Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

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What was it that Cultural Action Party of Canada predicted when Justin Trudeau was first  elected prime minister in 2015?

Outcome: domestic social chaos. Now, this phase of PM Trudeau’s assault upon Canadian society has arrived. As we previously posited, our current PM’s degree of culpability in this development is open to some debate.

Was Trudeau actually “seduced” by external forces into bringing social chaos to Canada? Is this Trudeau character merely a puppet in a game of globalist takeover of the dying Great White North?

Judging by his facial expressions of late, it may well be true that Mr. Trudeau is now “in shock” over the damage to society which has occurred under his pseudo-communist style of governance.

Still, the fact is whether or not Trudeau understands how he is ruining all that was good about Canada until he came along, our country has plunged into civil conflict by way of Justin’s toying with energy pipelines.

Truly, this is what occurs when you are a duplicitous two-faced liar. In CAP’s opinion, there is no way in Hades that Trudeau wants these pipelines built. Therefore he attempts to play both sides of the coin in order to deceive the people of Canada.

According to political theory, soft totalitarianism is a considerable way from hard totalitarianism. “But it all starts somewhere, and this week, the road got shorter.”

According to Lifesite News, There is a sort of political Martini curve at work as Canada races to keep up with the Leftist conformity of the modern international elite.

Canada has no Donald Trump or Viktor Orbán or Boris Johnson on the current political horizon. Nor is there a term limit on the office of prime minister, which suggests that a socialist troll  like Justin Trudeau may be in power for years to come. 

Sound like a set-up for a soft dictatorship to you, fellow patriots? CAP will opine here: this “post-modern” form of governance is already in place.

Stage 1: Utilize mass Third World immigration to control all 338 ridings in Canada, transforming all Conservative-held ridings into Liberal-Third World political strongholds.

Stage 2 : Demonize Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canadians by way of branding these communities racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Brand Canadians genocidal by way of historical and present-day oppression toward our Aboriginal communities.

Stage 3: Create internal social chaos within society via the Pipeline-Carbon Tax debacle. Get Canadians fighting amongst themselves while Trudeau moves toward the next stage of the degeneration of society.

Stage 4: Justin Trudeau trans-itions Canada into a  One Party State. This is to be followed by a full trans-ition to a totalitarian society.

Does this not make sense? After all, it is a known fact that the form of governance the Trudeau family prefer–Justin, brother Alexandre, and father Pierre Trudeau before them all venerate Chinese and Cuban-style communism.

Which historical national leaders are those all three of the socialist Trudeau boys most admire? The answers are not hard to find. The leaders are Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao Tse Tung, as well as various despots from the former government of the U.S.S.R.

So why is it then that the Trudeau family, so steeped in communist veneration, have been able to keep their hands around the necks of the people of Canada for so long?

Another obvious answer– the Canadian media. Without this socialist-supporting news entity– the most monolithic within any western nation-– it is likely the socialist seduction of Canada would have failed.

Sadly, this is not the case. Trudeau has trans-formed CBC into an equivalent of state-controlled media in China. This is the reason 37.7 Million Canadian citizens do not comprehend the truth regarding the family Trudeau.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: Why Justin Trudeau STANDS BACK While Canada Descends Into Social Chaos

To describe Canada as a totalitarian state-in-progress may sound like an absurd exaggeration. Yet many premonitory signs are present. In the words of political philosopher William Gairdner, author of The Book of Absolutes, The Great Divide, and The Trouble with Canada our nation “has just crossed the red line between soft-socialism and soft-totalitarianism.”

CBC say nothing of the sort. Globe & Mail remains in status quo mode regarding their task of burying Trudeau’s assault upon democracy in Canada. Toronto Star utter not a word regarding the pending demise of our nation as a free and democratic society.

There are more. Degree to which Global News exposed this reality? Zero percent. Did you know? Liberal-Sikh MP candidates won every single seat in Brampton, Ontario. Why would this be, you ask? Because Brampton is a majority Sikh/Third World riding. White Canadians comprise perhaps 10% of the demographic make-up of Brampton.

Ever hear about any of this by way of CBC? Have you even once witnessed a media piece which exposes the number of “white minority” ridings in Canada? Want to know why it never occurs?

Because Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino and Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne want EVERY riding in Canada to become minority white. They are doing one heck of an effective job by way of the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history.

What a set-up. Justin Trudeau is here to fulfill what Papa Pierre began–a  covert, incremental dissolution of English Canada and its Anglophone communities.





37 thoughts on “Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada”

  1. I just sent this message to Charlie Angus our local MP.
    Charlie some food for thought? This started in 2018. A Quebec-based company has announced plans to construct an underground natural gas pipeline that will run 750 kilometres from northeastern Ontario to Saguenay.
    The proposed pipeline project, announced by Gazoduq, will be part of a chain delivering natural gas from Alberta to Énergie Saguenay, a company that holds a license, from the Office national de l’energie, giving it the go ahead to build a facility that will liquify the gas before exporting it to potential markets in Europe and Asia.
    The cost of the pipeline is estimated at $4.5 billion. Combined with the cost to build the plant that will liquify the natural gas (estimated at $9.5 billion) both projects could represent a more than $14-billion investment in the Saguenay region Where are the protesters? How much native land will this go thru? Has anyone read anything about this in the main stream media. Or is it because all the $$$ are being spent in Quebec it’s ok? PS this is going thru your riding.

    • This must be stopped! Canadians need to KNOW about all this that is going on behind closed doors! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!

      • Dr. Ivette Lozano a doctor for 20 years from Texas has been using Zithromax and hydroxychloroquine so far every one of her patients has been cured. Sadly every time I tried to post her video Facebook is blocking me so I’m sending a picture of the YouTube site, hopefully they won’t block it.
        There is a cure and Trump exposed it and this brave doctor used it and it worked on 98% of her patients. She has risked everything fighting the system only to save her patients using the Malaria drug & having to Fight against the medical establishment just to save her patients shows us how corrupt the medical establishment truly is!
        “ZITHROMAX and HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE” works and has been around for along time. So we can quit this stupid manipulated political LOCKDOWN and get back to our “OLD NORMAL” SELVES (And you can fuck your STUPID FASCIST “NEW NORMAL”).

    • Quebec wanted to cripple Alberta just so they could go ahead with selling Alberta’s natural resource to foreign markets!
      all under our noses and having it approved during the pipeline protests across the nation.
      I was telling a fellow Ontarion about this months ago and they did not believe it because it wasnt in the news and other public media outlets ..just said Alberta needed to diversify !
      We need to stop the natural resource from heading east and expose this for what it truly is about ! Quebec should not profit from the resource it would not allow the west to export and thereby crippling our western economy and hurting western families!

  2. Yep, divisions among Canadians work right into Trudeau’s plan to destroy the country. It’s appalling that, seemingly, nothing can be done in this country to eradicate an idiot.

    Not easy to counteract treason with socialist NDP and Green collaborating with the Libs.

    • Spot on comment. Liberals have created treason and nothing can or will be done about it. If anything, they are bolstered by the NDP or Green Party who have their own agendas. And what about The Bloc? That alone was quite the resurrection!

  3. Iam a former Canadian living in U.S. for many years…….this political correctness has gone far enough….we can all see what’s happened since proper documentation was virtually scrapped and borders were opened to whoever! People are not only trying to take over North America, but being brutal about it………..

  4. He is awaiting the arrive of his new costumes so knows how to dress for his next photo opp. Don,t be surprised if leaders of the other parties join him. After all as long as they prop up his minority their face on the news is safe. Time to get rid of him and a minority government allows that. We need to work on the other parties or they go as well

  5. Get rid of all religion get rid of all problems but to many people are brainwashed to realized that is one of the problems and time to shut down all banks we do not need them we owe no one and that the way it should be

    • In less than 50 years the religion of Marxism murdered 100 MILLION people, more than all people murdered by religions in the history of the world.

  6. Looks good on us Canada,good job in being so out of touch to elect this joke TWICE !!.I am old enough now that I probably won’t be around to see the end of this disaster,but I will be very gratified in knowing that by the time the stupidity of the Canadian people is obvious to everyone,they will reap what they sowed. It has been said that the people get the government they deserve,that has never been more obvious then today.

    • I second you on that one. The Stupidity of Canadians. Get some balls people. If we don’t get rid of him soon,bits game over! NOBODY WILL BE TO BLAME BUT YOU YOU VITED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

    • DS….Check out who lives in Brampton, third world refugees and immigrants. They control the vote. Everyone west of this republic of Toronto votes Conservatives but we only have so many people. We Canadians see and know what this dictator is doing, we have known all about it, but until stupid ndp voters join conservative, we will never have enough votes because trudope has Quebexico in his pocket…So, take back the stupidity of Canadian people comment..Its unwarranted…..

  7. Why doesn’t the opposition nail this guy on his immigration activities. They need to put a stop to him and his bloody rotten policies. Who the hell has the courage to confront this prick. He’s creating minority white representation across Canada. He is an absolute ASSHOLE!!!!

    • When the Opposition challenges this guy on his stupid, beyond belief policies and ways, they are challenged by The Media Party that are bought by the Liberals. It was very evident in the October 2019 election. They asked ridiculous questions, REPEATEDLY, of Scheer yet nothing of Trudeau or his Followers.

  8. Trudeau is obviously NOT FOR CANADA and CANADIANS! He must be REMOVED FROM OFFICE at the very least! He should be charged and imprisoned. A TRAITOR should NOT be Prime Minister!

    • I don’t know how he was put back in office a second term!! Must be votes from all the immigrants over the last 4 plus years that tipped the scale in his favour.

      How and who can remove him? And when can we begin the process??
      I’ve listened to 4 years of unhappy Canadian Nationals regarding Trudope, the time for change is now!!
      And yes I’ve noticed the change in his face too, it doesn’t look like it’s a result of the pandemic.

      This is a disgrace for all our older relatives and generations of men & women who fought for their freedom, our freedom, our children’s freedom and our grandchildren’s freedom.

      Nothing legally happened to him for what he did in the Lavalin Scandal. He’s bankrupting our beautiful country and keeps raising the carbon tax during a bloody pandemic.

      I’m very close to retiring, worked since I was 16, more than half of my yearly salary goes to the government when you factor in sales tax, carbon tax, income tax (heck there’s probably more tax we are all paying that we don’t even know about) ….and I sure as hell don’t want to live under his rule.
      Canadians need to assert our rights cause if we sit on the fence and wait all our rights will be taken away.

      • thanks very much for your comments– Justin Trudeau is a traitor to Canada, Anglophone and Christian Canadians. A commie trouble maker for our people, without question.

  9. Canada needs a leader not a United nation puppet. And until that happens we are all doomed under Trudeau\s reckless resime. He needs to be terminated from being the P.M. in any way Possible Or we are heading in a civil war soon if it continues.

  10. What kind of filthy rag is this
    . Spreading dangerous fake news is obviously your forte. Go to university for gawd’s sake, study political science and history and economics and then write a decent article. Numbnuts that know no better read you and believe this tripe. You are a hazard to a Canada.

  11. Trudeau appears to be wearing an ankle bracelet (you can see it in some photos as he walks back into the prime minister’s house) , some have said he is under house arrest and the trial will proceed next fall. Things are getting interesting.

  12. It is interesting that those who denounce socialism use it . We are happy when we go to the doctor and no charge. The same for hospital. We accept subsidized housing for those in need. We are happy to see our veterans looked after. We have care homes for those in need also. We can’t have it both ways folks. We could have a Prime Minister like Donald Trump who lies and spins to the people and is dumb as a post. I don’t subscribe to racism or in conspiracy theories so try to be happy folks in this less than perfect world. We don’t have to make Canada “great again”. It is already great. ED

    • You are living in an alternate reality. Canada needs a leader like Donald Trump who will fight to better your country and who will lead instead of being a globalist puppet. Here in the US, our poor can see a doctor or go to a hospital with no charge. Our veterans are looked after. We have a very expansive welfare system. We are way smarter that we can do all these without resorting to socialism.

  13. If you are so sure that our taxes are funding an underground pipeline out of Saguenay, then prove it. Hire a helicopter with underground sensors and start scanning around Saguenay southward and see how much has been dugged out so far. Mounds of dirt will also have to show somewheres.


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