Gov’t, Media Ignore 260% Increase In Hate Crimes Against Christians

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“The increase in anti-Catholic attacks was almost 10 times higher than for all hate crimes combined and was by far the single largest percentage growth recorded in any category.” 

CAP immediately cut to the chase: neither the ruling Liberal government, or mainstream media, has payed an iota of attention to a rise in hate crimes against Christians in Canada.

Why not? Could it be that Canada has been transitioned to an anti-Christian society? Is it possible that anti-Catholicism has been institutionalized by the Liberal government?

Yes it could be, and yes a piece of irony must be referenced in this regard:

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, claims to be a “practicing Catholic.” He doesn’t behave like one– he simply mouths the words. When looking at his  behaviour, a more hypocritical stance could not be conjured up from the depths of Hades.

Meet Justin Trudeau: pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, LGBT and transgender supporter, assisted dying advocate. Each one a breach of Christian religious ideology.

Degree of problem for CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star? Zero percent. Pourquoi? Let CAP say it like no other– Canada’s controlling institutions have converted to communism.

As such, societal malevolence today exists toward Canadian-Christians:

“Canadian and international observers are condemning media, politicians, and other opinion leaders for turning a blind eye to a startling new Statistics Canada report that shows a 260 per cent increase in anti-Catholic hate crimes in the past year.”

PM Justin Trudeau:

“I understand the anger that’s out there against the federal government, against institutions like the Catholic Church. It is real, and it’s fully understandable, given the shameful history that we are all becoming more and more aware of.”

Regarding so-called “Islamophobia” in Canada, PM Trudeau changes positions on a dime:

“To the Muslim community in London and to Muslims across the country, know that we stand with you. Islamophobia has no place in any of our communities. This hate is insidious and despicable – and it must stop.”

But you are not here for the leaders and congregants of some 30 Canadian churches burned to the ground in 2021. Some dedicated Christian you are, buddy boy.

What is discovered in this dynamic should be understood by all Canadians. Justin Trudeau has transitioned our nation to a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian society.

The phenomenon would be understood but for one major reason: the Liberals pay legacy media to publish articles remaining within the parameters of government-sanctioned propaganda. As such, their hypocrisy goes unchecked.

Why is the ruling government of Canada an anti-Christian political party? It’s a giant of a question– therefore one which media eschew in perpetuity. For Cultural Action Party, the answer is found in our federal government’s dedication to what we call Justin Trudeau’s “woke revolution.”

Unbeknownst to a majority of Canadians, our PM is, in fact, a socialist revolutionary. His is a post-modern revolution, and therefore difficult to detect. Because it is presented under the banner of “progressive politics,” its intent is poorly understood.

The common theme lying below the surface is Canada’s transition from democracy to  an authoritarian state. Communist revolutions do not like Christianity. In China— the country our prime minister most admires– practicing the Christian religion is a crime. So too is public indulgence in Islam.

Not so in Canada. It is one of the main differentials. The Trudeau government are fully dedicated to the advancement of the Islamic faith in Canada.

Why is it so? Let CAP take a crack at it: because to do so accelerates the pace of our transition to a pseudo-communist state. One day to be followed by “the real thing.”

This is the difference between our country and other western democracies. Under the iron-clad rule of communist Justin Trudeau, Canada is no longer a country– we are today an experiment.

A social experiment, a socialist experiment, a post-modern production of political transformation.

Justin Trudeau and the globalists strategists understand which elements of society fit the neo-communist bill. They consider one segment of our demography to be a thorn in the side of their futurist plans: Old Stock Canadians.

This Trudeau character has a problem with these people. More than any other identifiable community, citizens of Anglo-European heritage recognise the Liberal government’s political subterfuge.

In response, government vilify these communities. Anglophones exist as the Liberal’s nemesis peoples. We are the “sticks in the mud” who will not buy the neo-communism government are presently selling.

Therefore, they are shunned– Christians in particular. Looking at the history of China’s Socialist Revolution, the same dynamics can be found.

“Experts and activists are also calling for Catholics to more forcefully respond to the sort of prejudice and bias that the media-blackout epitomizes.”

Translation: Funded by PM Trudeau, Canadian media are anti-Christian. 

“We should stop talking and take action against it,” Marc Vella, president of the Christian Civic Affairs Committee of Canada said in an interview.

If ever there was a critical issue regarding religion in Canada, this is the one. No wonder media never touch it with a ten-foot pole. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

Which is exactly what Canadian Christians should be doing. The difference comes down to the following: within the Islamic faith, religion and politics are indelibly connected. Not so in Christianity.

There it is– the reason why Christianity is fading into the great Canadian sunset, while Islam rises to take its place. The latter is political. The former maintains a division between religious and political involvement.

As such, CAP recommend Christians in Canada take a page from our Muslim minority, and get political. Without this, Islam in certain to become Canada’s dominant religion.

Justin Trudeau, “practicing Christian,” is working to eviscerate Christian identity in Canada. After all, it fits with his vision for our future. With media in his pocket, the Liberal government war on Christianity continues undetected.

We arrive at a dynamic which has come to define Canadian society under Justin Trudeau:

“Accuse thy enemy of the behaviour you most indulge in.”

While oppressing our Christian communities, Justin Trudeau claims Canada is “Islamophobic.”

He’s a major hypocrite, but does not come by it all on his own. Obviously, our prime minister is functioning like some form of political puppet for string-pullers beyond Canadian borders.

Trudeau is an errand boy for woke globalist grocery clerks. Time to recognise him as such, and promptly remove him as prime minister of Canada.

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  1. Christians receive very different treatment from the screaming of terrorism! and hate crime! And then setting up a government funded (with taxpayer money or taxpayer credit card) special representative and team to combat Islamophobia, with money grants to proven useless friends.
    “Justin Trudeau has transitioned our nation to a pro-Islamic, anti-Christian society” assisted by the bellowings from his bosom buddy and partner in crime, Juggie Singh.


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