Turning Point: Government In Canada Introduce Race-Based Legislation

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Announcing the new Anti-Racism Data Act at a press conference, Rachna Singh, B.C.’s parliamentary secretary for anti-racism initiatives, states that “too many people are held back by systemic racism and colonial biases.”

Though never spoken of, the perpetrators can be defined as Canadians of European heritage. For maximum impact, legislators have united First Nations and Third World communities into a singular entity of oppressed peoples. Indigenous people have been in North America for thousands of years. Muslim-Canadians have existed as a viable community for perhaps 50 years. All the same to Woke Canada– it’s all grist-for-the-mill.

“The bill allows government agencies to ask people about their demographics including race, ethnicity, gender, faith, sexuality, ability and income.”

While British Columbia’s woke contingent jump-for-joy over systemic “racial equity,” long-term implications exist outside their myopic glee. For government, media and academia, long-term implications of such decisions have never been considered. The idea that segments of society will be adversely affected never enters their consciousness. A glance back at 20th century history offers some insight:

“The racial policy of the Nazi Party was organized through the Office For Racial Policy, which published circulars and directives to relevant administrative organs, newspapers and educational institutes.”

Call it hyperbolic or paranoid if you will. The fact remains that the greatest social damage within historical societies has resulted from race-oriented government initiatives.

Not today, and not tomorrow. But let us think of the future. MLA Rachna Singh’s race-based laws are the offspring of birth-parent Multiculturalism. Neither contain any form of ceiling, or limitation. No tangible point of satiation exists by which a declaration of success can be established. In other words, it can go on forever.

Pierre Trudeau’s multicultural ideology began in 1971 as a policy of social equality. In 2022, our country stands at a precipice of societal inversion. Nothing exists to prevent “racialized” Canadians from surpassing “Old Stock” communities. Not in numbers, not in political power. No impediment exists to an inversion of our country’s traditional power structure. Canadians of European origin to the back of the bus, if you will.

The same dynamic is found in British Columbia’s nascent race-laws. What stops legislation from preventing Anglophone citizens from gaining employment based on racial identity? This is already occurring in society– for example, within federal government-funded CBC.

Let us pose a critical question: will the implementation of race-laws result in systemic prejudice against European-Canadians? If so, it alters the very nature of the pursuit. Rather than equality, the goal is revenge.

It will be a cold day in Somalia when these concepts penetrate mainstream society. Not by way of government, media, academia, courts, nor any other element of our legal system– including Charter Rights.

How long before MLA Rachna Singh’s racial laws are adapted within all Canadian provinces? What irony springs forth: with an ostensible goal of ending systemic racism, our controlling institutions establish systemic racism against Canadians of European heritage.

3 thoughts on “Turning Point: Government In Canada Introduce Race-Based Legislation”

  1. Three words for these muckrakers: Leave. Us. Alone. Take your bag of ripe racist doo doo, and spread it elsewhere. How about China; or India; or Israel? No multicult poison in their countries.

    Pathetic. As it’s been said…China for China. Japan for the Japanese. Indonesia for Indonesians, and so on. The hallucinating West for the rest of the world. With Trudopia the biggest joke country of them all. BC? Typical bunk. It’s not called the Left Coast for nothing. However–They are getting increasingly worse; like the rest of this poison ivy country. This stuff is dangerous. They’re playing with fire…

  2. In today’s wonky world there is so much garden dung disguised as an intelligent conversation that it is at times hard to separate the two. A large portion thereof can be seen as accidental, but there is also a large portion that can be identified as intentional.

    The reasoning is (and it is effective) that it confuses so many that all too many simply toss in the intellectual towel and sit on the sidelines and that is understandable, considering most Canadians have never before NEEDED to understand and analyze political jargon. That casual, but intentional disregard of what politics meant to each citizen, plus the world’s greatest hypnotist, the TV, made us vulnerable as newborns — sad, but true.

    Now we pay and pay dearly for our intentional ignorance of the reality of politics which, before this mess is cleaned up, rob us of the finest place on the planet in which to live and our offspring will want to know why we allowed this to transpire. What will your response be?

    • I agree. If people stop watching the idiot box and go back to understand what they’re reading, I’m sure they’d be enraged at what government has done. I have to say, I do prefer listening to podcasts or watching videos of the breakdown of ideas, but I still enjoy reading too. But I’m old.


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