Government, Media Downplay Arrest Of Potential Islamic Terrorists in Canada

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Police have arrested  Reza Mohammadiasl, 47, and Mahyar Mohammadiasl, 18, both  charged with possession of an explosive device in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale immediately stated there is no known connection to national security. According to this Liberal MP, there never is. As in the case of the Danforth Syrian refugee who murdered two teenage Canadian girls in cold blood, the idea a connection to radical Islam exists is a near-impossibility. Never mind the copious amount of evidence that suggested otherwise.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada is now a nation which advances, protects, funds and indemnifies the Nation Of Islam.  Never mind fact that Sharia practices such as female genital mutilation are illegal, or that IMAM’s in Canadian mosques preach hate against Christians and Jews. Islam has special status within Canadian society, made all the more special by way of Dual Citizen(Pakistani-Canadian) MP Iqra Khalid and her M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

Under the rule of Justin Trudeau, our nation has been TRANS-formed into  a neo-promised land for migrants from Middle Eastern and Islamic nations. The person assigned the task of ensuring Anglo and Franco- Canadians are corralled into minority status is immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen. A Somalian-Islamic refugee, Mr. Hussen has shown nothing but contempt for the traditional Canadian way of life.

Like Justin Trudeau, he despises British colonialism in Canada. As it happens, the nation of Somalia has a one hundred year history of conflict with Britain. Battles, Treaties–the whole nine yards. This is the person Justin Trudeau selected to determine the demographic fate of the former “Great White North.”

Media are in the back pocket of Trudeau and Hussen, perpetually minimizing immigration and refugee crime. They are not terrorists, they are mentally ill “lone wolves” suffering from sex depravation. When asked about the murder of 13-year old Vancouver resident Marissa Shen at the hands of a Syrian refugee, Justin Trudeau shrugged his shoulders and gave his standard non-answer.

Within mainstream media, there is no mention of the citizenship status of the father and son tag-team arrested for being in possession of an explosive device. All we know is their names. This is , of course, intentional. After all, if Canadians discovered they are recent migrants arev part of the Trudeau-Hussen refugee program, voters may turn away from Justin Trudeau come the federal election in October, 2019. Therefore,media withhold the information.

The “post-modern” Canada stamp Justin Trudeau unilaterally forced upon our nation is a curious thing. It is definitely “post-something,” but what is difficult to ascertain. From what Cultural Action Party can see, this new nation is heading for post-Christian status.

There is a new flavour-of-the-month in town, and our current government are milking the situation for all it is worth. Second-class citizenship for Anglophones and Christian has arrived, and based upon the degree of globalist zeal displayed by Trudeau & Co., we will only go down from here.


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