Groundswell of “Anti-Woke” Push Back Rapidly Builds In Canada

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An ebb-and-flow in political attitudes within a society is as old as democracy itself. What is more modern– “post-modern” in fact– is calculated cover-up of such transitions from media.

In this regard, the press in Canada employ tactics intended to obscure an about-face among the general voting population.

Canada’s ruling Liberal government thrive off of instilling division within our nation’s pluralist communities. It’s a tactic, to be sure. For eight years running, the Liberals have been in the process of re-inventing Canadian society. Primary among their needs is dividing community from community, be they Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hetero, Gay, Transgender or otherwise.

CBC and corporate media employ division by a refusal to being together “counterproductive” commonalities among Canadians. An example is found in a groundswell of anti-woke sentiment breaking out within western nations.

Key among them is France, whose government is in the process of revamping what was formerly a pro-immigration stance within society. French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron has recently taken a “right-hand” turn, cracking down on illegal immigration, refugee exploitation of French law, and other elements of a “borderless society” dynamic.

Down under, the Australian government recently tabled legislation to cut immigration intake by a whopping 50%.

Argentina’s president Javier Milei called on political leaders to reject socialism at the recent World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland:

“Today, I’m here to tell you that the Western world is in danger. And it is in danger because those who are supposed to have to defend the values of the West are co-opted by a vision of the world that inexorably leads to socialism.”

On December 4th, 2023, the government in Britain passed legislation to reduce legal immigration intake by 300,000 out of a quota of 1.2 million annually.

Tie it together, and what emerges is what legacy media in Canada refuse to articulate: a comprehensive backlash against woke globalist politics among citizens in western democratic societies.

Back in Canada, a significant social development speaks to the feelings of the unspoken. A recent UFC sporting match in Toronto found the entire stadium chanting “F**k Trudeau.”

The implications are manifold, all of which lead to mainstream media’s sublimation of the spectacle. For the Liberals and their quasi-intellectual media factions, these people qualify as one step below the scum-of-the-earth.

These are “grass roots” Canadians– as opposed to a collective of  media “intellegencia” who, like Justin Trudeau, loathe everything about this particular “class” of people.

As in, Canada’s white working class. Say no-go, Ms. “He/She/They” down at CBC headquarters.  As for the Liberal Party, they would much prefer such types go “gently into that good night” of Canadian existence. It can be argued that government have over the past 50 years taken tangible steps for this very thing to occur.

The woke world of Liberal-Globalist political control want all of this crushed. Whether they will succeed is another story. Every major poll in the past three months indicates massive defeat for Trudeau’s Liberals in a future federal election.

Whether or not the people get what they want is another story. Tracking Liberal government behaviour over the past eight-plus years indicates one concept above all:

Trudeau and the Liberal will do anything to maintain their globalist grip on society. And without question, they have some major weapons at their disposal. That most of them come from outside our country is something poorly understood by Canadian voters.

The Conservative Party opposition led by Pierre Poilievre employ relatively standard methods of election campaigning. Not so for the post-modern Liberals.

At their disposal comes a composite of woke forces: World Economic Forum, United Nations, Political Islam, Punjab, World Sikh Organization, LGBT/Transgender politics, World Health Organization, et al.

Fifty-five Liberal members of Parliament were born in foreign nations. Twenty-two of them are dual citizens. Some are more concerned with Palestinians than Canadians. Scarborough Centre Liberal MP Salma Zahid is a triple-citizenship holder: Pakistan, Britain and Canada.

Liberal MP Stephane Guilbault is a woke environmental thug. Another(Randy Boissonnault) is fairly described is an LGBT fanatic. Currently, he is one of thee people working to transition the Canadian Armed Forces to a pretty-in-pink military outfit.

We come to see what’s at stake in a future election. That is, for those concerned enough to care, and delve into the world of illicit woke Liberal politics on a world-wide scale.

In the meantime, establishment media will continue to do what they are being paid to do: keep as much of the push-back against “Wokism” in individual silos, thereby obscuring the truth that is an international backlash against woke global politics.

If CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest do indulge, it’s because they have no choice–  social momentum being too much to overlook. When they do, it’s delivered with reticence, reluctance and attempted obfuscation.

If Canadians want their country back, they must move beyond institutional divisiveness to come together as a united force. Among all social trends, social division is the poison that flows from the pens of government and partners in media.

2 thoughts on “Groundswell of “Anti-Woke” Push Back Rapidly Builds In Canada”

  1. ” If CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest do indulge, it’s because they have no choice– social momentum being too much to overlook. ”
    Slowly and maybe being forced, the media is changing. Just last week three different sources had headlines questioning immigration. While the headlines were all different, the message was the same, immigration is ruining this Country. For me, it was a sign that more ” professionals ” will start speaking the same message. Its at a point that economists and others can’t crunch the numbers any other way ……………. because there are just too many immigrants and refugees …………….. maybe they’re all hoping for the guaranteed income politicians are examining ?
    Just when you think the tide might be changing…………… we have this: ” In her December ruling, Ontario Superior Court Justice Jasmine Akbarali agreed, writing that foreign-born Canadians hold “a lesser class of citizenship because, unlike Canadian-born citizens, they are unable to pass on Canadian citizenship by descent to their children born abroad.”
    First of all, why are we allowing un-elected judges interpret the Canadian Constitution ? Especially with a name like ” Akbarali ” .
    This all started by another who’s devotion is probably overseas, ” lawyer Sujit Choudhry ”
    Why are east Indians or Pakastani’s always suing against OUR constitution ?
    Why did Canadians vote for a government that saw a problem and made a law to change it………. only to have someone sue to change it that benefits someone from a different Country ? ” The second-generation cut-off was created in 2009 as part of a crackdown by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government on Canadian citizens who live permanently outside the country. The move came in response to the evacuation of 15,000 Lebanese Canadians stranded in Beirut during the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, an operation that cost taxpayers $85 million. ”
    Too many immigrants spend their time arguing about our way of life and then they are suing our Canadian decisions, culture and traditions. What’s next ? Changing our official language to include theirs ?
    I say again, immigration has ruined this Country.
    How many immigrants have said ” I wish our Country was more like Canada ” before immigrating here ?
    If you’re planning on coming to Canada to change our culture……….. stay home.

  2. Update to my previous comment.
    When I suggested that it seems many immigrants come to Canada and spend much of their time trying to change our rules and way of life.
    I mentioned how a lawyer ( Toronto lawyer Sujit Choudhry filed a constitutional challenge ) to address ” the right to transmit their citizenship to their foreign-born offspring “. Then we have a judge ( Ontario Superior Court Justice Jasmine Akbarali ) who agreed with him and makes it a new law that allows ” automatic citizenship to children born abroad if their Canadian parents were also born abroad. ”
    ” The case is seen as a win for up to 200,000 “Lost Canadians” — people not considered citizens because of gaps or contested interpretations of citizenship law. ”
    So now we have a Supreme Court Judge saying its okay to allow another 200 thousand people to have ” Canadian rights “………… even if they have no clue about Canada.
    Since my earlier post a few hours ago, I read ” Canada’s controversial ban on adoptions from several Muslim countries sparks court challenge ”
    Here we go again.
    ” At the centre of the court challenge is a Toronto woman who became the caregiver to her sister’s three children while living in Pakistan after her sister’s death. Since 2012, Jameela Qadeer has cared for her sister’s son and two daughters as if they were her own, with their father unable to do so. ”
    ” As an Ahmadi Muslim facing persecution in Pakistan, Qadeer moved to Canada more than six years ago with her biological daughter, first with protected status and now as a permanent resident. But she soon learned Canada wouldn’t recognize her sister’s children as her own. ”

    Of course, she believes these children should be Canadians as well. So she gets support: ” Qadeer’s Toronto-based lawyer, Warda Shazadi Meighen, said she believes the constitutional challenge is the first of its kind.
    “I believe the law is discriminatory,” she said in an interview. ”

    Why do Muslims come to Canada when all our laws are ” discriminatory ”

    Canada needs to hire lawyers just to protect our values and traditions and laws. These new Canadian Muslim citizens hire Muslim lawyers who are connected to politicians and the message gets out that we as ” Old Stock ”
    Canadians are racist and ” discriminatory ”
    Government like Trudeau/Singh have the support of a House of Commons filled with more Muslims…………… and the law gets changed.
    Not for the benefit of Canadians as stated in the Charter…………….. but for Muslims who want control of our Canada.
    Why are we allowing it ?


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