Has Justin Trudeau Already Transitioned Canada To A ONE-PARTY STATE?

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For those who follow Canadian federal politics on a regular basis, most will be aware of all the consternation surrounding the appointment of the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

For CAP, all this is merely one step up from meaningless. In fact, we will be so bold as to say the media coverage surrounding this “major development” is little more than a charade to convince Canadians that the Conservative Party–or any other non-Liberal political party--remain relevant on the federal political scene.

We believe this to be a distraction from the real issue– four-plus years of Justin Trudeau as PM has resulted in the death of all competing federal parties. In other words, democracy in Canada has hereby trans-sitioned to a media charade.

The CPC will not win in 2023–the Liberals will win–no matter who the party leader is. Here is CAP’s bottom-line take on the situation:

In reality, Canada is no longer a truly democratic nation. Our globalist-infused media– every bit as dangerous as Trudeau himself –are hiding the fact that Trudeau and the Liberal-Globalists are in complete control politically.

Mass immigration has transitioned Canada’s political structure into one whereby strategic Third World community demographics and related vote-pandering are incrementally capturing more and more Conservative ridings with each passing year.

Media say nothing. Now, PM Trudeau is rolling out the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program” to replicate the massive Liberal Sikh and Muslim MP victories within small town Canada. Two decades of this, and the majority of the 338 federal ridings will be controlled by Third World voters and MP’s.

CAP Conclusion: Game over, Conservative Canada–you have been effectively wiped out by a cabal of globalist destroyers. United Nations, Sikh Nationalism, Islamic fundamentalism, Chinese communism, anti-male LGBT wussy promotion.

Does, or does not, Justin Trudeau back these entities in a full-on, comprehensive manner? Of course he does–because he is out to decimate Anglophone Canada. What could more effective than backing these and other nefarious globalist forces to the hilt like King Justin does?

Now, after bombarding English Canada with the highest immigration and refugee quotas in Canadian history, Justin & The Globalists are moving on to PHASE 2– “climate refugees.”

According to the western culture-killers at the United Nations, there are 100 Million “Climate Refugees” in the Third World who must be sent to western democratic nations like Canada. In typical Liberal- Fascist style, they are stating that it is impossible for these people to ever return to their home nations after arriving upon Canadian soil.

So who controls Canada–the U.N. or the government of Canada? Such a sad question, really. Justin Trudeau has successfully accomplished what no other prime minister in history has ever done–handed over control of the destiny of Canada to non-Canadian forces.

The great Italian renaissance writer Dante may have sold his soul to the devil, but Justin Trudeau has sold the soul of Canada to the United Nations, China, Punjab, Sikhism and Islam.

Media say nothing. Pouquoi? Because media are government. And in fact, patriots are beginning to think CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest are (gasp) even worse than Trudeau.

What a dramatic change in presentation. After 58 Iranians holding Canadian passport were killed in a dramatic flight shooting incident, Canadian media appeared to be more on the side of Iran than Canada. After the deadly Corona Virus from China was discovered, CTV appear to be more on the side of China than Canada.

BURIED BY CBC: Justin Trudeau Begins Agenda To FLOOD RURAL CANADA With 3rd World Immigrants

Know what CAP think? Here it is: Canadian establishment media are now 100% controlled by non-Canadian forces–just like our federal government. This is what Trudeau has “gifted” to our nation–pure trouble. In fact, enough trouble to destroy democracy within the fading, former “Great White North.”

CAP Prediction: The Liberal Party will rule Canada indefinitely. Trudeau may possibly go in time, but the Liberal-Globalist-Third World lock on Canadian society means that, in reality, there are no true contenders in the boxing ring of federal politics.

Canada is today a nation in transition. Why have an election if immigration policy results in the Liberal-Globalist Party winning 328 of 338 seats in parliament?

Canada–you have been hoodwinked. Justin Trudeau has stolen your country from you, and handed it on a silver platter to the globalist power-players of the Third World.

Then, media bury this entire agenda of globalist destruction, and Trudeau wins a second term in office.





6 thoughts on “Has Justin Trudeau Already Transitioned Canada To A ONE-PARTY STATE?”

  1. He certainly has done a bang up job with the help of the media, pity so many Canadians are so clueless to allow this. Of course it’s very hard, nigh on impossible to stop a narcissistic dictator this late in the game.

  2. Talk about a depressing thought however God is going to poor out his spirit on North America so hard that there will be nothing any globalist could ever do to stop it it will change things like people dropping dead under Gods authority. So all the Trudeaus and Sororss of the world can try to do what ever they want. My God is bigger and we win.

  3. The articular is all so true. Trudeau has ruined our country and hopes to stay in power from the votes of he gets from all those he is bring in.What a shame to have someone as uneducated and never had to earn a pay check rule over such a great nation


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