Gov. General Mary Simon Living Life Of Luxury At Taxpayers Expense

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For all her pontifications regarding Canada’s under-privileged communities, Canadian Governor General Mary Simon doesn’t walk the talk. Lavishing in a life of luxury at the expense of Canadian tax-payers is more Ms. Simon’s style.

“The Governor General spent more on fancy rides in four days than the average Canadian makes in a whole year,” said federal director Franco Terrazzano from the Canadian Tax Federation.

Not that she isn’t a step forward from PM Justin Trudeau’s previous choice for GG:

“For all high-level appointments, there is a rigorous vetting process that was followed in this case,” Trudeau told reporters in defence of Julie Payette, Simon’s predecessor.

Julie Payette was charged with assault on November 24, 2011. At least one source alleged that the victim was her then-husband, Billie Flynn. In 2016, Toronto Star reported that as she was driving home, Ms. Payette killed a pedestrian with her car.

A fine choice for Governor General, eh? One must remember that we are living within the confines of PM Trudeau’s “post-modern” society, where political pragmatism rules the day.

Trudeau isn’t searching for competency to factor into his choice for GG. What he is really looking for is a common theme among his choices for top federal government posts: political puppetry.

Heck, Trudeau doesn’t even care if our Governor General is verbally articulate:

“I see myself as being a bridge between different people, and bringing a discussion to Canada that probably hasn’t reached its level  yet. Reconciliation is a life-long experience—it doesn’t end. There is no finish line.”

Mary Simon

Now there’s a lady the Liberal government can rely on. One who will never stop pushing the Indigenous ticket, just as Justin will never stop pushing the “Islamophobia” agenda or LGBT politics.

These people never stop– a staple of the woke warrior assault on Canadian identity, heritage and history.

Another area of insatiability has come to light in the past while– Mary Simon is spending a ton of taxpayer money on luxury items while travelling the world.

“The Governor General billed taxpayers $71,000 on Icelimo Luxury Travel during her four-day trip to Iceland.”

Luxury is as luxury does. Simon, hero of Canada’s Indigenous underclass, takes full advantage of her position:

“It seems like Simon and her bureaucrats go out of their way to find the most expensive options,” Terrazzano said. “Maybe, when Canadians can barely afford groceries, our government could ease up on the fancy rides, airplane food, hotels and international trips.”

How out of touch can a federal government be? Doesn’t it make sense that in a time of economic austerity, government would have the sense not to flaunt their privileges in the faces of 40 million Canadians?

It does– so why would they do so? One theory makes sense: because there are no repercussions in doing so.  It’s what happens when a federal government get fat in the head from an idea they well understand:

“It doesn’t matter what we do, we will remain the ruling government of Canada.” As for Mr. Trudeau himself, Mary Simon is the perfect choice. All government need to do is push her First Nations button, and the GG will sign any piece of paper put in front of her.

As in, she’s Trudeau’s favourite form a politician– a puppet.  So was Payette, and the same applies to dozens of “special interest” Liberal MPs. Inform M103 “Islamophobia” founder and current Pakistani citizen MP Irqa Khalid  that the Feds will promote her religion, and never will you hear a peep in opposition toward  federal government legislation.

Now, apply this to a dozen Liberal MP’s of Sikh, Black, LGBT orientation, and witness as said politicians fall in-line with every decision made by Cabinet, no matter how outrageously woke.

This is how Justin Trudeau operates. As such, Ms. Simon is ripe for the globalist picking. Nothing to do with competency; everything to do with conformity to woke liberal ideology.

“Some exorbitant costs have been uncovered from Simon’s trip to the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait to attend Expo 2020— costs he said the government hopes to bring down, particularly when it comes to catering.”

“It speaks to the culture of spending that pervades official Ottawa that nobody saw anything wrong with spending $71,000 on limousine services when the Governor General visited Iceland for four days last year, even though much of the program took place half a kilometre from Mary Simon’s hotel in Reykjavik.” 

As of Feb. 3, 2023, there were 32 long-term boil water advisories in 28 [First Nations] communities in Canada. Mark Calzavara, the national water campaigner with the Council for Canadians, says the problem is decades in the making and shouldn’t still exist in 2023.

“Drinking water is the federal government’s responsibility and previous governments, going back as far as the eye can see, didn’t do their jobs,” Calzavara said.

One can be darn sure Mary Simon isn’t drinking tainted water. As financed by Canadian taxpayers, her style is more Dom Parignon.

It’s one of the many benefits Mary Simon is receiving from Justin Trudeau. To qualify, all she has to do is drink the Liberal government’s woke Kool-Aid.

4 thoughts on “Gov. General Mary Simon Living Life Of Luxury At Taxpayers Expense”

  1. (1) What’s wrong with these people? An unparalleled bunch of phonies. They just can’t stop “virtue” signaling. Simon; wearing a face mask. Followed by a hapless masked man wearing a white military cap–Who must be on Trudeau’s “payroll.” Guess she’s afraid their hosts’ country is filled with deadly pathogens. How insulting; not to mention a possible faux pas. None of her (sensible) hosts are masked–Yet; She wears one. Why? Is she showing off her moral “superiority” to her [obviously scientifically illiterate] unmasked hosts? Memo to the “Governor General”–Face masks have been conclusively proven to be utterly useless, and very unhealthy. You look like a brown shoe at a black tie event.

    (2) Simon: “I see myself as being a bridge between different people, and bringing a discussion to Canada that probably hasn’t reached its level yet. Reconciliation is a life-long experience—it doesn’t end. There is no finish line.” Even knowing it’s spoken in the context of “First Nations”–It’s not a clear; cohesive; informative thought. Move over Kamala Harris. Cackle cackle cackle. Overstating the obvious: If she’s so big on Indigenous matters–Quit ripping verbal flatulence. Do something about their water. Something of a black eye for Stephen Harper’s government as well. What are they not doing anything about this health problem?? The Big Hypocrite wastes bazillions on “experimental” toxic mRNA injections; but not a dime spent to ensure clean drinking water for the reservations. He and Simon should be forced to drink their contaminated water for a month.

    • Addendum: Concerning this dog-and-pony-show governments’ “concerned” attitude toward the Indigenous people: It’s pure hogwash. Trudeau is showing his aptitude for political theater. Was the reader aware that the following preposterous day is now a public holiday? (September 23rd.) “This [Truth and Reconciliation] day is meant to also encourage deeper reflection, learning and public dialogue on the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. In June 2021, the Government of Canada passed Bill C-5 to make September 30 a federal statutory day. It is observed as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.” Further; “The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, originally and still colloquially known as Orange Shirt Day, is a Canadian holiday to recognize the legacy of the Canadian Indian residential school system.” (Wikipedia.)

      So–We’re all supposed to wear an orange shirt–And flagellate ourselves for the “sins” (imagined) “mass murders” of residential children??? I’m sure that’s the implied “legacy.”

      “Truth Day” enshrined as legal; Canada-wide day off by a lazy; non-working; pathological liar. “Reconciliation.” What sort of reconciliation? They still have no clean drinking water. Walk the walk Turdo. Ah yes….Another paid day off for the bloated legion of overpaid; underworked Trudopian civil “servants.” And–Most of the rest of working Canada. Resulting in even less overall productivity, and the cumulative economic consequences sure to follow.

      This coming September 23rd: Remember to “deeply reflect” on the “systemically racist” nature of (Colonial; White) Canada. When you’re out and about; hang your head in shame.

  2. Sucking the taxpayers’ teet for what?

    Never understood why a G.G. who is supposed to represent the British monarchy in Canada flies all over the world for….. ego?

    The G.G. must represent ‘ALL’ Canadians ‘IN’ Canada. PERIOD!
    Don’t like the job? Bye Bye

  3. I think she should take a look at what is happening to her so called people she dont give a ffff about at all she should be gone


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