Future Minority Status For Anglophones Buried By Government, Media

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In terms of our country’s future, one of the most critical issues has been perpetually shunned by Canadian media. It involves an inevitable transition of Anglophone “Old Stock” Canadians to minority community status. Based on Statistics Canada data, this development appears inevitable.

“As immigrant populations change over the next twenty years, it is not unreasonable to expect that the ethnic diversity of Canada will change as a result. Statistics Canada projects that the two ethnic groups most impacted by this change will be those of European descent and those of Asian descent.”

By 2036, European-born citizens are expected to decrease to between 15.4% and 17.8%. of Canada’s total population.

By 2036, it is projected that between 44.2% and 49.7% of the population will be first or second generation immigrants. Nearly one of every two Canadian residents will be a first or second generation immigrant.

2011 census reveals that more than 90% of Canada’s immigrant population are centred in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. By the year 2036, three of every four Toronto and Vancouver resident will be immigrants, or born to an immigrant parent.

On this basis, in less than twenty years, 75% of Toronto and Vancouver residents will be non-Anglophone.  StatsCan projects that the group most impacted by this change will be those of European descent.

In addition to this growth in non-Christian populations, the population of those unaffiliated with any faith-based group is expected to increase. Projections see between 28.2% and 34.6% of the Canadian population having no religious affiliation by 2036.

No wonder Justin Trudeau has no interest in Christianity, and great interest in Sikhism and Islam. It’s where the future votes are found. Additionally, being a communist, our PM is all for the growth of atheism in Canada.

Based on these projections, why is it that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of mainstream media breathe not a word about the coming minority status for Anglo-Canadians? This is not some distant dream about the 22nd century. Based on statistical data from government, the transition will occur somewhere around thirty years into the future.

Why the SILENCE?

Do editors, writers, publishers and various media pundits not believe these statistics to be relevant to our society?  Are patriots to believe Canadian academia lack cognitive ability to recognize and report on our community’s pending minority status?

Of course they don’t– and of course media know well and good this is coming our way. And yet, “silence is golden” as the most significant demographic development in a century will arrive within thirty years time.

As Cultural Action Party has referenced so often, one curiosity constantly nags at us: why is it that establishment media never project into the future of society? Think it over–when was the last time you read a piece in a mainstream publication predicting the state of society in 2038? The answer is never. It is fully intentional.

A related question which could provide a clue for the hold-back:

Once Anglophone-minority status becomes official, will our communities then become privy to minority rights as found in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?  Will copious amounts of dollars begin to flow to Anglophone non-profit organizations as media promote our rights as a freshly-minted minority?

The thought is an absurdity. It will never happen. Rather, CAP predict maintenance of the status quo. Uber-powerful “multicultural” non-profits and their government lobbyists will continue to accumulate political power as if nothing has changed.

Therefore, an ominous transformation: Old Stock Canadians become a vilified minority community. No wonder Trudeau-funded mainstream media keep their collective mouths shut.

What a set-up. We can see why media never speak of the future of our society–  it looks grim as heck for Canadians of European origin.

And the irony involved. PM Trudeau preaches the evil of systemic racism against “racialized” Canadians. Is the future scenario described herein not a potential set-up for systemic racism against Anglophone communities?

If this is what PM Trudeau means by our “post-modern” society, CAP will take the pre-modern option every time.

5 thoughts on “Future Minority Status For Anglophones Buried By Government, Media”

  1. Sychophant Lametti to his lover Trudo: “I give to you and you give to me
    True love, true love
    So on and on it will always be
    True love, true love….

    Love forever true
    Love forever true.”

    “True Love” by the Everly Brothers.

  2. The late Silents and Boomers made the decision to turn Canada into a third world country. Many places already look like it and not just the people. Sad late silents and boomers pissed away what their fathers spilled blood and died for. Most of them could careless as long as they have theirs and screw the rest including their kids, grandkids, great grand kids etc..

    It all started with the first Trudeau and no going back. The violent crime committed by ‘new stock’ will continue to rise, our history will continue to be changed and old stock erased from the history except to vilify us.

    Canada used to be great and in my 52 years it has been utterly destroyed.

    Young old stock have no future here , most employers are on the die versity bandwagon, hire cheap third world labour etc. Even Superstore has a huge sign saying they are Canada’s ‘number one diversity employer’ (along with a big trans flag I might add) Grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, cabs, security is almost all non old stock unless an older Caucasian who has been there for decades the trucking industry is mainly ‘new stock’… Most government facilities at all levels are ‘new stock’ whether EI, gov liquor stores as are banks etc. Government from the ferries to RCMP and other police, fire etc seem to just want ‘new stock’. Even the military is the same and give the good jobs inside to the die-verse crowd.

    Young people need to find a place to move to and maybe get ancestral citizenship somewhere if they can but most of the first world Caucasian countries are in the same boat… Sad and disgusting what a few politicians along with media etc have done to westerners… Politicians, media, academia etc hate and despise old stock from UK to Canada to USA and everywhere in-between Gawd help you if you question our replacement…

    • George; same in my region. Young Sikhs have replaced almost all Whites in our Walmarts/Banks/Supermarket chains/local trucking.

      No exaggeration. My small TD bank had Western tellers one day, and they were seemingly gone the next. All of them. This was in the space of a few weeks time. Where did they go?? It sure looks like a takeover. Not in all stores; but it appears to be a trend. Trudeau may as well make a name change. This country has no association w/ the country of my birth. Forget the Maple Leaf.

      Forget “Canada.” May as well let Muslim/Sikh “immigrants” decide on a new name, and make it a contest. The new country of “Chinada” comes in at second place. The Chinese can cleave off (already colonized) greater Vancouver. I don’t take any pleasure in this sort of thinking.

      It may be idle talk; but it’s ominously rooted in immigrant floodtide projections. Until the neck of “multicult” is snapped–and soon–we’ll be pushed out of our own country.


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