Government-Enforced “Anti-Islamophobia” Training Comes To Canada

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“Sign of the times”–

“Something judged to exemplify or indicate the nature or quality of a particular period, typically something unwelcome or unpleasant.”

Unwelcome and unpleasant it is– for the 96% of Canadians who fall outside of a privileged minority of Canadian society.

In British Columbia, Premier David Eby has picked up the “vibe” of the federal Liberals in Ottawa. Arguably Canada’s most powerful “special interest” group, National Council of Canadian Muslims has caught the ear of the NDP provincial government.

“Ex-MLA Selena Robinson was asked to resign just over an hour before Eby’s hastily called media event, arranged because of public backlash to her comments that Israel was founded on a crappy piece of land with nothing on it.”

Upon which CAP hit the legal books to assess the degree to which Ms. Robinson’s comment breach Canadian law, and criminal code in particular.

Ready? Okay, we’re done. Her words do not constitute a “hate crime.” Those concerned with individual rights in society awaken to a light-bulb moment: it makes no difference at all.

What can one say when edicts from non-elected, not-for-profit organizations call the political shots? Board members may be used to it being a de facto standard in the countries from which hundreds of thousands of new arrivals are pouring into Canada every year.

What can one say when edicts from non-elected, not-for-profit organizations call the political shots? Board members may be used to it being a de facto standard in the countries from which hundreds of thousands of new arrivals are pouring into Canada every year.

For those of us who remember Canada before multiculturalism and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms resulted in empowerment of “minority” communities above natural-born citizens, this development pierces-the-heart of our already fragile legal and constitutional mandates.

“The plan for Robinson to take anti-Islamophobia training was developed by the premier in response to a request from representatives from the National Council of Canadian Muslims who met with Eby on Saturday.”

Holy Cow– they’re all over the place. Turns out that crafting M103 “Islamophobia” motion in Ottawa along with half-Pakistani Liberal MP Iqra Khalid didn’t satisfy the appetite.

Now we can see why the crafters of a self-centred woke covenant kept Christian and Jewish communities out of its verbiage.

“Eby said during the news conference that he and Robinson spoke over the weekend about what steps could be taken to repair the harm done.”

The answer? Anti-Islamophobia training. As in, institutionalized punitive measures at the behest of uber-powerful non-profits. An assault on individual freedoms it is.

Media won’t inform you, but this move is likely an unprecedented moment in the history of Canada. It’s a watershed moment– a point at which an identifiable community becomes elevated above all others.

What’s next? Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] offer a prediction: Anti-LGBT training for those who speak against gender transition by way of surgery and hormone therapy. It’s kind of amazing to recognise affinities among victimized special interest groups. Antithetical in nature, in many ways, Islam and LGBT work of the same bag.

Is it our imagination, or have the Liberals and New Democrats submerged themselves into a melting pot of neo-authoritarian ideology? In light of political polls indicating a majority win for Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party in a future election, it makes good sense. Any political pundit worth their salt will know that as we speak, a behind-the-scenes schematic is being worked up to thwart a Conservative victory.

“News of the resignation came hours after Robinson released a lengthy apology at 7:30 a.m. Monday through the B.C. NDP caucus communications and pledged to take anti-Islamophobia training.”

Robinson is as foolish to apologize as Premier Eby is to endorse the punishment. But what can you do? Call CAP nihilistic, but we’re at point where we are skeptical of authentic elections at any level of government.

“However, the political fallout is not over. Eby is now dealing with brewing upset in B.C.’s Jewish community over how Robinson was treated.”

You can believe CAP when we say that there will be no fall-out, and we will tell you why. Our country, Canada, by way of manipulation and subterfuge, is today an anti-Christian, anti-Jewish and anti-Anglophone nation.

Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and their political woke armies have been working like a devil to make it a reality. Dividing society into distinct segments, Canada is being systemically severed at its roots. It began the moment that former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau unilaterally cancelled our nation’s identity.

Putting an end to English & French bicultural identity, socialist warrior PET forced something called “Multiculturalism” upon society. The long game would be a form of social revolution, inclusive of inversion of Canada’s social order.

The pre-conceived program kicked into its highest gear once a naive but malleable globalist named Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, Anglophones, Christians and Jews began being shipped to the back of Canada’s social bus.

In their stead arrive government’s top priority: new arrivals from the 3rd World, so much more accepting of Trudeau’s “woke revolution” than stuck-in-the-mud whitey, millions of whom can see through government’s globalist manifestations.

“Popularly known as the Reichstag Fire Decree, the regulations suspended important provisions of the German constitution, especially those safeguarding individual rights and due process of law.”

“The decree permitted the restriction of the right to assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press, and removed all restraints on police investigations.”

Ex-MLA Selena Robinson did not break the law. From sunny ways to fascist-inspired government decrees?

“What has become apparent is the scope of the work that needs to be done by Selina, the depth of the hurt that she has caused to many British Columbians,” B.C. Premier David Eby said.

“The final decision to have Selina Robinson resign from cabinet was made by the premier, according to a B.C. NDP source involved in the discussions.”

We stand witness as the Premier of B.C. transitions to Justin Trudeau.

9 thoughts on “Government-Enforced “Anti-Islamophobia” Training Comes To Canada”

  1. “What has become apparent is the…depth of the hurt that she has caused to many British Columbians,” B.C. Premier David Eby said.” Wahhhhhh; sob sob. Ohhhhh the pain. What a disgusting; spineless coward. Then again; he’s doing the Trudeau. It seems to be in their nature. We can expect no less. What if her last name was Goldstein; or she was a First Nations woman? Black? LGBTQ+? What would Eby do then? White trash? No problem. Toss her to the rabid jackals. BTW; just a thought–Trudeau has a permanent solution to “deep pain.”

  2. I get well inform information into the so call ‘ Islsmophobia’ from Christian Prince who is Arabian. He basically informs us that there are muslims of different sects that hate each other which he classifies it as ‘Islamaphobia.


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