Former South Asian Premier Of BC Slams Justin Trudeau For Militant Sikh Support

Former NDP Premier of British Columbia Ujjal Dosanjh recently stated that “This is an extreme case of political pandering by Mr. Trudeau. Once again, after the SNC-Lavalin saga he interfered in a process that ought to be FREE FROM POLITICAL MEDDLING.”

What Mr. Dosanjh might  have added is that Mr. Trudeau is a leader who attempts to meddle in EVERY ASPECT of Canadian society. From our largest corporations to Supreme Court appointments,  our current government have brought backroom arm-twisting to a whole other level. 

Under the Liberals, Canada functions as a democracy ONE DAY EVERY FOUR YEARS– voting day. The rest of the time Trudeau has maintained a lock-down on decision-making– regardless of polls which inform us the Canadian majority are AGAINST the decision. A giant increase in federal immigration quotas attest to this idea. According to polls, a mere 9% of Canadians are IN FAVOUR of this decision.

Now, a prominent South Asian community leader and lawyer blows the whistle on King Justin’s irrepressible pandering to Third World Canadian communities. Good on him. Trudeau is a blatant vote buyer–as obvious as a  long summer day in Nuvavut. May his remaining time as Canada’s prime minister pass quickly. 


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