Government, Media BURY “Sharia Portfolio” Islamic Banking Launch In Canada

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Always the way, for ever and a day. Informed Canadians– citizens who ignore establishment media lies and obfuscation– stand amazed as Islamic religion, ideology and culture are entrenched  into Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

Fact: A minimum of two cultural practices of Sharia Law are presently illegal in Canada–female genital mutilation, and child marriage. Number of times our prime minister or any other Liberal MP has spoken publicly about these barbaric practices?

You got it, fellow patriots– zero times. How to interpret such a thing? CAP will go first:

Within a true democracy, rule of law takes precedent. Within communist or theocratic nations–China, Iran, Cuba, Saudi Arabia— rule of law is secondary by way of government.

What then should this  Sharia Law situation mean to Canadians? How about a subtle, covert trans-formation away from democratic principles, with a move toward Trudeau family-preferred form of governance- communism.

Unfortunately, this profound change-up means almost nothing to the people of Canada. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Starbreathe not a single word about the situation.

What does this tell us? Simple– in 2019 Canada, our nation is saddled with a pseudo-dictatorship advancing 7th century Islamic law into the fabric of society. Our media–ostensibly controlled by domestic forces– as in “Old Stock” Canadian publishers, editors and leading journalists, all go along for the ride.

Isn’t this one heck of an odd-ball situation? Why on earth would Anglophone, Francophone and Christian media leaders behave in this manner? Simple as pie– they are 100% controlled by the Trudeau government– Chairman Mao Tse Tung-style.

What a sad and dangerous state-of-national-affairs. To place a “cherry on top,” rather than protect our nation from this axiomatic social trans-formation, Justin Trudeau is leading the charge.

“progressive” nation? “Choose forward?” Please do tell– what exactly is “progressive” about integrating female genital mutilation–a centuries-old practice– into Canadian society?

Another simple answer– nothing at all. Talk about an ominous situation for those of us who remember true democracy in Canada. All this is, of course, a post-Pierre Trudeau Canada.

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Who knew that PET’s entrenchment of multiculturalism— a policy  not a single Canadian approved— would one day transform our“liberal democracy” in this manner?

Has not English Canada and its peoples been 100% hoodwinked regarding so-called “multiculturalism?” Is this, or this policy not, a punitive measure toward Anglophone Canadians?

It most obviously is. So why are Old Stock writers such as Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, John Ivison and John Ibbitson entirely silent about this fundamental social and cultural transition?

CAP Dogma: The only way this would occur is if the entire agenda is pre-conceived and pre-planned. Brain-washed Canadian snowflakes refer to this as “diversity.” Cultural Action Party of Canada refer to this as “die-versity.”

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“The 15-year old firm has clients across 26 states and it hopes to open a Vancouver office in the second quarter of next year to fuel growth, Chief Executive Officer Naushad Virji said.”

“The company has also started to offer institutional-level services, aiming to partner with conventional financial firms that want to add Islamic finance to their product offerings, Virji said. ShariaPortfolio is bringing its suite of investment management products to Canada.”

“By managing portfolios in accordance with Sharia, or Islamic law,ShariaPortfolio offers full-service professional, comprehensive wealth management solutions that align with Muslim faith and achieve clients’ financial goals.”

This should all work out very well for those involved. After all, the Trudeau government are 100% aligned with the Muslim faith. Christianity and Judaism-not so much.

So the Nation of Islam is on the move in Canada. The pace at which this rolls is, in fact, staggering. In just over four years Justin Trudeau trans-formed Islam into the most powerful so-called “minority” in Canada.

What would have taken decades to achieve was completed in a mere four years–and this is only the beginning.

CAP Crystal Ball: Within a period of one hundred years of Canadian existence, freedom and democracy will be destroyed, and replaced with Liberal-Totalitarianism.

From the moment Pierre Trudeau became prime minister and for one century hence-an historical continuum from  1968-2068–  Canada will transition from democracy to dictatorship.

As this time passes, Canada will progress toward becoming an oppressive nation-state. Freedom of speech will die along with democratic process. Middle Eastern religious ideology will supersedeall other religious beliefs and communities within our nation.

Old Stock birthrates will fade away as Third World immigration and related birth-rates transition white Canada into a minority. In other words, Canada as it was known for its first 150 years will come to an end.

This, fellow patriots, is the legacy of the family of Trudeau Family of Quebec. The founder is Pierre Trudeau, and his ill-planned policy of Anglophone community decimation by way of “multiculturalism”—  a government enforced program of systematic prejudice against the Anglophone people of Canada.


2 thoughts on “Government, Media BURY “Sharia Portfolio” Islamic Banking Launch In Canada”

  1. It is very sad that such a terrible person walks on the ground that my entire familly did their part to proudly developed into such a beautiful bountiful country of opportunity. Our very sweat and blood is in this soil.
    Now there is only one way to conserve this heritage,and that is to Wexit.

  2. It’s no win. If the West remains we are overruled by the Islam friendly East and lose the entire country to Islam and Sharia law. If we Wexit, we give and take half a loaf. It’s a thousand year old game for Islam and works well for them.


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