Great Resets, Greater Deficits: Canada’s Journey From Democracy To Dictatorship

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Cultural Action Party of Canada advocate multiple theories that fall outside of both mainstream public perception, and mainstream Canadian media.

For one thing, CAP believe the pandemic situation may well transition Canada away from the state of society which our nation held for the first 153 years of its existence.

We also espouse a theory of a direct ideological line between former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to current PM Justin Trudeau. The former began Canada’s journey toward its socialist designation, while the other was placed in power to complete the job.

Along this 50 year continuum, a number of key factors have played their part. Immigration policy, of course. Multiculturalism—absolutely.

Media complicity, without question. In fact, without the CBC backing this axiomatic social transformation, it may not have worked. Devoid of this critical component, our citizenship would have possibly stumbled upon the truth before it became too late to turn it back.

Venezuela Theory:

Moving into specifics, let us speak of what occurred in Venezuela between the years 2000-2016.

In 2014, American journalist Hannah Dreier began to document the social and economic transition experienced by Venezuela, once one of the world’s wealthiest nations.  Dreier was the last U.S. journalist  to get a work visa to live in Venezuela.

Among other designations, Ms. Dreier described what unfolded as “the birth of a dictatorship.”

“Hope you’ll take the time to read this sad, funny, infuriating and amazing story of what it was like to report in a country while democracy died there,  as it turns and morphs before your eyes into something else.

Beginning to get warm under under the collar? Certainly long-term CAP readers will know of what we speak.

“What was seen was  the transformation of one of the richest countries in the world[Venezuela] into a complete basket case economically. Now, a lot of people are saying the world’s most recently born dictatorship.  The tragedy of what’s happened is that there is just no reason for this level of misery to ever come to Venezuela. It was a country that was making it.”

Quite. As most Canadian-born citizens and “Old Stock” Canadians will surely recall, the Canada of the 1950’s -1980’s was a great nation. While we certainly has our ups and down economically, the level of freedom, safety, cleanliness–and well as friendliness– was a vision to behold.

BURIED BY MEDIA:  Pharma Billionaire Barry Sherman MURDERED DAYS AFTER Trudeau Fundraiser Investigation Launch

It was simply too good to last. For CAP, the catalyst for decimation was  ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and his intellectual insistency upon transforming society into a vision of post-modern globalism.

Back to Venezuela:  The government was using high oil prices to mask for a lot of the economic mismanagement that had been going on for years.”

Fact is, current PM Justin Trudeau has had it in for Canada’s Oil Production from day one. Yet, Venezuela has been 95% reliant on oil for its economic survival, while Canada has not. Therefore, to accomplish societal breakdown, other measures must exist–a certain pandemic, for example.

When reading between the lines, astute Canadians will observe that the current pandemic is providing justification for a “Great Reset” that may well entirely transform our nation.

“When that price [oil] collapsed in 2014[in Venezuela], it sent the whole economy spinning. And since then, it’s just been spinning downwards and downwards.”

“There’s not really a sense that anyone is going to be able to stop [current dictator] Maduro from taking the next decisive step away from democratic rule.”

Socialism run rampant—not cronyism, corruption, falling oil prices, or U.S. sanctions—caused the crisis in Venezuela.”

As CAP has opined incessantly, the greater the reliance upon government for the public’s daily sustenance, the greater the degree of socialism which has permeated a democratic society.

Make good sense, fellow patriots? Of course, it is essential to recognize a fundamental within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern nation: the more a social concept makes good sense, the less our citizenship are going to hear about it from establishment media in Canada.

So why bottom out the dying Great White North in this capacity, you ask? Here’s a simple answer:

Canada cannot grow to a population of 100 million under our nation’s present structure. The only way this can be achieved is for government to financially support the majority of the population.

To accomplish this, PM Justin Trudeau is working to transition Canada into a socialist nation-state  without 38 million citizens comprehending what it really occurring.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est 2016)


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