Has Justin Trudeau Been Selected To Render ENGLISH CANADA OBSOLETE?

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CAP tend to utilize the word “transition” a lot. It is used in the “double entendre” sense. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has for the past five years been working on an agenda of national “transformation.” Often, CAP will spell the word like this- trans-ition— to allude to Mr. Trudeau’s full-on dedication to LGBT, Pride and the rest.

Despite media obfuscation–none more so than puppet-like CBC— all the unprecedented machinations of the Trudeau government are slightly more meaningful than spring rain in Ottawa.

Here is what CAP see: PM Trudeau has trans-formed Canada to a degree that is both hard to fathom, and difficult to accept. The agenda goes like this:

Establish a new social order–one based upon societal inversion. Transfer “Old Stock” Canadians— as in those of European heritage— into second class citizenship.

Next, elevate 3rd World Canada over and above the descendants of those who established the foundation of our society. A perfect lot? Not at all— in 1867, there was no such thing as “multiculturalism” or any other bit of globalist propaganda. Simply put– every person on earth was “racist” at that time.

Truth is, the nations which Justin Trudeau chases around like a wet-lipped puppy dog are infinitely MORE RACIST than Canada. Trudeau doesn’t care– he has an agenda to fulfill, and nothing will stop his globalist automaton brain from accomplishing the task.

Canada in 2020 is light years away from Canada in 2014. CBC say nothing of a fundamental transition of white Canada to second class status. In our stead, Trudeau has placed Sikh and Muslim Canada at the very top of Canada’s social totem pole.

Degree of buy-in from the general public? Nothing. Degree of exposure from Globe & Mail? Nothing. So media are on-board with this transformation as well.

Did you know? Over at CBC, Canadians of European Heritage  are impeded from gaining employment positions. Ditto for all major Canadian banks.

In Liberal La-La-Land, this is referred to as “Multiculturalism.” Here at CAP Central, we refer to this as RACISM against the communities we represent– Anglophone, Francophone, European and Christian Canadians.

Collective “Multicult” and Liberal Snowflake response? CAP is racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Such is life, eh?

English Canada— you have been hoodwinked by your ruling government. Two more decades of this social dynamic, and Anglophones will take their place as Trudeau’s “Second Nations” community.

Justin Trudeau has damaged our communities in a serious manner. CBC say nothing–because they too favour the decimation of English Canada, and its Anglo-European communities.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)



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