Genocide Denial Reveals Justin Trudeau’s Dedication To China

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In reality, it’s always been this way. The fact that the prime minister of Canada will not– or cannot– issue a condemnation of the government of China speaks volumes.

Yet, from the beginning– father Pierre Trudeau’s embracement of the communist nation in 1971–the truth regarding the Liberal Party’s relationship with China has been hidden from the public.

In response to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to brand the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China as genocide, establishment media are speaking out.

In the National Post, writer John Robson writes: “the Trudeau administration pussyfoots around genocide, plays Olympic dodgeball and flirts with Huawei.”

All of this is true, but none of it articulates why Trudeau and the Liberals bow low to communist China. Cultural Action Party has written extensively on the phenomenon.

We have explained how the roots of the phenomenon are found in a series of meetings between Pierre Trudeau and Chairman Mao Tse Tung in the 1970’s.

We have articulated how this resulted in a financial partnership between the Liberals and China, including key players Bank of Montreal(BMO), Canada-China Business Council, Power Corporation of Quebec, and others.

The outcome in 2021 is one of Justin Trudeau working on behalf of related parties– namely, what is referred to as the “Laurentian Mountain Elite.”

This, of course, exposed the fraudulent nature of the “public” Justin Trudeau. His human rights concerns are, as all his behaviours, superficial posturing for the purpose of fooling 38 million Canadians.

As revealed by journalist John Robson, the “Communiqué on the Current State of the Ideological Sphere”  was issued in 2012 with the endorsement of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

China’s “code of values” denounces seven things: constitutional democracy, including separation of powers, elections and an independent judiciary; universal values like Western human rights applying to China; civil society, as in anyone doing anything except through the Communist party; free markets, as well as an independent press.

In other words, the antithesis of everything Canada stands(stood) for. This is the nation that current PM Justin Trudeau venerates, as does his brother Alexandre Trudeau and Pierre Trudeau before them.

This is the communist society admired by Canadian prime ministers who have served for five terms-– three for father Pierre, two for son Justin.

And none of it makes a difference in any capacity. Justin Trudeau is leading in the polls, more than likely to make it six terms for the Trudeau Dynasty of Quebec, Canada.

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This dynamic reveals something very, very wrong regarding the Trudeau family, the Liberal Party of Canada, and their relationship with China. At a minimum the relationship has been in existence for 50 years. Media have yet to expose it for what it truly is.

The fact that none of it means a hill-of-beans in Canada is the most suspect political scenario in the history of our country. If CAP were a betting man, we would go all-in on the idea that an ultimate purpose will one day come to light in the former “Great White North.”

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(2016)

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  1. China must have something on Trudope, why is it he is still in office, when he seems to care more about China than he does Canadians.

    How can it be that he remains in office when he continues to give our hard earned taxes to other countries. We do not want immigration, we do not want the Olympics in China, we want a government who really cares about Canadians, did he not take an oath to Canadians.


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