Did Justin Trudeau Just Destroy Federal Election Integrity In Canada?

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A character by the name of King Midas is popularly remembered in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. This came to be called the golden touch, also known as the Midas Touch.

Upon which we apply the term to Canada’s post-modern king, PM Justin Trudeau. If a Canadian is pleased by a degeneration of democratic governance in our country, then our present PM certainly has a midas touch.

If, however, Canadian citizens place value on traditional elements of national identity– democratic process, honest leadership, rule-of-law– then one can state that everything Trudeau touches is transformed to dirt.

Such is the case with our PM’s damage control agenda regarding election interference via the government of China. Cultural Action Party has always viewed Mr. Trudeau’s behaviour as being shrouded in pathos. No matter how deep the doo-doo, the PM will stoop to any level to preserve the political status quo.

Currently grasping at straws like a baby reaches for candy, Trudeau is delivering every excuse he can muster up to defend his pseudo-dictatorial rule over our nation.

In this regard, it didn’t take but a few days for the prime minister to reach for the mighty “race-card.”

According to an article published this week in the Toronto Sun, “Justin Trudeau had a stern warning for journalists: your questions about China interfering in Canada’s election are racist and they should stop.”

Let CAP be clear as crystal: when all excuses have bitten the dust, turn toward what has functioned as a sure-fire bet to diffuse accusations of foul play: brand the perpetrators racist.

Cowardly, vacuous and hollow. A perfect match with Trudeau’s cognitive condition. In truth, CAP find the PM to be a sad– if not mad– political figure. There is no level of lowness this fellow will not sink to in order to maintain his China-influenced control over Canada.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau denied a media report from last week saying his office had been warned by Canada’s spy agency to drop a Liberal candidate, who is now a member of Parliament, because he had Beijing’s support.”

Deeper into the abyss we go, with this breaking news story from the Globe & Mail:

‘CSIS Uncovered Chinese Plan To Donate To Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’

According to an article from the National Post, foreign donations to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation began to skyrocket after Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister in 2015.

“Between 2014 and 2016, donations from non-Canadian sources increased from $53 million to $535 million– an increase of one thousand percent.”

After which we bring up a point certain to be eschewed by mainstream media. Have Trudeau and the Liberals destroyed federal election integrity in Canada? The repercussions may  exist well beyond whether or not our Liberal government survive this scandal.

CAP has never shared legacy media’s viewpoint toward this political figure. From day one, Trudeau was presented by the press as a compassionate individual. Kicking things off with an intake of 35,000 suffering Syrian refugees, the PM was positioned as a benevolent human being deeply concerned with the rights of the downtrodden of the world.

We never believed it for even one moment. What we saw, and continue to see, is a cold-hearted narcissistic figure singularly concerned with maintenance of political power.

“Trudeau didn’t give a clear answer on was whether CSIS had warned the Liberal Party in 2019 that they had concerns that now Liberal MP Han Dong had received support from the Chinese consulate in Toronto.”

His response is typical in calculated obfuscation. Few Canadians may realize that his style of response is directly drawn from political methodology in his hero-nation of China. Simply put, their political leaders don’t answer direct questions either.

“There are 1.7 million Canadians who proudly trace their origins back to China. Those Canadians should always be welcomed as full Canadians and encouraged to stand for office.,” said the PM this week.

This form of non-answer has been infused into Liberal government rhetoric since the moment Trudeau was elected. Simply put, they all do it– Chrystia Freeland, Marco Mendicino, Bill Blair— you name the Liberal Cabinet member, and rest-assured they have been schooled in Chinese-style obfuscation of facts.

Not that the influence stops there. The Liberal Party-Chinese government affiliation reaches back to Canada’s founder of neo-communism, Pierre Trudeau.

“In a free democracy it is not up to unelected security officials to dictate to political parties who can or cannot run,” Justin Trudeau stated in response to the current scandal.

Oh, for sure, Justin. Let us put aside the salient fact that among political leaders of Canadian history, no one has done more to undermine “free democracy” in Canada than you have.

Simply put, the “cat is out of the bag.” China’s government meddling in Canadian federal elections is now understood by the people of Canada. We stand witness as Justin Trudeau scrambles to continue fulfill his assigned globalist agenda as prime minister.

From democracy to dictatorship. Call in the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, United Nations and government of China.

Justin Trudeau is floundering around in pursuit of a transition from a free and democratic country to a neo-communist dictatorship. Whether or not his globalist backers can successfully bail him out of this one remains to be seen.

Either way, trust in our electoral process is bound to erode in the process. As CAP stated on day one, this Trudeau character is a destroyer, and nothing less.

4 thoughts on “Did Justin Trudeau Just Destroy Federal Election Integrity In Canada?”

  1. Yes indeed, He is as stated, and so are all of His Cabinet, and elected Liberal Members. Add to this Group of Leftist individuals, the Leader of the NDP, and also His agree with Jagmeet, Members and Elected Officials. This marriage of the Liberal/NDP is causing Canada to a quick death in the Global presents, silently in the background. The carelessness of the NDP Members in this matter of prolonging the Trudeau rule, is accepted today and into the Future. The sustaining of the false power the NDP has in it’s grasp, is the only way they, can have a small % of the demands. They can not achieve on their own Merritt, so they support a collaboration of Socialistic/Communistic values, favouring the Chinese rule and are trying to overtake the Canadian Democracy in the wake of the flood of influence from China.

  2. When ever the government claims to have the best interest of the people at heart you need think again.
    In the entire history of mankind there has never been a political elite concerned about the well being of the people.
    What makes any of us think it is different now? Never take anything a government tells you at face value.
    Always question what any government does of does not do. When ever the political elite push an agenda which
    resorts to extortion and manipulation you can be sure they are not concerned with health and welfare of
    the average person.

  3. Trudeau loves to play the race card! That’s how he got the Aboriginal’s vote plus billions in taxpayers dollars! Turning everyone in Canada against each other! BLM, Islamic ideologies to run rampant and free! China infiltrating our education systems with Marxist, totalitarianism ideas as the youth in our schools sucked it all in! Destroying Canada sovereignty bit by bit day by day! All in the name of greed and power! You have been told! Never say you didn’t know!

  4. (1) Man oh man. If it had been ex PM Harper….They’d have had him drawn and quartered. He’d be cut to tiny pieces. What a difference seven years makes. Castreau should have walked the plank/swung from a rope dozens of times. And yet–He remains; untouchable. Powerful forces are at work. Trudeau rises; Canada falls.

    (2) “There are 1.7 million Canadians who proudly trace their origins back to China. Those Canadians should always be welcomed as full Canadians and encouraged to stand for office.,” said the PM this week.” Beijings’ stooge might just as well have erupted w/ an impromptu rendition of the Chinese national anthem. https://youtu.be/UctriMuXYS0 (With subtitles.) I’m sure Xi’s puppet boy sings it every morning. It’s a pretty lame anthem; almost laughable. “Arise; ye who refuse to be slaves!…With our flesh and blood; let us build our new Great Wall!” Shaking my head….


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