Geo-Political Islam Takes a HIT As India DENIES CITIZENSHIP For Muslims

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“Wearing Muslim skullcaps, colorful turbans of Indian Sikhs or hip beanies of secular university students, thousands protested at the largest mosque in India’s capital on Friday, a turbulent scene that played out in multiple cities across the country.”

So says The New York Times--as opposed to Canada’s Globe & Mail and National Post. Try this little “experiment”– in your web browser, type in “India Muslim” and wait for the search results. If your experience is like CAP’s, not one article from a Canadian media publisher appears in the search– a telling sign if there ever was one.

Muslims and snowflake supporters are outraged. According to the New York Times:

“Under the new law, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsees, Buddhists and Jains would have an expedited path to citizenship even if they fail the citizenship test. But Muslims, India’s second largest religious group, at 200 million, would not have the same legal protection.”

Racism, Bigotry, Xenophobia. Of course, the fact that in Pakistan, Christians have to pay an extra tax due to their religious affiliation is not part of the narrative on this controversial development. Neither is the fact that Christians living in Islamic-dominated nations are murdered en masse on a regular basis.

Seems the status quo within this dynamic is as follows: when “oppression” towards Muslims occurs within non-Muslim nations, it is an outrage of magnanimous proportions.

When the tables are turned, what trans-pires? Basically, media turn the other cheek–and so does the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

CAP Conclusion: Worldwide western media side with Islam, and not the western world. Unusual, eh? Of course, good reasons exist for this social dynamic– globalist media control being the prime mover.

CAP will not pass moral judgement on Prime Minister Modi’s decision. What we will say is that within the world of geo-political international aggression, this is a “rare loss” for the purveyors of the “globalist” way of life.

After all, nothing of the sort was occurred within western nations. USA, Britain, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia-– and of course, Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada.

Interesting. It is only within a non-Western nation where this “injustice” took place. What does this tell sensible, non-snowflake Canadians?

CAP will inform: Within “post-modern” western nations, Islam is welcome to push archaic values like Sharia Law upon society within out any form of push-back. It is almost as if western democratic nations have been “earmarked” for Islamo-Globalist success.

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CAP Opinion: Western democratic nations have been “earmarked” for Islamo-Globalist success.  Merkel’s Germany? Yes. Macron’s France-oui. Britain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Norway.

Coincidence? If any readers believe this, CAP has a bridge to sell you in Vancouver, B.C. called the “Lion’s Gate.”

Within the world of liberal-globalist- Islamic dominant politics–there are no coincidences. These western nations are under “attack”– specifically, an attack upon their culture, identity, demography and cultural values.

How has the “battle” gone within Canadian society? What a simple question to answer. Since Justin Trudeau assumed his Canadian “crown,” the Nation of Islam has “tore it up” within society. Mr. Trudeau advanced Islam so much it took just four years to accomplish what would have organically taken four decades to achieve–if ever.

Denying citizenship based upon religious affiliation is a touchy topic, to be sure. It is not CAP’s job to decide such a thing by way of the government of India. Our job is to interpret this action within the context of worldwide political agendas, as well as the specific agenda of the current Trudeau government.

When doing this, it takes only a split-second to recognize the affinity between Justin Trudeau’s embracement of geo-political Islam, and that of other western nations who have permitted a form of “religious fundamentalism” to take hold within their respective societies.





1 thought on “Geo-Political Islam Takes a HIT As India DENIES CITIZENSHIP For Muslims”

  1. You guys are little misinformed. India’s current Nationalist Right Wing Govt. led by PM Modi is NOT denying citizenship to Muslims. All Indian citizens , no matter what religion will be as long it is legal. This bill is directed at 2 things: First it’s against Muslim illegal invaders mainly from Islamic Republic of Bangladesh, Pakistan as well as the Rohingya Muslims (who are driven out by the Buddhist Military Junta of Myanmar, who had enough of their terror) and secondly it will provide refuge and citizenship to persecuted religious minorities of Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians etc. in Islamic majority countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The bloody Leftists and Islamists as well as various other opposition alliance of so called secular (aka Muslim appeasing) political parties are creating bad press and propaganda and orchestrating and funding riots and protests. Majority of Indians support this Act. But yeah, India – home to world’s most ancient Hindu Vedic civilization which gave the world, Yoga, Traditional medicine -Ayurveda, Kamasutra,invention of Zero, Martial Arts warfare and what not… – since Independence from UK in 1947, has been ruled by leftist Corrupt Congress Party which has destroyed the economy as well as the fabric of the society. India is the only country which even after brutally invaded by the Muslims , where the first attack took place some 1,400 years ago… and ruled by successive brutal and evil Islamic dynasties for over 1000 years… resulting in widespread destruction of wealth and Hindu culture and spread of Islam in India.. the nation still manages to hold on to it’s native religion and culture-Hinduism. In 2014, Mr. Narendra Modi, a right wing Hindu Nationalist leader came to power and he is doing his best to rectify all the mistakes and drive out the bloody Islamic illegals out of the country… and bring India to the world map. So, yeah you are right in the part..Islamists are getting hit. Not to India Right wing is different from Western countries.. but that’s a topic for another day. No wonder he gets along so well with other Nationalist leaders such as Mr. Trump, Brazilian President etc. and the Liberals and Sikh terrorist sympathizers or Khalistanis such as Jagmeet Singh hate him. To know more about reality of Indian day today politics, follow these pages: 1. and 2.


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