Forty Years Of Multiculturalism In Canada And No One Notices Anglophones ARE EXCLUDED?

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Within Canadian society, a formidable “tribe” of what CAP refer to as Liberal-Snowflakes appear to have overlooked a significant point regarding state-enforced multiculturalism in Canada.

CBC have never considered this for even one moment. Globe & Mail has never referenced the nefarious phenomenon. Did you know? A quick look at the history of publishers of the G & M reveals every single one of them for over 100 years has been an “Old Stock” Canadian.

Still, no one has pointed out a most blatant observation: what one may call “white” Canada Anglophones, Francophones, European and Christian Canadian communities have never been part of this form of “pluralism.”

CAP has a question for these purveyors of globalist propaganda:

How can multiculturalism truly be inclusive of all ethnic and religious communities, when every Canadian who falls into the above communities are 100% excluded from Canada’s “diversity” banquet feast?

Not only this– 2020 Canadian society is, in truth, an anti-Anglophone nation. Therefore, this is not a benign situation in the least. It is obvious, factual and blatantly true that ever since Pierre Trudeau forced his “communist-infused” multiculturalism upon our nation, Anglo–Europeans have been walking a steady path toward:

Minority community status(CBC say nothing). Public branding as a contingent of racists and bigots(CBC again, Globe & Mail.) Genocidal toward Aboriginals(Trudeau, National Post).

Haters of 3rd world migrants(Toronto Star) Haters of Islam( MP Iqra Khalid, M103). A collection of homophobes and trans-phobes( Pride, LGBT, Macleans).

See how they roll!  Please do tell, fellow patriots– how is it possible that Anglo-Europeans could NOT arrive at the bottom of Canada’s social barrel without this calculated plan of globalist propaganda?

Justin Trudeau wants our communities to suffer--while establishing the social “infrastructure” to make this occur. Not for yesterday or today– but for ALL-TIME.

In our stead comes post-modern Canada. This is a globalist set-up for a transfer of the power structure within society to morph from what one may call “1st World” Canada into the hands of 3rd World Canada.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau. Sergeant-At-Arms, MP Ahmed Hussen.

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  1. When you kill off the builders and maintainers, replace them with looters and the ungrateful, you’ll end up with a country in decay because they don’t know how to build and maintain.


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