Has Justin Trudeau Established Islam As Canada’s Most Powerful Religion?

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CAP would say yes, for certain. Of course we would– the concept is ours, and ours alone. Fact is, establishment media in Canada refuse to expose Justin Trudeau’s relationship with the Nation of Islam, as well as his pro-active agenda to swap out Christianity for Islam in terms of Canada’s dominant religion.

In a recent article, CAP espoused the theory that media are covering up the pending transformation of Anglophone Canada into a minority community. Who does the cover-up? Why, this would be Anglophone- Canadian news editors and journalists. How odd.

The agenda to transform Christianity into a secondary religion in Canada follows the same Liberal-Globalist playbook: deceive the Canadian people. Hide the fact that since Justin Trudeau assumed the position of prime minister, he has worked diligently to place Islam at the pinnacle of religious communities in Canada.

What examples do we have? M103, MP Iqra Khalid’s “Islamophobia” government motion. Within the motion, how many of Canada’s primary religions are mentioned by name?

The answer is one– Islam. Although reports and studies inform Canadians that jew-hatred is every bit as extreme as animosity toward Muslims, there is no mention of “Jew-ophobia” in the motion. Nor is “Christ-ophobia” articulated.

Remember, a motion has potential to one day become law. This situation is, in fact, ominous as heck. Number of articles devoted to these issues in media: Zero. Guess we know whose side our media communities are on.

On dozens of occasions CAP have written about certain MP’s empowered by Justin Trudeau within government. MP Iqra Khalid is not a cabinet member, however one would be hard-pressed to deny her influence via M103. Trudeau appointed Omar Alhagbra, half-citizen from Saudi Arabia,as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Alghabra is rumoured to be an ex-member of the Muslim Brotherhood( in fact, so is Khalid).

Minister of Status of Women is citizen-of-unknown-origin and Sharia Law advocate, MP Maryam Monsef. And perhaps the most punitive of all– Immigration Minister, Somalian citizen, MP Ahmed Hussen. CAP brand this individual an Anglophone-basher. Simply put, he doesn’t like our people.

What else? Trudeau has re-instated citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists. He has also funded Islamic non-profits rumoured ties to militant and terrorist organizations with tens of millions of dollars.

Justin has donned Islamic garb, and recited the Islamic conversion prayer “Shahada” while praying with fundamentalists at Canadian mosques. Hello? Anyone out there in “media-land” aware of these circumstances?

Of course they have–they just refuse to enlighten 37.5 million Canadians of the fact. Why? Are these publishers, editors and journalists Muslim-Canadians? No, not in the main. So why on earth do they protect(bury) such pertinent social developments to prop up Justin Trudeau.

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Money, for one thing. In truth, Comrade Trudeau has got them by the short-ones. If they write what our fearless leader does not want Canadians to read, they will not receive the tax-payer millions Trudeau is ready to hand to them.

In other words, write what government wants you to, and hide what government does not want the people of Canada to comprehend. Conclusion? Trudeau-family communism.

The government of Justin Trudeau is a model of deception. Every image projected by Gerald Butts & Co. is a scheme intended to fool the Canadian people.

Yet, after four years in office, media are losing much of their mustard. The scandals just keep on rolling( at present, carbon-footprint of Justin’s two private jets), and even media as monolithic as ours cannot prevent truth seeping through the cracks.

The Great Canadian Cover-Up: Trudeau, Butts, Hussen against democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. The advent of Islam, pending minority status for whitey. You name it, and media tow the line.

What is the Trudeau family’s preferred form of governance? Try asking brother-in-the-shadows, Alexandre Trudeau–the answer is communism. Think Andrew Coyne too brain-dead to put this together? John Ibbitson, John Ivison? Let’s not be absurd–of course they can. They simply choose not to–or perhaps they would like to, but there is no way in hell their editors and publishers will permit it.

CAP Conclusion: Anglophone and Christian Canada are being hosed down by the Trudeau government. Four years of King Justin has planted the seeds for the demise of English Canada, and its Anglophone communities.

This began the day Papa Pierre became prime minister in 1968. In 2019, son Justin is driving the agenda not unlike the way a Roman Chariot racer lashes his set of horses at the finish line.

Trudeau and Hussen can see the finish line. They can taste it. All they want to do is fool Canada into voting them into office for a second term. From there, the globalist agenda of destruction will ramp up even further.

Globalist Goal: A pre-meditated, covert and incremental agenda of national transformation. Anglo-Christians as a minority community, in tandem with Islam as our nation’s dominant religion.

This is where our people are heading if the cretin Justin wins on October 21st, 2019. The the smiles, the preening,  his costume collection, virtue-signalling, self-righteous lunacy of King Justin Blackface only exists to obscure this profound truth.




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