Globalism On Steroids: Dictionary Term For Racism To Include “SYSTEMIC RACISM”

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“The American dictionary Merriam-Webster is to change its definition of the word racism after receiving an email from a young black woman. Kennedy Mitchum, a recent graduate of Drake University in Iowa, suggested that the definition should include a reference to systemic oppression.”

“An editor then responded, later agreeing to update their definition. The decision comes amid international anti-racism protests after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.”

Holy Cow–simple as apple pie– one young black American requests a transformation of an accepted world-wide definition of the word “racism,” and bang-zoom the authorities accommodate her request.

Ever heard about the one where a Muslim teenager told her mother that her Hijab had been pulled off by a stranger in Canada? PM Justin Trudeau telephoned her straight-away and informed her that our country is a racist, bigoted society.

Turned out the young Muslima fabricated the entire story–not that this makes any difference to  Prime Minister of “3rd World” Canada, Justin Trudeau.

“Ms Mitchum says the dictionary definition was being used by people attempting to tell her she was wrong.”

Oh my Lord– stop the world. Someone told the young gal that she was wrong. Guess this justifies the complete transformation of the meaning of “text-book” racism. How entirely absurd as a justification for such a thing.

“Some troll was messaging me trying to say ‘You don’t understand what racism truly is,'” she said. Blimey–life is tough all over, eh?

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Such is the state-of-society within the era of what CAP call “Payback Time.” This political ideology– sent straight through the roof via the George Floyd murder in the USA, maintains a belief system that punitive measures must be forced upon “non-3rd World” Canadian citizens.

Their crime? Being the descendants of those who founded Canada, established British-derived civil rights laws, as well as served as the source of our country’s ultimate human rights legislation, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This re-work of a definition of racism is indeed an ominous development. Therefore, Canadian patriots should understand two related concepts:

CBC and media in Canada will spin this like grandma’s new Whirlpool washer.  If Globe & Mail expose this development at all, they will spend 100% of their energy validating, justifying and indemnifying every aspect of the changes.

— The new definition will increase racist culpability for European-derived residents regarding the degree and intensity of  exclusively “white upon non-white” racist behaviour. After all, this is the singular form of prejudice in Canada as purported by:

Government, Media, Academia, Corporate Business. Taken together, all these powering-playing have one belief in common–they all advocate a diminishment of Anglophone-Canadian power and accomplishment.

And here’s the kicker– they may well be Canadians of European heritage themselves. Within “post-democracy” Canada, this is as common as rain in North Vancouver, BC.

What privilege!  Not only are all 3rd World citizens of Canada pushing around non-3rd Canucks with delight–our very own citizenship is doing it to THEMSELVES.

Such is the pathos inherent within a Trudeau-Liberal-Media plan of attack upon our communities. Get them to hate themselves, and all will be trans-formed in an accelerated time-frame.

CAP Prediction: The dictionary definition of racism will indeed change–and much more of this kind of thing is coming Canada’s way between 2020-2030.

This is the true post-modern Canada of Justin Trudeau’s dreams. It is this man job to fulfill the transfer of social power from 1st World Canada, to 3rd World Canada.

Incrementally– as the dictionary declaration reveals– the globalist agenda continues to vilify citizens of  European origin,  while immigration policy transitions our people into a bona fide minority community.

Media breathe not  a single word regarding our national transition from democracy to socialist nation-state.




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