From Coast-To Coast, Canadians Loathe Trudeau and The Liberals

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“Feelings of anger toward the federal government have increased or held steady in every region, with the largest increases among residents of Quebec (December: 12%; March: 24%) and Atlantic Canada (December: 21%; March: 38%),” reads a survey recently published by Nanos Research.

A telling piece of information it is. Voters in Quebec, consistently coddled by Canada’s Liberal government, are angry. Residents in the Atlantic provinces, historically dedicated to the Liberals, are angry. It goes without saying that residents of western Canada feel the same, particularly in the province of Alberta.

Why is this the case? When a government deviates from the will of the public, anger begins to boil among the electorate. Considering the degree of public animosity, is there anything that would put public mistrust at levels indicated by this new survey?

Yes, there is. CBC won’t allude to it, and Toronto Star won’t tweet about, yet a rational explanation does exist. Exasperation with government can likely be traced to a simple observation:

The agenda of the Trudeau government is adopted from a political blueprint emanating from ideological positioning advanced by powerful globalist players. For example, World Economic Forum, from which the carbon agenda has been adopted, in addition to government’s LGBT positioning.

From World Health Organization, the pandemic panic. From the government of China, impediments on democracy, including control of the press. From Middle Eastern governments, advancement of foreign religious ideology. As extracted from World Sikh Organization, support in an establishment of a Khalistani state.

What emerges is that which mainstream media refuse to allude to. The government under PM Justin Trudeau is, in reality, a political proxy movement intent not on “managing” society, but transitioning society to a condition Canadians never asked for.

After eight-plus years of the endeavour, Canadians are sick and tired of the Liberals. As prime minister, Trudeau holds the honour of being the most loathed politician in the history of our nation.

Yet, there he remains. Pourquoi? CTV obscure the reason for it. Globe & Mail beat-around-the-bush. Together, mainstream media eschew a logical conclusion:

The singular reason why the Liberals remain in power is because leader of the New Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh is preventing a federal election from taking place. In other words, Canada today exists as a high-jacked nation.

“Pessimism and anger remain the top emotions Canadians say best describe their views of the federal government in Ottawa.” 

Trans-lation: Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland and company, Canadians hate you. We want you out of our lives. Eight years of woke malarky have driven voters to the brink. Yet, there they remain.

“What we’ve seen is, the anger quotient has hit a new record, Nanos Research founder Nik Nanos told CTV News in an interview on Wednesday.

Yes– for the hi-jacking of our nation away from the will of Canadians, our anger has reached a new record. For your sanctimonious pandering to special interest groups, we want you gone.

“A small minority of Canadians, 11%, felt satisfied with the Trudeau government.”

Readers can take a wild guess as to the degree to which the satisfied eleven percent derive from “special interest” groups.

“Nanos conducted an RDD dual frame hybrid telephone and online random survey of 1,069 Canadians, 18 years of age or older, between March 31st and April 1st, 2024.

The youth don’t want the Liberals. The elderly don’t want them. The Maritimes want a change; Alberta was fed-up in the first place.

Still, they remain. As millions of Canadians are aware, when questioned by media on his favourite country apart from Canada, Trudeau said that China was his choice. But what happens when Canada begins to morph into China in terms of a lack of choice regarding government?

“Any way you cut it right now, the Conservatives are in the driver’s seat,” says Nick Nanos.

Not quite. Due to one individual– NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh– Canada’s most despised government of all-time remain in the driver’s seat.

The degeneration of democratic governance in Canada continues to roll…

4 thoughts on “From Coast-To Coast, Canadians Loathe Trudeau and The Liberals”

  1. I follow a good dozen non-msm news sites on a regular basis, but CAP is the one I check most eagerly for the latest article.

    I’ve recommended it also to several VERY rare CDNS who have stubbornly also held out against drinking the “post national” Kool-Aid in this nightmare neo-marxist clown paradise, and all three so far have thanked me for referring them here for a good stiff whiff of “fresh air”…

    Pray continue your fine efforts, sir! 👏

  2. I listened to a Jordan Peterson podcast (Spotify) this week during a long drive, where he mentioned that “Rolex Singh” showed up to a big protest event back in fall of last year, and was marching alongside (P) antifa…!

    Seriously…WTF is it going to TAKE, for CDNS to finally reach that absolute “last straw” moment, and go grimly and silently en-masse off to their local hardware stores in search of common farming supplies appropriate for late night 1900s-era “town-square-meetings”…?

  3. Photo: It looks like the loathsome Freeland broke her neck. Too much (ahem) head bobbing. “Liberal” wrists almost broken from cheering the head putz; perhaps not unlike the North Koreans; furiously clapping for their “Dear Leader.” The first hapless person to stop gets a bullet. Oh well; we can forgive this sanctimonious witch. After all; she’s helping Trudeau “protect democracy.”


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