Francophone Week Highlights Systemic Erosion Of English Canada

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While the contrast couldn’t be more extreme, media obfuscation of the plight of English Canada is preventing millions from comprehending an ominous reality.

OTTAWA, ONNov. 6, 2023 – The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship:

“Today, we are celebrating the 11th edition of National Francophone Immigration Week under the theme ‘A welcoming land.’ This week allows us to highlight the importance of Francophone immigration to Canada.”

“It is an opportunity for everyone in Canada to celebrate the cultural diversity that makes our country shine. This is also the time to express our appreciation for the extraordinary contribution of French-speaking immigrants to Canada’s cultural, demographic and economic richness.”

Balderdash. Lost among the French-Canadian nationalism promoted by Quebecois Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller is a sad reality.

The demise of English Canada, inclusive of its rapidly eroding Anglophone demographic, remains a taboo topic for government, media, in addition to Marxist- infused Canadian academia.

This month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued the following statement on the first Lebanese Heritage Month to take place in Canada:

“Today, we celebrate the beginning of the very first Lebanese Heritage Month, a time to recognize and honour the contributions of Lebanese Canadians to the country we proudly call home.”

Hate it break it to you, Justin, but our country of Canada has no Lebanese heritage.

What Canada does have is a history of a nation build upon western governance rooted in the British parliamentary system. Somehow, someway, celebrations like Hindu, Tamil and Somalian heritage weeks and months take precedence over historical British-derived fundamentals of Canadian society.

For example, freedom of speech. Are readers aware that this fundamental of democracy derives from the very British Magna Carta? Ironic it is that every imported professor preaching tales of post-modern colonialism at York University is leveraging western European jurisprudence when they trash our country, and its history.

You can’t do that at University of Baghdad. Give it a go if you ever return home. Condemn the Iranian government, and see how that works for you.

Sikh Heritage Month, Chinese Heritage Month, Black History Month, Islamic Heritage Month. Irony drips forth as we recognize a paradox planted into Canadian society:

The ethnic community which contributed most greatly to Canadian heritage and identity is the sole community excluded from the heritage festival circuit.

“Over the past few months, my department has engaged in consultations on the new Francophone immigration policy with the provinces and territories, as well as with representatives of Francophone communities.”

Wunderbar. Witness as the very Quebecois Liberal MP meticulously works to preserve fundamentals of French-Canadian culture and Quebecois identity.

After which we juxtapose this reality with the Liberal government’s recognition of  English Canada, it’s people, and contributions to society.

Ready? There is none. And when Cultural Action Party say “none,” we do so in recognition of dangerous social phenomenon.

Justin Trudeau— eight years in office. Number of times our PM has referenced racism, “Islamophobia,” Islam, bigotry, xenophobia and genocide.

Try 8,888 times, and keep counting. In contrast, let us tally the number of occasions in which Trudeau has made verbal reference to English Canada, our Anglophone communities, or the Christian faith which they derive.

The answer is ZERO. Out of sight, out of mind Mr. Prime Minister? Call CAP paranoid, but we say  the ploy is 100% intentional.

Immigration policy as advocated by Trudeau, Marc Miller, Sean Fraser, Ahmed Hussen and previous Liberals holding the immigration portfolio have been silently transitioning white Canadian to a minority community.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette. Not one word has crossed their pages in this regard. Which meshes perfectly with our “silence on Anglophone community” theory.

A large portion of this dynamic is rooted in the Liberal/Quebecois/Trudeau cult of what some  call Canada’s “Laurentian Mountain” elite.

For eight years running, our Quebecois PM has been driving this wagon as if competing in a woke update of a Roman chariot race. Now, as the belt tightens around the Liberal noose, Trudeau and Miller are going all-in on government’s demographic manipulation agenda.

Of course, no one speaks of this ominous by-product of Liberal government policy. What are Anglo-European Canadians– chopped liver?

What a disgrace. Adding fuel to the globalist fire, we contemplate the fate of historical communities which have fallen into this position.

The commonality? Silence, and plenty of it. Pol Pot in Cambodia. Hindus in Uganda. Soviet Union, China, Nazi-occupied Europe. What do they have in common? Try ubiquitous silence regarding their government’s “unwanted” class.

Think this to be an hysterical rant? A pile of hyperbole? Perhaps– but CAP wouldn’t guarantee it. We consider an additional concept lacking recognition by mainstream media. If one has to select the community most resistant to Justin Trudeau’s “woke revolution,” who would it be?

The answer is Canada’s Anglophone peoples. What a coincidence, eh? A very cult-like Liberal government cabal knows these are the people most disgusted by PM Trudeau’s neo-socialist revolution.

During National Francophone Immigration Week, I welcome all Francophone newcomers who have chosen Canada as their new home. You are already helping to write Canada’s history.”

See how they roll. It’s not helping write Canada’s history– it’s re-writing Canadian history.

Welcome The greatest story never told. An incremental erasure of English Canada, as driven  by our Liberal government and their systemic agenda of prejudice toward Anglo-European Canadians.

French excluded, of course.

6 thoughts on “Francophone Week Highlights Systemic Erosion Of English Canada”

  1. Two people I have known or met (the latter being J V Andrew, author of “Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow”) were told by francophones that the British made two mistakes after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759; viz., letting the French in Quebec keep their language & religion and that they would not make that mistake when they took power.
    Turdeau’s genocide by mass immigration and culture destruction are completely related to the forgoing. Also treason can be claimed for these actions.
    To the British, 1759 was the end of the war; to the French it was a battle and the war was ongoing to the present day

  2. “Over the past few months, my department has engaged in consultations on the new Francophone immigration policy with the provinces and territories, as well as with representatives of Francophone communities.” Yeah. “Francophone communities” in the other provinces. This has nothing to do with Quebec. Last I heard; the “pure laine” peoplekind-on-the-street Quebecois do NOT want immigrants from French speaking (colonial) countries. These migrants are not ethnic French. It’s not “French” that’s important; it’s the entire Quebecois ethos. [Wikpedia]: “The French term pure laine (lit. ’pure wool’ or ‘genuine’, often translated as ‘old stock’ or ‘dyed-in-the-wool’), refers to Québécois people of full French Canadian ancestry, meaning those descended from the original settlers of New France who arrived during the 17th and 18th centuries.[1][2] Terms with a similar meaning include de souche (of the base of the tree, or root)[3] and old stock as in “Old Stock Canadians”. [Source]: There’s no way rank-and-file Quebec wants Trudeau’s “French” migrants. The dunce’s ulterior motive–He’s planning to farm them out to the other provinces.

    Celebration of our British-derived culture? As CAP has said; albeit in a different context; we’ll be highlighted by the “Running of the Anglophones.” Almost riotously laughable; were it not rooted in Trudeau’s thinly-disguised intentions.

    Are the objects of these “heritage” days as deluded as the originators? Their “contributions” to Canadian heritage wouldn’t be visible under a high-powered electron microscope. Then again; facts don’t matter a tinker’s damn in Trudeau’s asinine version of Canada.

  3. brad said its been decades, the french should just “adapt” to the english world called canada.

    but when the french are coming, brad refuses to adapt, why?

    because he’s a coward, and it’s either his way, or the highway.

    /sieg heil mein fuhrer brad

  4. 8 million quebecors, 25+ million english speaking canadians

    but brad, blames it all on the french, in this post.

    its similar to muslims (almost 2 billion) blaming life on israel

    just like christians (almost 3 billion) blaming life on israel

    which is like america (richest country in the world) blaming life on russia/china (who are ridiculously poor outside main cities)

    its almost like…. the mainstream of whatever society, blames their problems on the poor.

    (quebec is poor compared to rest of canada btw)

    but hey, its the french people’s fault! off with their heads!

  5. i’m going to reveal a little secret here.

    research what “jacobin” means. go ask cuba who their favourite canadians are (the quebecors).

    then go research how russians fell in love with france (before soviet era) hence the flag of russia.

    then go research how (christians) did not like minorities in europe in ww2.

    then figure out where the minorities are (toronto and montreal)

    and figure out why… the minority cities… embrace the red banner (you call this liberal), others call it socialism, some call it communism, well, the french called it jacobins.

    then, maybe you could figure out something else, how come there is a large percentage of chinese and arabs (which are attacked by british and america)

    and in any city with chinese there is a lot of jews (toronto, montreal, vancouver, san francisco, los angeles, new york)

    then start to wonder why left-wing businesses, still work with comrades, despite the conservative (christian) anti comrade initiatives

    and maybe, you might be able to connect a few dots.

    oh… is there an alliance going on? that you never researched and took notice?

    *puts finger on mouth*

    shhhhhh, don’t let the christians figure it out, they might get mad

    oh daddy jesus, i’m getting a little excited, can you whip me a few times for being a bad girl?

    teehee ~~~


  6. left, right, left, right

    brad is the final solution, the prophet and cure to all illnesses

    listen to brad, and utopia will commence (no minorities allowed)

    everyone, worship this man, because if you don’t, he will blame all of the problems on you.

    albion ist uber alles! albion ist fatherland! mein fuhrer ist brad /sieg heil

    albion uber alles!
    albion uber alles!
    albion uber alles!
    albion uber alles!


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