France’s Yellow Vest Protest Rallies Catch Fire In Canada

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Protests have spilled over into Belgium and Italy and now even here in Canada. Over the weekend, a few hundred people took to the streets in Edmonton – many donning yellow vests – to protest both the Canadian carbon tax and the UN Global Compact on Migration. A similar event happened on Parliament Hill.


8 thoughts on “France’s Yellow Vest Protest Rallies Catch Fire In Canada”

  1. HONORABLE PRIME MINISTER?!?! He has done the most dispicable act he could think of to every Canadian here in this country!!! He should be charged with treason and made to resign immediately!!!! He is the most hated excuse for a human in this country!!!!

  2. Justine Poo Dough has finally gone too far! It and its Somalian minister of immigration have sold us down the river and have done more to destroy our country with this one psychotic act of treason than anyone ever! He needs to call an election over this issue!

    The French military brass of just warned their arrogant mini-me Macron idiot that he does NOT have a mandate from the people to sign this UN travesty, so where are our military leaders? …or are they all bum boys for the NWO that PooDough unthinkingly and unquestioningly obeys?

  3. It isn`t that surprising. Justin Pierre Elliott Trudeau should be so similar in outlook to the elitist French President Emmanuel Macron. What should disappoint Canadians is electing him as their Prime Minister in the first place.

  4. It’s great to see protesters out at this time of year. There are two huge problems we face; First of all this “Global Compact Migration pak” In which case we are to have International law and we will be run by the UN. Trudeau is bringing as many Muslims in to Canada as he can. 30 million Canadians say no. Canadians have a lot of heart. The worst thing you can do to anyone is threaten their family and home.

  5. See what happens when you don’t listen to the orders of the government who care about you so much, they arrest you tear gas. you and punish you because people wake up and want decent human rights.

  6. What is unfortunate here is that too many everyday Canadians welcome rich and well educated people from other countries vs. the refugees who they share more in common with. The economy is global and it is based on classicism. If you are poor you become a refugee under neo colonial policies of capitalism. If you are rich you can afford the education to get the jobs that poor and middle class Canadian’s (as is the case in every country worldwide) should be given. Capitalism is not fair, it is a game and in games winners and loosers can be worlds apart. We need a balance. Wealth, societies and humanity should not be seen as a game. Unregulated capitalism will be the doom of billions vs. the few elite winners at the top. Something i see in the Yellow Vest protests in France are people from all walks of life, race, religion coming together to fight classicism. Yellow vests for the most part in France got it right. Lets course correct in Canada. You need to join with all the working class and poor regardless of ethnicity to really make a powerful statement. This is classicism and standing together will keep governments from dividing the people as they have successfully done so often throughout human history.


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