Halifax library holds Hijab Day to confront misconceptions

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HALIFAX, NS — Members of Halifax’s Muslim community are confronting misconceptions about their faith by holding an information session about the hijab this weekend.

Anyone who stops by the Halifax Central Library for “Hijab Day” on Saturday will be invited to try one on.

“Dr. Abdelkader Tayebi, imam for the Ummah Mosque in Halifax says “It’s being seen as something imported from outside, from the Middle East, whereas it is now a Canadian thing.”

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1 thought on “Halifax library holds Hijab Day to confront misconceptions”

  1. How this Imam dare to say ” now hijab is a Canadian thing” it will never be Canadian thing or will be accepted by Canadians. It has to be banned at some point. One Imam said that hijab is an identity of a Muslim women. Why he said like that because they know once there is an ISIS attack, Muslim women will be spared because of their hijabs and the women without hijab will be considered Christians to be killed.


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