“Globalist Dictatorship” Forthcoming As Trudeau Moves Back To MAJORITY Government Territory

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“Governing parties across Canada are enjoying a surge in support as they confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are no exception.”

“For a party heading up a minority government to be in such a position is rare. The Liberals’ polling bump is the biggest for a minority government in over 60 years.”

In typical fashion, our Liberal government’s “better half”CBC and corporate media, are indulging in their favourite post-modern habit– twisting and tweaking the reality of the Trudeau-Liberal assault upon freedom and democracy in Canada.

Here the CBC  work diligently to deceive Canadians as to the “nature of the beast”— our nation’s pending transformation to a socialist nation-state.

Look at it this way: With communist societies, one individual is appointed–not voted– “dictator-for-life.”

In 2020 Canada, together government and media are facilitating Canada’s transfer to a dictatorship. The difference between Trudeau’s post-modern dictatorship and that of historical China, Cuba, Venezuela and former Soviet Union is critical:

The citizenship of Canada are not seeing the transition. Think about it–media helps to return the ruling Liberals to majority status in 2023. Let’s say they win–which CAP believe without reservation.

This means King Justin wears his crown until 2027. How many new 3rd world voters will Trudeau and Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen bring into Canada from 2020 to 2027?

Answer: What media will never expose— approximately two million new Canadians from our top source nations for migration: India, China, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria and more.

This will all but “seal the deal.” Upon Trudeau’s seizure of the consciousness of society in 2015, CAP boldly stated that our country will in time morph from a western democracy into a socialist nation-state.

Additionally, our 2015 prognostication claimed that Christianity in Canada will be depleted and marginalized. In its place comes 3rd World fundamentalist religion from the Middle East and Africa.

Guess what, fellow patriots? In 2020, CAP claim EXACTLY the same thing.

Three terms in a row for Comrade Trudeau means 12 full years of:

—  Filling Canada with Sikh, Chinese, and Muslim Liberal Party voters.

— Disparaging Christianity in Canada.

— A pre-conceived program of  erosion of democracy; 12 years of communist-style media propaganda.

12 years of bashing and trashing Anglophone/European Canada, blaming this community for all the trials and tribulations our poor, suffering 3rd World communities have had to endure.

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Beyond this, what will change? Notice how CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest NEVER speak of where this axiomatic trans-formation is leading our nation? What shall be the fate of “Old Stock” Canada once the Liberal-3rd World party completes their ominous agenda?

Not a single word from media puppets. CAP can see why–because it is the communities that we represent who will end up being the battering ram for establishment media.

These forces are not working for “our people”CBC and the rest work for the 3rd World, as well as their diaspora communities in Canada.

 That’s a big increase of between six and nine percentage points compared to the last election. To understand how remarkable that is, you have to go back through decades of Canadian political history.”

Warning: This is a stone-cold media LIE. The advent of Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen and a post-modern 3rd World-centric Canada is 100% unprecedented.

What CBC are doing here is called “relativism”— rationalizing a social development by pretending this kind of incident has occurred myriad times in the past.

This is globalist media deception–straight up. There has been no prime minister who could hold a candle to Trudeau in terms of unprecedented political behaviour as national leader.

Unique, singular… not to mention the most dangerous political figure in Canadian history. What is the definition of a “political hero” by way of Justin Trudeau, brother Alexandre Trudeau, as well as Pierre Trudeau before them?

Try Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, as well as various despots of the former U.S.S.R. When speaking of the nations they most admire, all three selected China.

Question: What does this tell 37.8 million Canadian citizens?

Answer: Nothing at all— because media has never properly positioned any of the Trudeau family’s dedication to communism, socialism and totalitarianism. Why not? Because if they exposed the truth of the Trudeau’s, our current PM’s chance of becoming official dictator of Canada would be so much less.

It’s a wicked game after the Liberal-Globalist movement fused Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, United Nations, China, CBC, geo-political Islam, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star,  Immigration and “multiculturalism” into a united  political force.

CAP recommend Canadians of European Origin maintain no illusions– Canada as it has been known since inception in 1867 is FINISHED.

Understanding the way Trudeau operates, Anglophone Canadians will one day awaken to this profound truth. That is, in the year 2067–far, far after the globalist mission is accomplished.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016)









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