France Last Week, Netherlands This Week: “Anti-Immigration” Parties On The Rise

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It’s a simple, yet fascinating experiment. Each time a political victory occurs for what the press refer to as “the far-right,” CAP do a web search to discover which media outlets have picked up on the developments.

Canadian media maintain a consistent habit, as reflected in recent coverage of a so-called “far-right” victory for Marine Le Pen’s RN Party in round one of French elections. As funded by our Liberal government, media downplay, bury or obfuscate the nature of the victories.

Last week it was France, this week it’s the Netherlands. A look at international media presentation delivers the goods:

‘Dutch Government Sworn In After Wilders Election Win’

Welcome to the “post-post modern” revolution. CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail. They may reluctantly publish the information, pitching it with their “rise of the Nazi” rhetorical output and other woke globalist curve-balls.

The reason for the reluctance? The Liberal government of Canada do not want 41 million voters getting any “fancy ideas.” Based on nationalist political momentum, their goal may fail to come to fruition.

Here’s a gem likely to get-the-goat of Liberal snowflakes in Canada:

“[Geert] Wilders’ PVV is the largest party in the new governing coalition, and will hold the immigration ministry. Migration is at the heart of the crisis in America and Europe.

For folks with common sense, it’s a matter of taking control of one’s country, a right so richly deserved. An interesting observation comes forth. Ever notice how the nations from which refugees to Canada maintain closed-border policies, yet remain exempt from condemnation from western media? Add to it homogeneity in terms of race, ethnicity and religion. Not a problem for our press.

Yet, when citizens of western nations desire similar circumstances, it’s “racism at its most vile.” It’s a trap, to be certain, and citizens of European nations– both Eastern and Western– have had enough.

“By the signing of a royal decree, the new right-wing Dutch government has become a reality. Defying analysts’ expectations, it swept to power on a crescendo of discontent that has boosted anti-immigration parties across the continent.”

Justin Trudeau, so clearly in his “autumn years” as prime minister of Canada, must be thoroughly displeased. For the past nine-years, our PM has run around the planet like a woke banshee, pushing the buttons that make 21st century Liberalism what it is today.

Mass immigration from 3rd World countries. Abortion and Euthanasia for the Canadian-born. Climate change and wallet-draining carbon taxation. LGBT advancement, inclusive of support for youth transgender programs.

Cognitively, it is Trudeau’s mania which will ultimately do him in. He was never mentally or psychologically fit for the PM role in the first place. Globalist political interests recognized this, and thereby filled his political pocket-book with huge money. He’s not done yet, though it does appear “the end is nigh.”

“The Netherlands has a different prime minister for the first time in 14 years after Dutch King Willem-Alexander swore in the country’s new government more than seven months after elections.”

News consumers will find nothing of this hyperbole manifest in Canadian media outlets. For them, it’s a sad state of affairs, largely because the Liberal government now pays a minimum of 35% of legacy media salaries.

“The anti-immigration party of firebrand Geert Wilders won the largest share of seats in elections last year but it took 223 days to form a government.”

As mirrored in France, in which an “anti-immigration” party is poised to retain the most power within the 577-seat French Parliament. Still, it’s best that Canadians stick to “whispering this in the wings.”

You never when some snowflake will come along and brand a person a “racist.”

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  1. The French are to be applauded.

    “Le guillotine” was truly a truly ingenious and most economical invention for minimizing govt. waste at all levels.


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