Halal Expo Canada In Toronto Billed As North America’s Largest

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Halal Expo Canada 2019 is expected to sell out with more than 3,500 attendees.  Its operators are billing the event as “North America’s Only B2B Event Dedicated To The Halal Lifestyle Industry. It will take place in October, 2019 in Mississaugua, Ontario.

Malaysian, Turkish and Indonesian Pavilions are featured as part of government supported trade missions at North America’s Only B2B event dedicated to the Halal lifestyle industry.

From Food, Beverage to Pharmaceuticals, Fashion, Cosmetics, Finance to E-commerce, Franchise and Logistics to Tourism and more, providing traders and buyers with the ideal platform to network, share market insights supported by a well-structured and rich conference program content.

How times have changed. As a youngster in Halifax, NS, I can recall the excitement surrounding Expo 67 in Montreal. I remember the pride Canadians felt toward their nation. 1-2-3 Canadians we love thee!

Then came Pierre Trudeau. He was elected as prime minister in 1968. Little did Canadians know he would turn our nation inside-out and upside down. In 1971, Trudeau introduced multiculturalism to Canada. No vote, public approval–no democratic process involved.

Fast forward to spawn Justin’s Canada in 2019. Pride is still being displayed within Canadian society–just not in the identity, history or heritage of Canada. Thanks to Trudeau Jr, pride in traditional Canadian identity is off-limits. Today, community pride is only permitted for Third World, Sikh, Chinese, Islam, LGBT, and the Transgendered.

Halal Expo 2019 makes the grade. It will be proudly hailed as a multicultural success. An example of the glory of diversity. Justin Trudeau–if he is still prime minister at the time–will have no problem endorsing the event, giving it his usual two thumbs up in celebration.

What will be entirely DEVOID from the event and any news reports it generates is that Halal revenue intake is reported to end up in the hands of militant and terrorist Islamic organizations.   

Speaking in defence of the reclaim Australia rallies, One Nation leader and founder Pauline Hanson told the Nine Network’s Today program that halal certification was a money-making racket.

“It is a profit money-making racket. The money goes into Islamic organizations and has been connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in France and actually also in Canada,” she said.

Will any of this matter to Justin Trudeau? Not a chance. Like his Islamic-Canadian MP’s, Trudeau has never uttered a SINGLE WORD critical of any aspect of Islamic militancy or fundamentalism.

Yes, the Halal Industry speak righteously about “growth markets” and “tremendous opportunities.”  Canadian business people lacking a deeper understanding of the issues(or turning a blind eye) see dollars signs and play along. There is, however, a dark underbelly to the Halal Food Industry.

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Will Canadian media expose the dark side? NEVER. Our ruling government? Don’t be INSANE. The Trudeau government work on behalf of the Nation Of Islam. Perhaps the best word to describe these phenomenon is DUPLICITY.

A contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action. This is the Halal Industry. This is the Trudeau Government. It is establishment media. Presenting as righteous behaviours those which have a damaging effect upon a segment of society. Virtue-signalling is a big player in this regard.  For example, the fake refugee campaigns of the Liberals. Position the refugee intake as an act of humanitarian altruism, when it fact it is a Justin Trudeau vote-grab.

Interesting how the approach of the Trudeau government, political Islam and LGBT ALL utilize the methodology. We are working “to be inclusive”– as they attack any person who dares to stand up to their manic transgender malarky. You are being “Islamophobic” by asking Justin Trudeau a question regarding border security.

Games people play–or more specifically, those who indulge in liberal-globalist hypocrisy– social justice warriors and various liberal  snowflake types. In four years Justin Trudeau has accomplished for Islamic-Canada what would have otherwise taken decades to occur–the full entrenchment of Islamic values, religion and culture into the fabric of Canadian society.

Beneficiaries? Yet again– Third World Canada, Nation of Islam, United Nations, International Banking, Corporate Big Business, Foreign Governments. Loser— Once again, Anglo-Canada, Christian-Canada, Old Stock Canada, conservatives and patriots. Under the iron-clad grip of Justin Trudeau, this social dynamic is CAST IN STONE--just like the belief system of his favourite religion.

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  1. I mean if there is a type of commodity group to put a tariff on once we get a good, conservative leadership into play, it’s going to be anything featured in that expo.


  2. From the videos I’ve seen of how Halal dispatches animals you’d think the SoyBoy wouldn’t be thee but here he is in all his hypocritical splendor. This A-Hole never ceases to amaze me with his ass holiness. PETA is another bullsh-t organization that only goes after business that don’t defend themselves. F–king Lieberal Party of Canada, scum nothing but boot-licking scum.


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