Hamas Thanks Justin Trudeau Political Highlight Of 2023

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Amazing things can happen when not one, but two Canadian prime ministers decide to sell Canada to the world.

First, their commonalities. Both go by the name of Trudeau, both have little-to-no respect for democracy, both took on “pet-projects” to dilute national sovereignty.

Pierre Trudeau was first. In the early 1970’s, Canada’s “dashing cosmopolitan” made a decision to open our doors to business interests from China. Diversifying their portfolio, next came an infiltration of Canada’s educational system. Some forty years later, academic animus toward our country has reached its apotheosis.

Media won’t tell you the extent of Marxist ideological infiltration in Canada’s university system. Nor do the press give print space to the idea that the Liberal Party’s embracement of the behemoth nation of the Far East possibly resulted in a “stealing” of a federal election decades later.

“Ottawa has been roiled by a series of top secret CSIS reports showing that the Liberal government was aware of a concerted effort by the People’s Republic of China to support Liberal candidates and swing the results of the 2021 election.”

In the 2021 federal election, the opposition Conservative Party won the popular vote. Meaning that, theoretically, the government of China may have secured an election victory for Team Trudeau.

Speaking of the 2021 election, part two of the Liberal Party Globalist agenda arrived in the form of alleged son Justin Trudeau. Discontented with the extent of foreign influence in Canada, Trudeau Jr. opened the door to the Sikh Nationalist movement to manifest on Canadian soil.

And still it wasn’t enough. Our PM just had to import political Islam to our country. A development at the height of the rapidly-degenerating Christmas season in Canada tells the story:

“Dr. Ghazi Hamad, the senior leader of the Palestinian terror group praised ceasefire statements from Canada.”

“Israel is a country that has no place on our land,” said in footage translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Group (MEMRI).

“We must remove that country, because it constitutes a security, military and political catastrophe to the Arab and Islamic nation and must be finished.”

One has to wonder what is being implied when choosing the words “must be finished.” Apart from this, it well appears Justin Trudeau is on board with Hamas. This is what can happen when one sacrifices a western democratic nation for political and ideological purposes.

As for Justin Trudeau, nobody does it better. The man is such an odd-ball. It appears he hates certain aspects of our society, it’s colonial founding in particular.

Our PM is the leader of a democratic country, yet he seems to loathe the principles of this political structure. He very much admires China and Cuba, Fidel Castro and Mao Tse Tung. His support of Islam in Canadian society stands as the greatest degree of community favouritism in modern history.

So much so that the following incident played out this week in downtown Toronto:

“Police say they are investigating an interaction between a demonstrator and another citizen during a pro-Palestinian protest inside the Eaton Centre on Sunday evening.”

“In the video, one protester says to someone ‘I’ll lay you out on the floor’ and threatens to ‘put someone six feet deep.’”

And a holly-jolly Christmas to you too, pal. What a mess Trudeau has made of Canada. Didn’t anyone in Ottawa consider the idea that when you import millions of migrants from so-called “developing” nations, you import their political conflicts as well?

Apparently not. While Canadians are shaking their collective heads over developments of this nature, we introduce a few words from Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland:

“Chrystia Freeland insists the Liberals can ‘absolutely win’ another election with Justin Trudeau behind the wheel, even as recent polls suggest the prime minister is driving the party off a cliff.”

Do tell, Ms. Deputy PM: why so certain about a forthcoming Liberal victory? Because this  time out China will rig 88 ridings for you instead of 11?

Or because you know that political Islam will provide billions in order to buy an election for the Liberals? Or perhaps you now have the pull to fix federal elections independently of your globalist backers?

If the Liberals do persevere, it won’t be because actual Canadian citizens want you in office. Perhaps another coordinated government-media propaganda campaign designed to demonize the Conservatives as “Trump wanna-be’s” can do the trick.

Whatever transpires– if the Liberals win– is bound to come by way of another three-ring circus of political subterfuge.

What a disgrace. How many Trudeaus does it take to transition a democratic society to a borderless global village, complete with affection for Middle Eastern terrorism in Ottawa?

Responding to video footage of a pro-Palestinian demonstration at Toronto’s Eaton Centre on Sunday, former Canadian Senator Linda Frum stated that ‘this makes us all unsafe.”

Not exactly the “sunny ways” that a wet-behind-the-ears prime minister promised Canadians back in 2015, is it?

Vote Trudeau? Not on your life, or for that matter, the lives of 40 million Canadians.

3 thoughts on “Hamas Thanks Justin Trudeau Political Highlight Of 2023”

  1. Trudeau certainly epitomizes the term “useful idiot.” He’s the Big Turd in “Liberal” la la land; but shunned by most of the nations not receiving large infusions of “foreign aid.” If/when this wrecking ball leaves politics; will there be a place for him to “Trudeau” some more? Maybe in Quebec; where they can crown him as their king. Quebec; The one place that middle-finger salutes the “rest of Canada” as much as their favorite son. (But keep that English cash a comin’.)

  2. propaganda.

    most countries asked for a cease fire, except US and Israel.

    you’re such a clown it’s insane.

    you succeeded in me never voting conservative, good job Brad.


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