Gender Transition Poses ‘IRREVERSIBLE Damage’ To Children, Says Top Psychiatrist

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What will it take? For how much longer will the politically correct status quo surrounding the sex change transition for children debacle to enter the consciousness of mainstream society?

Not an easy gig, to be sure. Pourquoi? Check out this short list of our institutions which do not lift a finger to expose, or counter, the illicit transgenderism-for-children agenda–a direct outgrowth of the LGBT movement in North America.

Government. Health Ministers. Media. Academia. Universities. Medical Industry, Health Care Industry. MP’s MLA’s & City Councillors. Mayors. Doctors. Nurses. Lawyers. School Principals. Grade School Teachers. Librarians.

Not one of these institutions or public servants has issues a warning or caveat regarding sex change for minors. Now, let us look at the findings of this psychiatrist:

According to Lifesite News, “A prominent UK psychiatrist is speaking out against subjecting gender-confused children to “transition” treatment, warning that debate is being “shut down” about practices that could subject children to “serious and irreversible damage.”

Dr. David Bell, a consultant psychiatrist and former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society, believes the medical field is being pressured to accept claims that children “declare themselves as being in the wrong body” without “sufficient investigation for its basis,” due in no small part to the fact that such cases have almost quadrupled over the past four years, The Telegraph reported

Hear that, Health Ministers of Canada? Now, why don’t you do something about it? Fact is, not a single recommendation for exposure of health risks for transgenderism has ever been suggested by these people, or any other person in a position of authority as it relates to this macabre social issue.

“The good doctor continues: “Many services have championed the use of medical and surgical intervention with nowhere near sufficient attention to the serious, irreversible damage this can cause and with very disturbingly superficial attitudes to the issue of consent in young children,” he argued.”

Superficial attitude? Enter King Justin Trudeau, stage right. The man is a king of superficiality, which he perpetually applies to serious and complex social health issues within society. Transgenderism, abortion–nothing more than a walk through the park by way of the mind-set of Mr. Trudeau.

Doctors who “refuse to accept the dominant ideological position” are accused of being “transphobic,” which “has been remarkably successful, resulting in a simplification of a very complex problem that needs to be understood at both individual and socio-cultural levels.”

Bell called for an “urgent investigation” into the various factors contributing to these referrals to “transition” minors. Boy-oh-boy, is this doctor making good sense with his lucid and articulate commentary. Of course, Liberals hate this kind of thing.

For Trudeau and his appointed Minister of LGBT, Liberal MP Randy Boissonnaut, public deception is the order-of-the-day. Is it not a fact that these two LGBT hooligans have done nothing but prance through Pride Parades that promote transgenderism for children of any age?

This, while a former president of the British Psychoanalytic Society warns against serious and irreversible damage which results from sex change surgery and related hormone therapy

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Is there not something seriously wrong occurring within this entire sordid spectacle? Of course their is. Why does establishment media eschew the entire affair? Fact: There has never–not even once– been an article which reveals anything exposed by this article, which is sourced from a U.K. publication.

CAP have worked to expose the trans-rot for the past several years. We have exposed the down-side to politicians, doctors, libraries, schools, mayors, media, health ministers and other related parties.

Degree of success–minimal, if anything. Yes, we could have marginally affected the situation, but the point is that not one thing has changed within the entire dynamic. “Drag Queen Story Time” still exists, public school propaganda is still in full effect. Public libraries still serve up the tranny-for-children agenda.

What a formidable force within society! Such power…yet no one ever asks how the LGBT industry gained an immutable position on sex change within Canadian society. It must have come from somewhere.

CAP say it is rooted in globalist ideology– we have outlined our theory many times. Naturally, all this takes money–and makes money. Think of the billions big pharma are raking in from this phenomenon.

The rate of child transgenderism is up by 400% in Britain– yet no one asks or informs us why the numbers are through-the-roof. CAP Speculation: because child transgenderism is being PUSHED upon western societies. Not in China, Pakistan, Iran, or any other non-democratic nations. One good reason for this is that a person would more than likely be shot through the head if attempting to do so.

Still, CAP remain hopeful. We believe this covert societal travesty will come to an end. Not because of government, media, or academia of course. These are globalist institutions–therefore guaranteed to remain silent while child abuse-for-profit permeates western societies.





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  1. Yet another informative article from Cap For Canada. In this era of state controlled media, basically leftist, biased, and unethical to the point of being radicalized, Cap for Canada is an invaluable source of accurate, truthful information for our citizens.


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