Liberals Prepare To “Minimize” Canadians With Mental Illness In 2024

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The history of Canada is filled with stories of lengthy journeys taken by immigrants who chose to emigrate to our shores in search of a better life.

While Liberal Cabinet Member Arif Virani’s story is typical of many, his ultimate destination as Attorney General of the current Trudeau government exists as an aberration. Fair to say that not many refugees from Uganda end up occupying the lofty position assigned to the MP by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Arif Virani’s roots are found in AhmedabadGujarat, although he was born in Kampala, Uganda. Virani is an Ismaili Muslim who came to Canada as a refugee from Uganda. Virani spent his childhood growing up in the Flemingdon Park and Willowdale neighbourhoods in Ontario.

“Virani began his legal career by articling for Fasken Martineau DuMoulin in 1999. Following this, he worked in London, United Kingdom for a year with the support of a Harold G. Fox scholarship.”

“In 2003, he went on to work as a lawyer for the constitutional law branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. During his time with the Ontario constitutional law branch, he appeared in two cases at the Supreme Court of Canada.”

Fast-forward twenty years, and Mr. Virani is today Canada’s ultimate power player in terms of Canada’s contentious Euthanasia laws. The issue is mired in controversy as the Liberals prepare to pass legislation to expand assisted dying to our mentally ill populations.

It is with some irony that CAP point toward Islamic media outlet Al Jazeera, who recently ran a rhetorical headline of warning to the world:

‘Do You Want To Die Today? Inside Canada’s Euthanasia Program’

“The number of Canadians receiving euthanasia is the highest in the world as the country expands access to the procedure.”

Highest in the world? In a country of 40 million citizens, that is. Dissatisfied with being number one in the world, Virani is in charge of a “removal” of Canadians program whose parameters continue to be broadened by our federal government.

In an article published in the United States, Michael Bonner, Canadian public-policy expert with a decade of service in federal and provincial governments, describes the policy:

“Canadian Death Cult: America’s Northern Neighbor Has Euthanized Tens Of Thousands Of Its Citizens.”

“Canadians call it Medical Assistance in Dying now, or “MAID” for short. It began with a 2015 decision by the Supreme Court striking down the nation’s euthanasia ban and discovering a right to assisted suicide in Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which asserts a universal right to life, liberty, and security of the person.”

How knocking off mentally ill Canadians– inclusive of drug addicts and the depressed– equates with “life, liberty and security” is anyone’s guess. Truth is, it doesn’t matter. This is what occurs when neo-authoritarian politics permeate a democratic society. In this instance, the general public– from which recipients of Euthanasia are drawn– have not a single say regarding policies of life-and-death.

“When critics argued that the ruling would result in euthanasia being offered to the mentally ill, the depressed, those with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed such concerns, saying, ‘this simply isn’t something that ends up happening. He was wrong.”

“In 2021, Parliament removed the law’s previous requirement that a person’s natural death must be imminently foreseeable for him to elect suicide. Reports immediately began circulating of physicians pushing MAID on people who had suffered strokes or other survivable challenges. These people were isolated and depressed in many cases, but hardly at death’s door.”

Is it simply paranoia, or does it appear that Trudeau’s Liberals maintain a vested interest in ridding society of its unwanted and undesired? A brief look at 20th century politics reveals a similar pattern of utilitarian social policy.

First, they came for the physically ill. I was not physically ill. Next they came for the mentally ill. I was not mentally ill. Then, they came for me…

An obscure term called “Classicide” intimates what we are driving at:

“According to Mann, examples of Classicide include the dekulakization policy during the forced collectivization in the Soviet Union under the Stalin era during the Russian Revolution.”

“The term is equally applied to the Cambodian genocide by the Khmer Rouge regime in Democratic Kampuchea under the rule of Pol Pot.”

“Human rights activist Harry Wu has identified the killings which were carried out during the Chinese Land Reform under the leadership of Mao Zedong as classicide.”

Granted, these examples reference extreme cases of the ridding of society’s unwanted. Still, one point stands out when considering government’s systemic citizen removal policy. At the same time as an institutional “cutback” exists in Canada, government maintain the highest immigration levels of any nation of the world.

The scales begin to fall from our eyes. For emphasis, we repeat:

The number of Canadians receiving euthanasia is the highest in the world as the country expands access to the procedure.

The quantity of imported new arrivals to Canada also stands as the “highest in the world.” Anything to be learned from this scenario?

Likely there is, but citizens won’t be learning about it from Canadian media. Name a major media outlet in Canada: CBC, Globe & Mail, CTV, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette. It will be a balmy winter day in Nunavut when Liberal-funded mainstream media juxtapose these facts. They must want what government want.

CAP offer additional insight. Every Liberal MP in Parliament, inclusive of MP Arif Virani, happens to be in favour of Euthanasia availability for Canada’s mentally ill.

“At least 56 foreign-born members, 22 with dual or triple citizenship, hold seats in House of Commons, Senate.”

The triple citizen– Pakistan, Britain, Canada– is hijab-clad Liberal MP Salma Zahid. Do tell, fellow patriots– why should a politician who is technically 1/3 Canadian have the right to decide life-or-death situations for those who hold full citizenship?

If anything, the GTA Liberal MP deserves 1/3 of a vote on Euthanasia policy. Following this logic, half-citizen of Pakistan MP Iqra Khalid, Ahmed Hussen and 19 others deserve half a vote.

Legacy media don’t deal in logic: they are being paid not to. Each point made within is being obfuscated by the Canadian press, including the most topical issue of all:

Based on ethnic-religious identity, which Canadian communities are most on the receiving end of assisted dying procedures? We don’t know, because like Abortion and Transgenderism, government will not tell us.

Sticking to the world of logic, it makes perfect sense to assume that white Canadians form the lion’s share of recipients. Aren’t government and media going off on the “aging population” theory left, right and centre?

According to a Statistica, new arrivals to Canada aged 20-29 comprise ten times that of new immigrants in the 50-54 year age bracket. At a median level, migrants are far younger than “Old Stock” Canadians.

Media breathe not a word as we come to comprehend the situation at hand. Speaking of hands, the assisted death agenda now sits in the hands of Liberal Attorney General Arif Virani, Muslim refugee from Uganda, the most powerful legal figure in the country.

“Justice Minister Arif Virani says the government is weighing its options as the March[2024] deadline looms.”

“The first step, he says, will be to see what members of Parliament and senators recommend after committee hearings that probed the issue this past fall.”

Members of Parliament, indeed. Ever heard of a little thing called true democracy, in which the general public would at least have some path for influence on decisions of life-and-death?

Not a hope in Hades. Instead, half-citizen MPs from the 3rd World, climate change zealots in Quebec, and LGBT-pushers from Ontario will decide on behalf of 40 million Canadians.

Authentic democracy? Or the hi-jacking of a western society in the midst of systemic transition to post-modern authoritarian state status?

We leave it to our readers to decide for themselves.

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