Fundraisers For Trudeau At Barry Sherman Home Preceded Unsolved Double Murder

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At the time of the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman  on December 15th, 2017, Mr. Sherman was being investigated by the Canadian Federal Government Lobbying Commission. 

The investigation focused on a series of Liberal Party fundraisers the Shermans hosted at their Toronto home in August, 2015. The guest of honour at the event was Justin Trudeau, who at the time was running for prime minister.

Sherman and his wife hosted between 100 and 150 people, each paying $1,500 dollars to attend the event with Mr. Trudeau two months before his election victory.

The legal issue related to an alleged breach of the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct. At the time of the deaths, Barry Sherman was chairman of Apotex Corp, Canada’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. Apotex was an early adopter in Covid Vaccine development. Forbes magazine listed Sherman as the 12th-wealthiest man in Canada.

According to Maclean’s magazine, Sherman responded to the investigation with a Federal Court challenge to dispel the investigation before it concluded. Never before had an individual gone to court to derail an active investigation by the Lobbying commissioner.

“Sherman and Apotex faced a possible five-year ban on lobbying the government  if it could be proven that he ran afoul of rules that prohibit registered lobbyists from lobbying office holders they helped get elected.”

Inspector Hank Idsinga of the Toronto police homicide unit confirmed to the Toronto Star that “after considering a number of factors that were uncovered during the investigation, his detectives had determined the Shermans were murdered by strangulation.

In the 3 years and 10 months since the murders took place, there has not been an indication of potential suspects, or motivation for the grisly double-murder. More than likely, there never will be. The association of Justin Trudeau with this case being too close for comfort for public exposure.

The Trudeau-Sherman connection has been underplayed to the point of non-existence. Yet, there can be no denying that serious stakes must have been at play to motivate a targeted hit of this nature.

Could an issue related to the candidacy of Justin Trudeau have been a motive for the murders? Is it possible that a guilty verdict against Sherman would have placed an irreparable stain upon Trudeau’s chances for re-election?

Maybe– and maybe not. No scandal has done so thus far. From SNC Lavalin to the Aga Khan, to WE Charity and Indigenous Reconciliation Day, Justin Trudeau’s place in Parliament remains cast-in-stone.

Was career devastation for Trudeau a possible motive for the Sherman murders? Neither investigators– nor anyone else– will answer for certain. We do know that on December 16th, 2019— two years after the murders were reported– the investigation into the murder of  Barry and Honey Sherman came to an end.

Toronto police stated at that time that authorities would continue to investigate. Nearly four years later, not a single piece of evidence has come to light.

Is it reasonable to say nothing ever will?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

6 thoughts on “Fundraisers For Trudeau At Barry Sherman Home Preceded Unsolved Double Murder”

  1. The Sherman’s were actually in the early stages of producing and manufacturing the drug hrdroxychloroquine. This is why…( it cost pennies a pill and no jabs needed. .. but the NWO wasn’t having it. http sources://

    • Heard Barry Sherman was actually planning to give away some of his Covid remedy for free. Perhaps this influenced the situation.

    • What….. Hydroxychloriquine has been around since 1955 so not sure why he was just starting to produce it UNLESS HE TOO KNEW the pandemic was in the works. Not sure where your going with that comment.

  2. Sherman was providing cheap generic drugs and was costing Big Pharma billions. The police couldn’t have been more incompetent in their so called investigation. This has been well documented. Seems Big Pharma’s problem was solved. Go figure.

  3. Is this delusional clown for real with his conspiracy theory: that someone commit a double murder for Trudeau’s career. Cmon.

  4. I find it hard to believe that a billionaire can be murdered and in the manner he was and no evidence, no surveillance cameras, thats BS.


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