Liberal Government, Media Promoting Feminization of Male Canadians

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CBC Corporation receives approximately 1.2 Billion dollars of tax-payer dollars per year from the Liberal Government of Canada. Thus, it is fair to state that the influence of government policy upon the CBC is profound.

At the very least, this state-funded media corporation refrains from promoting social values which oppose government ideology. On this basis, it is fair to conclude that government are today promoting what Cultural Action Party refer to as the feminization of Canadian males.

For five-plus years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has supported transgenderism for Canadians–regardless of age. Every element of the LGBT movement is fully supported by his Liberal government.

Now, the state-funded broadcaster’s “CBC Kids News” division are pushing the transvestite ticket upon Canadian youth.

Spokesperson for the matter, 16-year-old Chloe Verret, said the movement was to protest both the “hyper-sexualization of girls and toxic masculinity.”

Verrat said the protest was in part for boys, who should be able to wear anything they want “without fear of being bullied or told that they’re gay.”

“We realized that toxic masculinity is a big part of society.”

CAP offer alternate thoughts. From day one PM Trudeau has supported the feminization of male Canadians. The king of the Pride Parade. “Mr. Feminist” personified. Proponent of transgenderism. Financier of the LGBT movement.

To be perfectly blunt, one could easily guess that PM Trudeau is obsessed with all-things homosexual. Interesting that not a grain of speculation upon this idea has emanated from mainstream Canadian media.

Nor has this salient concept: Justin Trudeau is a terrible role model for Canadian boys. Just because he has problem with masculinity does not mean he has the right to push his personal neurosis upon society.

Why is it that cross-dressing, hormone therapy and sex-change surgery remain sacrosanct within Trudeau’s Canada? Ever read an establishment media article critical of any aspect of transgenderism? How odd this is–considering the downside inherent in the transition process.

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Why do Justin Trudeau and the Liberals so vehemently promote an anti-masculine agenda within society?

There must be a reason. Call us crazy, but CAP believe there is virtue in masculinity. In the history of nations, how many societies advanced the promotion of effeminate males as a pinnacle of virtue?

Aside from Ancient Rome, there are few–if any. This has never been a staple of any society–let alone a mandate of the Canadian government.

Trudeau’s belief system is an anomaly. Therefore, let us consider that the feminization of Canadian males is a “post-modern” phenomenon. From here to the thought that LGBT as advanced by government is part of the “Great Reset” agenda.

Is what we have here an agenda for the weakening of the male species? Weak males do not protest in the streets, rebel, or create revolution. Effeminate males vote Liberal– the LGBT crowd are arguably the most vehement supporters of the post-modern lunacy of Justin Trudeau.

Now, let us add a factor all can agree has never been addressed by any faction of society:

From which communities do the feminized of Canada derive? Here we are playing with fire–this area is 100% taboo by government and media standards. Interesting that the very same applies for abortion and euthanasia. No one knows which identifiable communities most indulge. The chances that what one may call “3rd World” Canada are minimal at best.

While government are now digging deep into the “ethnic identity business” as related to employment, they eschew this data relative to transgenderism, abortion and assisted dying.

Therefore, all one can do is guess. CAP’s guess is that the lion’s share for all three categories falls into the “Old Stock” Canadian camp. Desperately in love with LGBT is Justin Trudeau. Not a single sentence of questioning or analysis is delivered by establishment media or Canada’s Marxist-infused educational system.

Result? The feminization of Canadian males of any age is the rule of the day within “no core identity” Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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