Governor General Overwhelmed By Demand To Remove Justin Trudeau

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In the wake of the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa, Canadians peppered Governor General Mary Simon’s office with calls to dissolve our federal government, as well as remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from office.

As reported in the National Post in February, 2022, “Rideau Hall’s call centre normally receives between 25 to 50 calls a day. Since the truckers convoy began the number has exploded, with more than 1,500 on Wednesday and over 4,600 at one point in the afternoon on Thursday.”

It’s an unprecedented development within a unique social structure. The Liberal government of Canada has morphed into a post-modern authoritarian regime. In reaction, the desire to have Justin Trudeau removed from office has fired-up to white hot levels.

The situation has brought society to its most fragmented condition in decades. Two distinct factions exist: one found in government’s doghouse, one venerated as the apogee of our country. The former are the loathsome. These are the protestor-types, conservatives, anti-vaxxers, Old Stock” Canadians. It is a segment of society Justin Trudeau could live without. One day, perhaps his wish will come true.

The “in-crowd” are a different breed. These are the folks venerated by government and media. Their numbers consist of woke white Liberals and 3rd World migrant communities. Regarding the request to guide Trudeau to the exit door, there is good news for them:

“The protesters’ calling campaign is all for naught as there is no way the Governor General could ever acquiesce to any of their demands,” says Daniel Béland, director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada.“The Governor General cannot just decide to fire the prime minister like that.”

Correct he is. Though it’s not a question of caving in to demands of the protesters, or anyone else. It is a matter of government policy regardless of who makes the demand.

“A vote of no confidence is a motion that the legislature disapproves and no longer consents to the governing Prime Minister and the incumbent Cabinet. A vote of no confidence that passes leads to the fall of the incumbent government.”

As if the general public would ever wield such power. Indeed, the thought is laughable.

“If a vote of no confidence passes, the Prime Minister is required to submit his or her resignation to the Governor General  of Canada who may either invite the leader of another coalition/party to attempt to form a new government in the House of Commons, or dissolve Parliament and call a general election.

There is no mechanism in Canada for citizens to remove a sitting prime minister. For each four year term held by a prime minister, their status is subject only to the House of Commons. 

On the topic of public influence, times have certainly changed. New arrivals to Canada may not realize it, but there was a time when “the will of the majority” actually meant something. In terms of degeneration, one would believe it existed  between the Neolithic age and the rise of  Cro-Magnon man.

Justin Trudeau wouldn’t consider such a concept if he was the last neo-communist standing. As such, governance in Canada has transitioned to a series of four-year dictatorships. Media say nothing. Besides, how could the Canadian people impeach a prime minister, when we don’t even vote for a prime minister?

Mainstream media has always maintained a skewed attitude toward Federalism. Over a four-year period, media supply relentless coverage of PM Trudeau. The man is the Alpha and Omega of federal governance.

Then, arriving at voting day, the prime minister is non-existent. Apart from  presence on one ballot out of a total of 338, our PM transitions into the Harry Houdini of politics, Canadians do not vote for a prime minister, we vote for our local MP.

Life has made it hard for citizens to have an influence on government. Smart money says to never expect change in this regard. What has Covid brought, apart from than a thicker wall between government and the people?

Result: a three-term prime minister that nobody wants, apart from a select group of designated elites. Feeling the “democratic vibe?” Sounds more like post-modern communism than anything else.

“The protesters’ calling campaign is all for naught as there is no way the Governor General could ever acquiesce to any of their demands: Expert”

Ah, yes– the omniscient Liberal “expert”– ready at will to back whatever the Feds call for at any given time.

Truth is, Canada has always been far less of a democratic nation than perceived by general society. Today, Justin Trudeau has democracy clinging by a thread. Every concerned Canuck in our nation could give GG Mary Simon a call, and it wouldn’t amount to a hill of Canadian back bacon.

28 thoughts on “Governor General Overwhelmed By Demand To Remove Justin Trudeau”

  1. Some f’n “expert” you are.
    There is NO honest, truthful, and impartial media left in this country.
    Why not get your “expert” opinion from one of the multitude of homeless left to die on the streets while Trudeau sends BILLIONS to foreign powers and spends billions more to bring in and house and care for ILLEGAL immigrants. (If they did not follow our Canadian fully established immigration policy, they are ILLEGAL)
    The GG represents a defunct monarchy. Such bullocks.

    • Agreed Brian. And, the immigrants are having money thrown at their feet, their children as well, while hard working citizens are denied their jobs or employment insurance for that matter. Those of us that have no family to help out will end up being the ones who die on the streets.

    • Yes, Concerned Canadian, I too know this to be true, backed up by your link. Calling doesnt work, although encourage everyone to keep doing so, but we are often cut off the line. Why, or is there a possible way to legal force GG to take poll (or something) to have Trudeau removed? Why havent lawyers already filed for this? Could the GG not be held to some kind of justice?

  2. Two things:
    1. The GG can refuse to allow the PM to dissolve Parliament. A simple No, now get back to work.
    2. Citizens definitely have the ability to remove a sitting prime minister, but Courts tend to frown on it.
    Trudeau is working hard to force Canadians to apply #2, even though we do not want to be forced to make that choice.

  3. “[The] PM transitions into the Harry Houdini of politics, Canadians do not vote for a prime minister, we vote for our local MP.” Ah yes….and then–The “Liberal” Members of “Parliament” submit to the will of the PM. The whole Canadian system is inherently flawed. It will only work properly with an honest; moral man at the helm. Disregarding for the moment the other necessary changes–i.e. Get rid of the illogical “first past the post” electoral flim flam. It makes no sense. The entire Federal electoral system is dysfunctional, and can be gamed by tyrannical jerks like Trudeau. Especially when they flagrantly disregard the will of the people. Hello Justeen. Putz. Jerk. Never in history has a PM been reviled by so many, and admired by so few. And yet; the ONLY way to get rid of him is by a no-confidence vote in the House of Commons. Won’t happen; until the phony Sikh slips under a bus; or the NDP powers-that-be awaken, and have a much need “leadership” review. Three more years of the intolerable Turdo? Say it isn’t so. The buzzards are already circling the dying Great White North. Patiently waiting to pick off whatever is left of Trudeau’s Bananada.

    BTW–When was the photo taken? There’s a masked Turdo, and his subservient; adoring; loving; masked “GG.” A secret; “moments later” photo would show the two actors maskless. The White “GG” Mary Simon….Another of Turdo’s obedient wind up toys.

  4. Had read GG has power to request removal of PM by the Queen. This Queen would consult with Charles who is a supporter of Klaus/Schwab and ‘friend’ of Trudoper so it will not happen. Manipulation to the ninth!!!???

  5. people seem to forget that our Unelected PM runs on money and are now funded By global entities. This problem is not only Canada’s problem but a Global concern. Having said that , we need to reexamine the way government is structured and protect every humans fundamental right to freedom and self determination🇨🇦

  6. Get ride of the kid pm. He is not fit to run such of beautiful country. Should be lock up for all the money he stole to the Canadians .RCMP should investigate his trust fund.

  7. The Fourth Amendment in the USA allows citizens to bear arms. This was a stop-gap measure to address a rogue government. Should we adopt similar legislation or should there be a less-deadly method of removing the disaster called Trudeau?

  8. As far as I’m concerned Trudeau should have been jailed months ago. His main objective as far as I can see is to totally bankrupt Canada by giving our hard earned tax dollars away to foreign countries. And not allowing Canada’s natural resorces to be used to help Canada get out of debt. He’s as crooked as a snake and doesn’t give a damn about Canada and its people.

    • I want to see that over privileged little turd suffer. Make him live the lives that most Canadians are forced to live because of his communism. I want to publicly see him shot in the face, if I can’t see him suffer and suffer and suffer …

  9. Justin Trudeau needs to go. Before there is nothing left to Canada 🇨🇦. He is treating us like we are the criminals. Trying to take our Canada Day away from us. Hurting Canadians that were protesting for Canada Day 🇨🇦. The police bringing people to the ground and pushing there faces into the concrete not once but a couple of times. That’s not right. But the police were following Trudeau’s rules, using kids as criminals in screeching the kids before going to the Hill. Mr. Justin Trudeau needs to go. He doesn’t care about Canadians all he wants is money in his pockets,. Forget about the Canadians that are fighting to keep there homes and pay there bills, buy food for there family.

  10. Trudeau on his own couldn’t organize nor run a one man race to a 2 hole outhouse. Nothing but a corrupt snake more concerned about photo op’s and himself only and of course his bank account also dreaming of having a seat @ the UN council.. Just alike Hedy Fry + Christa Freeland and the rest of their clapping seals caucus only surfacing when there’s a camera.

  11. Great read. This thread must be of the “ let’s make Canada “the freeest country in the world” Pierre P group. If you think you can run this government better. Run for office. They make mistakes absolutely but rhetoric from arm chair sailors is “radicalism at its best” ps. Canada is the freest country in the world. If you want to make a difference put up a candidate that actually can run Canada. Not an “I’ll make Canada the freest country in the world” leader. You start with a platform of garbage, you end up with a government of garbage. Please tell me we have someone more qualified. Otherwise, I’ll take Justin Trudeau again and again. Cultural action party? Give me a break.

  12. OY! How many scandals will it take for you to understand that Trudeau is not interested in the citizens of his own country, but only lining his pockets and those of his friends. or perhaps you are simply a troll, since you won’t show your name. SMH!!! Or perhaps you are on the receiving end of his pipeline of money. From groping, to SNC, to WE, to illegal gaming, this PM has it all!


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