Has The Time Arrived For “FIRST WORLD” Immigration Quotas In Canada?

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Within the spectrum of Canadian society, as most curious omission exists. For a the country with the highest per-capita immigration quotas on planet earth, our citizenship are neglected in terms of government/media communication regarding the nations from which Canada’s migrants are sourced from.

CAP find this very odd. Do the citizens of a supposed “free and democratic” nation not have the right to know these details? After all, if we did, we would then be able to understand where Canada is heading in terms of our future demographic make-up.

For example, what percentage of our population will be of Chinese heritage in the year 2028? What percentage of our demography is “traditional” Canadian– Old Stock, Anglophone and Francophones peoples in 2020?

Talk about a hush-hush situation. Our ruling Liberal government doesn’t inform us. CBC, Globe & Mail, National Post--not one of them ever allude to the future demography of our country in any capacity.

So what’s the “big secret?” Is the general population even aware that PM Trudeau raised immigration quotas for 2020 from 310,000 to 340,000? Has CTV News ever informed you that polls reveal that a majority of our citizenship do not want this?

What percentage of migrants are sourced from European nations? Canadian have no idea–government never, ever speaks of this component of migration policy. How many migrants from France do we get? Germany, Russia(there are some), or any other First World-oriented nations?

CAP Response: Nobody knows. Well, this can’t be altogether true. Dollars-to-Tim-Horton donuts ex- Immigration Minister, Liberal GTA MP Ahmed Hussen knows the answer.  immigration from “non-3rd World” nations is an absolute de facto standard--the only form Justin Trudeau & Co. appear to care about. Media say nothing.

On this basis, what would really help is the following: to balance out overall immigration, would it be fair to establish an immigration quota for nations of the “First World?”

What we speak of here is equality. Simple, straight up fairness in pursuit of the true meaning of multiculturalism— all identifiable communities receive the same treatment.

Naturally, for a certain type of Canadian, this is racism. Doesn’t matter whether or not the Canadian Criminal Code says it is. Nor does it make a difference that this concept breaches our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If a social recommendation within society offers any form of benefit to European-derived Canadians, this is racism. This hypocrisy and illogical thinking “rules the roost” in Canada.

MORE FROM CAP MEDIA– Why Canadian Media Do Not Report NEGATIVE OUTCOME of Immigration Policy Upon “Old Stock” Canada

As with other forms of draconian politics– not to mention totalitarian societies of history, it is EMOTION which forms the essence of government decision-making. Same thing for Trudeau’s Liberal government of Canada.

That’s emotion--such as accusations of racism based upon subjective interpretation and emotional feelings. Logic, data, facts– be damned. This social ethos has fully permeated the Liberal-Globalist’s “post-modern” Canada.

Result: People can call just about anything racism,and it will function as a successful antidote to nationalism, patriotism and concern for traditional heritage.

As it happens, CAP believe Mr. Trudeau is working to decimate all of this. All three levels of government–municipal, provincial, federal— now seem to now work out of the same “globalist bag.”

As do media, as well as the Canadian educational system. Quite the force for a patriot to deal with, eh?

As CBC won’t tell you, CTV will not allude to, and Globe & Mail will not inform you, Anglophone Canadians will one day become a minority community in Canada. As we have been informed by media–as well as so-called “multicultural” non-profits and related 3rd World-derived journalists– being a minority in Canada is AWFUL.

So why should “white Canada” put up with it? One reason, of course, is that within our ostensible democratic society, the largest(for the moment) identifiable community has absolutely no say within society.

So how about we “change things up” to ensure our communities do not become a marginalized minority in the future.

Degree to which CAP believe government would entertain this idea? Zero times nothing. Justin Trudeau does not do good things for Old Stock Canadathat’s a rule.

Anglophones, Christians–even Francophones do not register on the Liberal-Globalist radar like 3rd World Canada does. Is Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada in reality a “no Old Stock Canadian” identity.

Oh wait–perhaps CAP is erroneous in this claim. We do, in fact, have an identity after all. We are are the community which pays for all of this. Our post-modern identity is to function as Justin Trudeau’s personal  globalist “piggy bank.”

Billions of dollars are taken each year from Old Stock folk to pay for all the privilege and benefits 3rd World Canada receive in the same of “multiculturalism.”

If “we” complain, “we” are racists, bigots and xenophobes. Talk about political prison. Perhaps the Gulag is looking better every day. So here we are, stuck in a rut our communities cannot escape from:

Low birth-rates, high death rates, high divorce rates, abortion, addiction, alcoholism and increasing mental illness. You know what CAP call this? A truly sad state of affairs. You know what serious leftist types call this? “White Privilege.” 

How insane! All we are looking for is to preserve the community whose predecessors founded Canada. Is this an example of racism? We want recognition of our contribution to the founding of our nation–as well as to preserve our existing communities and gasp–even grow these communities in the future.  We want an immigration quota created for First World migrants to Canada.

Chances of Justin Trudeau taking this concept into consideration? Between zero and nothing-– it will NEVER happen. This is the method by which, in time,  Anglophone Canada will arrive exactly where the globalists want us– meaningless, powerless and marginalized.










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