Gender Wars In Canada: Government, Media Against The People

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When it comes to LGBT advancement in Canadian society, it doesn’t much effort to delineate defined attitudes within society.

Government, Media, Academia: For. General Public, Parents: Against.

An interesting dichotomy it is, as manifest in blind dedication to LGBT dogma from all levels of government in Canada.

A protest group called 1 Million March 4 Children say participants across Canada are “standing together against gender ideology in schools.” In British Columbia, gender indoctrination refers to the teaching of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). programs in public schools.

B.C. Premier David Eby posted a letter on social media which raise concerns about the planned protests, while denouncing “hate” toward LGBTQ communities.

“It’s upsetting and distressing to see misinformation and disinformation used to attack some of our most vulnerable children and youth,” he wrote.

Simply put, they’re all like this. Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim. Toronto’s Olivia Chow. Amarjeet Sohi in Edmonton. Jyoti Gondek in Calgary.

Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim issued a statement “expressing solidarity with the LGBTQ community and condemning discrimination.”

It comes without surprise that mainstream media reflect the same sentiment. By now, Canadian patriots and conservatives are well familiar with the media game.

As with the Truckers Protest last year in Ottawa, it’s time to twist the anti-LGBT in schools protests into “acts of hate from the far right.”

Upon which CAP turn around and claim that both government and media are fomenting social consternation. We know the game. The protestors will be met with a motley crew of  fanatics screaming out accusations of “hate” in the faces of protestors.

The fact that these people are speaking on behalf of .05% of our population makes no difference. Spurred on by copious amounts of government funding, we stand witness as Canada creeps toward unprecedented internal social conflict.

Regardless of which side of the LGBT fence citizens sit on, one fact is immutable. Throughout the entire spectacle, PM Justin Trudeau has stood by and let it all happen.

Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] has written in depth regarding parallels between the LGBT revolution, and socialist-oriented rebellions of history. We liken the current situation to an application of Marxist doctrine employed in revolutions of the past. A look at communism as applied during Chinese, Russian and Cuban uprisings of the past offer our greatest clue.

Canadian media don’t indulge in this kind of thing. It makes too much sense. To do so would educate Canadians in a serious way, which communism stands firmly against. Their governments, and by extension media organizations, prefer to cultivate a dumbed-down populous who understand little if anything about the intricacies of socio-political issues.

Justin Trudeau is cut from the very same cloth. To accomplish his neo-communist agenda, the PM “bought” legacy media in Canada. Serving as institutions of woke globalist propaganda, our press corps have transitioned basic common sense to acts of “hate.”

Are we now at war? In a post-modern context, it is possible. The battle being fought is devoid of guns and other weaponry. Not that a few fists couldn’t be thrown as Canadians gather in the streets for a nation-wide protest against transgender propaganda dissemination in the Canadian public school system.

Canada’s LGBT/Pride/Trans revolution is a pre-meditated socialist construct. It is no coincidence that the phenomenon runs parallel with Justin Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister.

Hidden by media, the source of international transgender politics is the World Economic Forum. It is they who originated the LGBT movement, funding it to the extent that it is today a world-wide phenomenon.

Well, not quite. LGBT is non-existent in Saudi Arabia. You won’t hear a peep about it Pakistan. Somalia remains silent.  Transgender advancement is an exclusive of western nations. As in, populations whose traditional communities are comprised of citizens of Anglo-Christian heritage. The movement is anathema to conservative values and western morality.

No wonder Justin Trudeau backs it with aplomb. The man is, at heart, a dedicated communist sympathizer. What does our PM have to say about children who, with encouragement from public school educators, make a decision to “re-orient” their bodies in a sexual capacity?

Try nothing at all, and go downhill from there.

Irresponsible, unaccountable, willing to sacrifice the health and physicality of Canadian youth. For media, this is good stuff. Parents who object to government usurping parental rights– hallmark of Marxist ideology– are hateful bigots

We recognise the absurdity inherent in the transgender rights movement in Canada. Only problem is, it makes no difference.

No matter what goes down, Canadian politicians side with a tiny sliver of society who demand the right to usurp parental rights. All told, the entire development is a giant pain-in-the-you-know-what.

CBC. CTV. Global News. Globe & Mail. Toronto Star. Montreal Gazette.

You name the media outlet, and CAP will show you a monolith of press support for LGBT/Trans. Moving to grass roots Canada brings forth an army of common sense parents and guardians.

After eight years of LGBT cultivation, Justin Trudeau can sit back and watch the fur fly within our society. It’s just one reason that we brand this person Canada’s biggest trouble-maker.

Specious in thought, manic in application, our PM plays off citizen against citizen, community against community. As did socialist revolutionaries before him. Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, to name a few.

“At least 63 counter-protests are planned Wednesday across Canada in response to nation-wide demonstrations protesting against sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) education in schools.”

“While the group, which dubbed themselves 1 Million March for Children says they are not anti-2SLGBTQIA+, their website says they are advocating for the elimination of pronouns, gender ideology and mixed bathrooms in educational institutions.” 

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? it’s government and media who are purposefully conflating the issues, failing to delineate between “anti-homosexual” and “anti-LGBT for eight-year olds.”

An attempt to exacerbate conflict within Canadians society? If CAP was a betting man, we would go all-in on this ploy.

3 thoughts on “Gender Wars In Canada: Government, Media Against The People”

  1. occult, satanism, marxism… is simply inversion, its not all that complicated.

    as the masons say “as above, so below”

    the yin yang, the chess board, good vs evil, black vs white

    its just boring when you understand this dichotomy fully.

    same applies with liberal vs conservative, red vs blue, russia vs europe, china vs america

    its so boring and childish, very immature and completely redundant

    mass society and politics all want you to pick a side, because if you don’t “both sides suffer”

    and once you do pick a side, you’re part of an eternal struggle/war, at least in this world.

  2. How dare those pesky parents demand their rights regarding the emotional health and bodily safety of their children in the mentally ill, dysphoric Canadian education system. Those horrible facist conservative ‘haters’ that disagree with the .05% of the population. We have to put on our black masks to hide our cowardly faces and start riots and burn sh*t down cause troodow said ‘Its understandable’. Yeh!!!!

  3. One needs only to research the back ground of the Trudeau family, notably P.E. Trudeau who have courted the Chinese for three or more generations now. Money, power, ideological control have been the focus of this family for longer than you or I have been around.

    We see Canadian media report on the possible ‘interference’ of China in Canadian elections but not one of the media outlets will tell you that it would be surprising if China was NOT involved with the election of our current government – all because of family history and a desire for absolute control.

    Justin is doing a lot to destroy the values that once made Canada the envy of the world but the saddest part is that his actions are spotlighting the illegitimacy of the Canadian election system – the ‘first past the post’ system ensuring Eastern Canada decides while Western Canada must shield itself from the fall out.

    Why, if you live west of Winnipeg should you bother to vote?
    There is merit to returning what was once ‘Rupert’s Land’ to people who truly care for the land and its people. Turdeau can have Lower Canada – that is where his voting base is anyway. Maybe some form of separation should be considered? Give it a name people would remember – like WEXIT ?!


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