and online platforms, including a greater number of violent threats,” reads the statement.

Translation: Common Sense Canadians hate Justin Trudeau.

“As a result, we will be turning off comments on our social media platforms to ensure that all those who consult our information can do so in an environment that is respectful to all.”

Translation: As a result, the wall between government and the people is built that much higher. For astute political observers, it should come as no surprise.

We witness the morphing of Canadian governance into a nascent communist condition:

All three levels of governance– Federal, Provincial, Municipal— have blended into a singular unit of woke ideological beliefs. In Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, Mayors are MP’s, MLA’s are Liberal Cabinet members, etc.

There is no such thing as a successful Canadian politician who doesn’t adhere to World Economic Forum-inspired climate change propaganda and the rest of the woke malarky.

Those who buck the trend– Premier of Alberta Danielle Smith for example– are dragged through the media mud on a daily basis. The result being what Cultural Action Party call an “ideological monolith” in Canadian governance. Yes, various strata of government may disagree on budgets, healthcare, et al. But when it comes to high-level globalist ideology, they are bound together as a united force.

Their leader is Justin Trudeau, who in tribute to the communist societies he so admires, has divided the people from the government, and government from the people.

It’s pure socialism, wrapped up in fake and false altruism toward Canadian citizens. These are the reasons why Trudeau is hated, and this is the motive for GG Mary Simon’s cut-off from common Canadians.

More, More, More–How Do You Like It?

“The federal ethics commissioner’s office was flooded with over 1,000 emails, calls, letters and even faxes this winter from people asking it to investigate a conspiracy theory claiming some parliamentarians and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland are beholden to the World Economic Forum.”

And the Trudeau government are as popular as feed on a pig farm? Not likely, fellow patriots. The canker sore on the tongues of sensible Canadians has been caused by PM Justin Trudeau.

Truth is, Canada has always been far less of a democratic nation than perceived by general society. In 2023, Justin Trudeau has democracy clinging by a thread. Every concerned Canuck in our nation could give GG Mary Simon a call, and it wouldn’t amount to a pile of Canadian back bacon.

Justin Trudeau is an ersatz-dictator, and nothing less.

12 thoughts on “Hatred of Trudeau Causes Governor General To Cut Off Public Communications”

  1. The old adage ……… “You get what you give” ……
    Certainly applies here …… she has shown early on in her career that she has NO respect for Canadians and her cushy taxpayer funded holiday!!!

  2. Leaving comments electronically with the GG is a fairly new ability. In years past the GG was given more respect, for not only their status before being nominated, but also for the Office itself. Sadly a string of failed female GGs brought shame to the honoured role. LeBlanc was not too bad. Johnson was wonderful. Mainly all the Conservative ones were great and the Liberal ones, poor to even bad. So many have their unique stories about their particular failed Liberal GG. The current one is fairly good in comparison to her predecessors. However the stink that Trudeau brings to the nation spoils even the honourable.

    • Hired empty headed puppet is she. Like Julie Payette, she is appointed to work the will of the Lie-berals. A rubber stamp on Royal Assent, and nothing more.

  3. That office is a total waste of tax payers money, they are appointed by the same group of people she has control of to take care of Canada. Not suppressing she thinks there is a endless pit of money to spend with out accountability, we have to work and earn it to appreciate it and understand the value of a dollar and it’s not there by history passed.

  4. “GG” Mary “Simon”?? What! Appropriating one of our Anglo-Saxon surnames? Shame. Such breathtaking cultural insensitivity. Sorry. Apropos commentary escapes me at the moment. We’re living in a WEF; Trudopian nightmare, and in my case–It’s either silliness; scorn; or anger. I enjoy reading penetrating articles such as the above. But….Immediately; I want to bang my head against a wall. Where; please tell me–Where is the silver bullet that will take down Trudeau?? We suffer, and he’s shielded from any consequences.

  5. yes he can be removed by no confidence vote or he no longer is protected by the sovereignty act because in the act states that if a PM abuses his office he is no longer protected by it.

  6. I for one have lost all confidence in the Attorney Generals office and the Liberal NDP coalition government, it is corrupt beyond repair and needs to be dissolved NOW. Corruption after corruption with no checks and balances just outright disregard for the rule of law.

  7. We, the people, should be able to be heard – and listened to. Already a false election was called during Covid, when it wasn’t necessary, so that JT’s so-called leadership could be extended. What sly behaviour does he have up his sleeve in the meantime? He is wrecking our beautiful country to serve his own personal wants. It is hard to believe that all his own caucus go along. They are the ruination of all that was good.


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