Govt, Media, Academia: Something MUST BE DONE About Racist “OLD STOCK” Canada

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Example of irony:  when the “pillars of society” issue punitive racist public messaging toward Canadians of European origin, accusing them of  being a community steeped in racism against all non-white communities.

Here CAP speak of a comprehensive agenda by Canadian government, media and academic world to establish  Canadians of European Heritage as our nation’s singular racist community–one responsible for all trials and tribulations related to social equality in Canada.

Yes, it is all well and good for the Liberal-Globalist cabal to bring out the branding iron, heat up the sucker, and tag our people as Canada’s community responsible for all social ills within society.

Sensible Canadians must understand: Islam’s difficulties successfully integrating into our society have nothing to do with an archaic adherence to 7th century Middle Eastern religious principles. The true problem is not an expectation that 21st century “progressive” Canadians do not agree with, as an example, barbaric religious practices such as female genital mutilation— currently illegal in Canada.

Rather, the problem is that millions upon millions of Canadian citizens are racist “to the core.” PM Justin Trudeau thinks so, and has publicly stated this sentiment in explicit terms.

Maintstream media agree-– and thereby back Trudeau’s program of social vengeance in every capacity possible. Interesting how anti-European Canada never offer up any form of  tangible “solution” to be applied within society.

Could this be because in truth, there is no such thing as a solution. If there was, racism would not be endemic within a society. In truth, the Liberal government-backed Anglo-bashers have no solutions. How could they, when racist sentiment has been with us since the dawn of mankind—  known as “peoplekind” to King Justin of Canada.

No worries about this “insignifant” observation. Besides, this is not the true goal anyway. Rather, government and media are successfully leveraging the George Floyd murder incident in America to trans-ition white Canada into a second class social status.

This CAP has coined “Second Nations” Canada. For us, this is the true goal of the globalist brigade. How fortunate for them to maintain a unique social “privilege”– the right to run down and disparage Anglophone and European Canadians.

And what a privilege this is. Say one word against the growing powerhouse of 3rd World Canada, and you sir are a bastard racist. Question Somalian supremacist MP Ahmed Hussen on the cost of his illegal 3rd world brethren pouring into Canada, and you are a bigot who belongs in a dumpster.

Such is the state-of-society within 2020 Canada. What a formidable opponent our people are today facing. What makes it truly frightful is that– lo and behold– many, many white Canadians have bought into the globalist lies and deceit.

This has created another unique trait within Canada: National Self-Hatred. Only in Canada, eh? Pity. Beneath the jocularity lies a dangerous social phenomenon– your nation has been re-invented by Justin Trudeau. Media do their part exceedingly well–they hide away the entire agenda in order to accelerate its success.

Outcome? A complete societal inversion. Those labelled racist are those on the receiving end of racism. Those positioned to be marginalized within society are working hard to marginalize those accused.

In truth, this playbook of social manipulation is not a “post-modern” phenomenon. The roots of this inversion can be found in Marxist and Communist ideology. This is the true “inspiration” for Trudeau’s punitive agenda of decimation toward Anglo-European Canada.

One person who understood communist seduction techniques better than most was former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. For CAP, this man is both the world’s prototype globalist, as well as  the individual most responsible for the social inversion currently consuming Canada.

What CBC Will Never Tell You:

All things anti-Anglophone began with Pierre Trudeau, and his implementation of  “covert communism” in Canada. It is this man who personally planted the seeds for the disempowerment of our Anglo-European communities. His Charter of Rights and Freedoms provided the necessary “lift” for 3rd World Canada to over time overpower “traditional” Canada, tossing us into a trash bin of community marginalization.

Within Justin Trudeau’s post- democratic Canada, the program has literally gone “through the roof.” Witness the white-bashers frothing at the mouth to evict “Old Stock” Canada from positions of power.

The Trudeau government are endorsing this. CBC are promoting the agenda. Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are fully on-board. A Canadian academia infused with Marxist ideology push home the messaging.  3rd World and Muslima journalists maintain a perpetual “season’s pass” to trash our communities however they see fit.

No one brands them racist for one simple reason: they are attacking white Canadians. Flip the switch over to a written assault upon Islamic Canada, and watch the fur fly as the perpetrators are dragged through the politically correct mud.  

Is there really a potential panacea to eradicate racism within Canada–or any other nation on earth?  Not a chance. Civilization has been around for 10,000 years, and a solution has never once been successfully implemented.

This informs CAP that an ulterior goal exists. Judging this based upon the condition of society in quasi-dictator Justin Trudeau’s Canada, the true goal is second class citizenship for Canadians of European heritage.







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