Has The Time Come For “Old Stock” Canadians To Organize Themselves Politically?

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If any individual is most responsible for the need of political organization among  “Old Stock” Canadians, it is current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It was his rival, former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who originally coined the Old Stock term. This can be described as a composite of Canadian-born, multi-generational citizens– our Anglophone and Francophone peoples in particular. Others certainly qualify, including citizens of European origin.

Why the demarcation? One thought is — ironically—that the ruling Liberal government of Canada have stimulated a call for this definition.  The need for this form of political organization is found in the degree of neglect this community has experienced at the hands of the ruling government of Canada.

 PM Trudeau’s incessant focus on what one may call “3rd World” Canada has been a sight to behold. It has been nothing short of a five year kamikaze blitz can best describe the agenda. During this period, Justin Trudeau has imported, promoted, financed and attempted to integrate 3rd world migrants into society like a man possessed. This he has followed up with an establishment of the highest immigration quotas since Canada’s founding in 1867.

Does this mean these immigrants  bad people? No, it does not. What this has really done is to render Trudeau’s “Diversity Is Our Strength” manifesto a misnomer.

In truth, Old Stock peoples are  resentful regarding Trudeau’s blatant favouritism. Why? The following may provide some insight:

“I always laugh when you see people who are – not many of them, but – intolerant or who think, ‘Go back to your own country,Justin Trudeau said in a television interview.

“No!” Trudeau continued. “You chose this country. This is your country MORE than it is for others because we take it for granted.”

A shot of irony— it was ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau who pushed multiculturalism upon Canada in the first place. His purpose— ostensibly—was to create an “equal playing field” among Canadians regardless of ethnicity, religion, or any other socially defining factors.

Presumably, Trudeau Jr. would understand this concept. So why utter a statement of contradistinction which only advances resentment among Old Stock Canadians?

All the while, establishment media have thrown aside every concept contained herein. In another piece of blatant discrimination, we turn to  PM Trudeau’s public statements.

Over the course of his five years in power, it is fair to say our PM has referenced 3rd World Canada— our Sikh, Chinese, Muslim and other communities— thousands of times.  Trudeau has consistently promoted Chinese New Year, Ramadan, and Sikh Vaisakhi celebrations. Myriad statements regarding incidents of prejudice toward these communities have also been uttered.

Total number of times Justin Trudeau has publicly referenced English Canada, Old Stock Canada, or our Anglophones communities?

Zero times—that’s how many. How curious this is!  Or would be, if CBC, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star even once wrote up this most odd-ball phenomenon. By way of Mr. Trudeau, a thinking Canadian would come to believe the Old Stock people are today an “invisible” people.

To put this in perspective, consider the following: Each year, our PM pays public tribute to  Ismaili leader Aga Khan on his birthday. For some odd reason, Trudeau always refers to this man as “His Highness”—a sentiment likely shared by perhaps .01% of our population.

How so? Because the Ismaili community make up .01% of Canada’s total population. Now, contrast this with this nothingness that is Trudeau’s acknowledgement of Anglophone Canadians—some 60% of our demographic.

If truth were told, this situation borders on the surreal. Yet not a single mainstream journalist can bring themselves to allude to any aspect of this social dynamic.

Think about it– it is Canadian governance itself that is derived from British society.  Democracy, civil rights, Magna Carta, jurisprudence, habeas corpus, voting rights, parliamentary structure, legal foundations, and much more.

Not worthy of the odd “shout-out” to British-derived  communities? Degree of media scrutiny—between zero and nothing.

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Can we get a bit deeper on this? Sure we can. Cultural Action Party of Canada will state here and now that under our current Liberal government, Canada is in no manner a “Christian-friendly” nation.

Examples are myriad. For our purposes, let us focus on something contemporary— the Covid pandemic, and it’s impact upon Christian churches.

The fact is that the gathering of Christians at there places of worship in 2020 is one giant no-no. Countless articles have recently appeared in CBC and corporate media speaking of church shut-downs and fines in the name of the pandemic.

Our current example:

“Police have charged a Windsor, ON pastor with breaking COVID-19 rules following a church service.”

“Harvest Bible Church said in a news release that lead pastor Rev. Aaron Rock was charged under the Reopening Ontario Act by Windsor police.”

“Anyone not following provincial guidelines can be subjected to a fine ranging from $750 to $100,000.”

Any reasonable Canadian would agree that’s one heck of a lot of “alms” to be collected from a church service.

Speaking of such, perhaps readers will notice a stark contrast. There are virtually zero articles in our media on a similar impediment for Sikh Temples, Mosques and other non-Christian institutions.

Do these people not gather in the same capacity as the “fined” ones? Of course they do. Why the omission? Why would government, media and law enforcement permit this blatant discrepancy?

Media have nothing to say about the matter. Just as they have nothing to say regarding the punitive impact of  multiculturalism upon what the leftist call the “original settler peoples” of Canada.

And of course, within the world of  post-modern “Great Resets,”  media organizations have become so “progressive” that they now work directly for  government.

— Brad Salzberg, Cultural Action Party Founder(est. 2016)

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  1. While I agree with most of your statements. It is highly likely that this government is taking advantage of the Covid 19 pandemic. However, I would not take the Covid threat lightly on any level.


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