Government In Canada Remove “Father, Him, Son” From Written Regulations

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In the name of “inclusivity,” the Provincial Government of British Columbia has stricken 750 words from the public record:

90% of the amendments address binary language such as “he,” “she,” “himself,” and the remaining 10% amend gender-specific terms like “aunt,” “father” or “son.”

“The language we use shows how we think about people.”

It certainly does. Based on the B.C. government’s censorship agenda, they don’t think much of the word “father.” Nor do they care for any other words associated with a reference to a specific gender.

Grace Lore, Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity, issued a statement on B.C.’s full-on indulgence in Canada’s woke revolution:

“It’s a way for government to make life a bit easier for the thousands of British Columbians who face unnecessary barriers due to outdated language and to help address gender bias.”

Check out the attitude: according to Grace Lore, “thousands of citizens” are in favour of eradicating gender identity in British Columbia. This leaves some 5 million B.C. residents out of the picture. Not that any thinking Canadian should be surprised. The situation exists as a microcosm for the state of “post-modern” Canada. Government bend themselves over backwards to accommodate a tiny sliver of society. Those who dare to disagree are racists, homophobes and transgender-haters.

It is by this method that Canada’s Woke Army control the majority. Make no mistake– this is the future of our country. Call it an inversion of the totalitarian principle. As exemplified by the concept of “wordspeak” drawn from the novel 1984, George Orwell’s meditation on totalitarian governance.

People like Grace Lore appear to be blind to the big picture. The profundity of these social transformations cannot be underestimated– the very reason why mainstream media refuse to speak of the phenomenon. Yes, indeed– Canada appears to be headed for a future infused with the post-modern condition of “pink fascism.”

Inclusive language matters, and by reframing language, we’re helping people from all walks of life feel included and supporting more British Columbians to reach their full potential,” said MLA Ravi Kahlon.

Right– let’s not permit the fact that you are angering far more citizens than you are pleasing stand in your way. It’s not the first time for Ravi Kahlon, who once tabled a bill demanding that British Columbia residents be ticketed for uttering racist words. Perhaps the old adage is true: “Behind every Liberal there is a fascist screaming to get out.”

Included in their “inclusivity” is the exclusion of those who fall outside the cult of wokism: heterosexuals, conservatives, and Christians. Speaking of the latter, it appears the Lord’s Prayer is done like dinner. Say goodnight to “our father in heaven.”

How apropos it is. Communism never much liked the Christianity anyway. Take a look at the government of China, and their persecution of Christian communities. In the spirit of the  preferred nation of Justin Trudeau, government has waged an all-out assault on the Christian faith. The rise of Covid found at least a dozen Christian pastors behind bars. Not so for Trudeau’s sacred religions of Islam and Sikhism.

An eradication of gender distinction is so obviously a component of a neo-authoritarian woke agenda. With major funding from globalist organizations, the gender-bashers are ramped up and ready to roll.

In order not to offend a few thousand hyper-sensitive citizens, the woke warriors of the B.C. government choose to revolutionize our entire way of life.

6 thoughts on “Government In Canada Remove “Father, Him, Son” From Written Regulations”

  1. I care not whether you post this note Brad, I place it to you here because I have found no other means on your site to communicate with your site with suggestions.

    If you think Canada is any better than the Romans were 2000 years ago, have a watch of this interview with pastor Artur. What is taking place out of the sight of citizens of Canada in our ‘justice’ system is criminal. Inmates are human beings, not dogs worthy of kicking.

    What I see in the interview is out and out MISERABLE persecution – the man does not even have criminal charges, let alone any convictions in his whole history.

  2. You gender is not what some people “think” it is.
    Gender is not a “mental” aberration.
    If you are confused, have a blood test.
    If it comes back XX, congratulations, you are a female of the specie!
    If it comes back XY, congratulations, you are a male of the specie!

    You gender is a physical manifestation.

    Now, there are many lifestyles and choices on how you wish to life, but there are only two genders, and when you get of age, you can then decide if you want to play dress-up.

    Go for it, but don’t expect me to participate in your lifestyle.
    I have far more important item and events to consider than you fantasies.

  3. Look at the two clones in the picture, both comparing sockies. How pathetic and immature. Some things in life are important to some people. Children.


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