George Soros, Justin Trudeau, Tides Foundation And The Demise Of Democracy In Canada

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Analysis of a October 2006 Tides Foundation Conference reveals a focus on the establishment of a national institution to act as a Social Investment Bank to support the social economy through investment by credit unions, banks, and pension funds.

This Social Investment Bank, the brainchild of the George Soros–linked Tides Canada Foundation, is being implemented under the name of the Canada Investment Bank by Justin Trudeau’s government.

All attendees at the Tides Foundation meeting were aware this sector operates at a loss and that funding non-profits, foundations, and charities comes at great taxpayer expense at over $60 billion per year.

This raises questions about the intention behind the Justin Trudeau-created Infrastructure Bank, a huge component of the Canada Investment Bank, that fund community projects for non-profits.

PM Justin Trudeau: “We’re advocating for a human rights-based approach to housing…Our approach is different. It’s an approach that has been praised by the United Nations. We’re putting human rights, the right to dignity, to freedom of choice, to health and to safety at the centre of our strategy.”

Patriots would be wise to read Trudeau’s statement with a critical eye. What is found within his choice of words speaks volumes about globalism, and its inverted, disguised agenda of benevolence regarding the poor and suffering of the world.

The first thing to recognize is that it is one giant lie.  This is how Soros, Trudeau, Tides and the rest roll: disguise their nefarious globalist machinations as human rights-oriented activism.  Benevolent humanitarian work. Lifting the desolate out of poverty in an act of righteous social activism.

CAP Opinion: Not one drop of this is related to a true desire to help the poor and oppressed of the world. Rather, the goal is to utilize the fake benevolence to break down national borders, destroy democracy, and usher in a “New Globalist Order.”

Designated Commander For Canada: PM Justin Trudeau. One thing that must be said about our current PM is that he is fantastic at taking orders. Also, the man is an expert in “political begging”— United Nations, Nation of Islam, Africa-– you name the non-democratic political entity, and King Justin will be bended knee before breakfast.

“Even though Stephen Harper cancelled these programs in 2006, a Canadian Task Force on Social Finance, consisting of organizational representatives in attendance at the 2006 Tides Canada Conference, was established in 2010.”

The Canada Infrastructure Bank was announced by Finance Minister Bill Morneau during the 2016 fall economic update, in response to a campaign promise made by the Liberal Party during the 2015 Canadian federal election.It was officially established in June 2017 when the Canada Infrastructure Bank Act received royal assent.

In other words, this globalist Soros/Tides Infrastructure Bank was created by Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and their gang of globalist destroyers.

“Prime Minster Harper also spent considerable time trying to shut down the social economic loopholes that surrounded charities and foundations.  The outcry over his attempts to shut down these taxpayer money traps was completely misguided.”

 “His efforts were instead, a patriotic attempt to release the grip of the United Nations globalist tentacles on Canadian sovereignty. Imagine what a Canadian politician could do if not for the devices of the Quebec power elite.”

Beauty, eh? Witness how Justin Trudeau came along and buried ex-PM Harper’s attempt to scuttle the United Nations-Globalist grip of Soros and Company upon Canadian society.

The day our freshly-minted PM seized control of society he went to work not for Canada, but for international banking, global finance, socialism, border erosion and every darn thing which emanates from Soros’ “Open Society Foundation,” as well as Tides Corporations covert control of environmental issues in Canada.

Tides Corp are 100% anti-Canadian oil sands development–and so is Justin Trudeau. Please Canadian patriots–do not listen to a single wordthe CBC tell you about any of this.

Actually, folks won’t find it difficult, for one simple reason: CBC and the rest of Justin’s media slaves NEVER speak of these issues. All of this is shady, back-room Gerald Butts-style political and social manipulation.

CAP Opinion Time:

Reason why PM Trudeau will never further develop the Alberta Oil Sands— Tides Corporation(non-Canadian).

Reason why Trudeau created the largest deficits, as well as the highest rates of household and personal debt in Canadian history— George Soros’ Banking Conglomeration(non-Canadian).

Mass abortion? Soros. LGBT and transgender promotion: Soros again, Open Border, Illegal refugee intake? Again, that man Soros. Mass Third World Immigration, illegal refugees: Open Border Foundation(non-Canadian).

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Let’s hope so. This way, perhaps 5% of the Canadian population may come to know the truth of how Canada is being controlled, manipulated and railroaded into a socialist nation state by the Trudeau-Soros-Tides triumvirate.

What a sad and sordid tale. CAP have thought hard about this, and we will state the following for the record:

Justin Trudeau is a most pathetic Canadian.. A back-room commie schemer is what this piece of work is. His megalomania and inherent narcissism have resulted in a national leader wholly incapable of working for the best interests of those who voted him into office.

Well, perhaps not all of them. Trudeau will work for a specific segment of of society. Everything which is endorsed by his string-pullers from beyond our borders is Trudeau’s modus operandi. If a Canadian hails from the Third World, is Sikh or Muslim, Trudeau will work on your behalf.

If you are a homosexual or transgendered Canadian, Justin will also work for you. Did you know? The Soros Foundation is “lead financier in the LGBT assault upon western society, and puppet Trudeau has worked his will everyday he has been prime minister.

This is the globalist agenda PM Trudeau is perpetrating upon innocent Canadians, patriots, conservatives, Old Stock folk, not to mention Anglophone Canada.

What CBC and the rest  tell Canadians is calculated deception on behalf of Justin Trudeau, George Soros, Tides Foundation and the rest of the non-Canadian entities controlling the destiny of the dying “Great White North.”

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  1. Canada 2nd largest landmass globally, ample resources
    Agriculture water. Small population.
    Bigger nations require access to all these things

  2. We have weak leadership in a destructive kind of way with a strange bunch of misfits all trying to help their original homelands at our expense. And we know historically that most of the money we ‘donate’ will go into the pockets and Swiss accounts of their leaders.

  3. Canadians are to busy thinking about how morally superior they are to Americans to pay attention to the stupidity and ignorance of Canadians.

  4. We are the only ones who can change the Socialist Infrastructure that is being put into place, and soon to be implemented on all Canadian’s that do not understand that there Freedom & Liberty is in Jeopardy. Independent Candidates are very much needed at all levels of Government, and we need to Select, Support, Vote, and Elect Independent Candidates in every Electoral District next Election with the Support of Patriots for Canada, and a Facebook Group called Canadian’s For Independent Candidates we can take back our country.

  5. Now you know what they are using this fakedemic for,to use it as the way to implement all these socialist policies and enslavement.


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