Former CSIS Official “Ready To Name Names” on China Election Interference

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March 31, 2023: “Former CSIS officials say the intelligence agency has been warning successive governments about foreign election interference for decades but all failed to act — and measures outlined in this week’s budget are not enough to address the problem.”

Michel Juneau-Katsuya, who previously worked for the Asia-Pacific desk at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), informed the House of Commons on April 5th, 2023, that he’s ready to name the names of those involved.

How explosive could this be? Still, Canadians would be wise to cool their heels on jumping for joy over this one. Astute observers of political subterfuge know by now how the ball rolls on the media field of Liberal Party protectionism.

Our latest example being the deflated impact of testimony from PM Justin Trudeau’s chief-of-staff, Katie Telford:

“The Andrew Lawton Show | Katie Telford Testified For Over Two Hours Yet Said Nothing”

The indeterminate nature of Telford’s commentary on China’s election interference has transitioned to a staple of Liberal Party politics. CAP get the distinct feeling that Telford, Trudeau and the rest have been trained in the Chinese political style of mouthing words while saying nothing of substance. As a politician, it’s Justin Trudeau’s finest skill.

“Juneau-Katsuya was asked by Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Michael Barrett if he could provide the committee with the ridings he was referring to, as well as any ‘evidence of interference’ or ‘evidence that Canadian governments have been informed of these activities.'”

The former CSIS agent responded by stating that “yes, he could try to put it together.”

“We have evidence, names, circumstances when all this happened,” Juneau-Katsuya said.

What a revelation it would be. That is, if the entire situation is not cut off at the knees by the Feds. Insightful Canadians witness the filtering of truth as perpetuated by the Canadian press. Obfuscation, subterfuge– the whole 88-yards. The tricks of the Chinese government trade as appropriated by Trudeau and the Liberals.

One has to understand the implications of national exposure of the Canada-China partnership axis. This thing is HUGE. Dating back decades, the influence of Chinese money, industry, business and politics has never been understood or exposed to general society.

The Liberals are dying to keep it this way. To take a deep-dive into the dynamic is to expose a foundational point at which Canada was converted to China’s patsy. The original catalyst is former Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau. Are media willing to blow-up the bomb that is a potential historical re-imagining of the Trudeau family?

To vilify Pierre Trudeau in an official capacity could alter the perception of the Liberal Party of Canada. Transitioning away from an altruistic national image,  a black mark on the Liberals would be more than the Canadian power elite of Quebec could bear.

“Juneau-Katsuya pointed out that all governments, both Conservative and Liberal, chose to ignore CSIS warnings.”

Former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney recently stated that Justin Trudeau “ignores the seriousness of foreign interference of any extent and makes a mockery of the government’s responsibility to protect the democratic rights of every Canadian.”

Sounds completely on the money to our ears. Our PM doesn’t care for democracy, and neither did so-called father. Now, comes the hard part: to undo the damage that began with Pierre Trudeau’s official embracement of Communist China, and current PM Justin Trudeau’s willing acceptance of their election meddling.

It’s giant of a task, but not an impossible one. Time has arrived for a dismantling of the Liberal-Trudeau Family-China-Media political team. Whether or not it will occur is an entirely different ball game.

Instead of a full public inquiry, as MPs from all opposition parties had requested, PM Trudeau has  appointed an “independent special rapporteur” to look into the allegations.

David Johnson, former executive of the Trudeau Foundation, has been selected by Justin Trudeau to fret and feign concern over Chinese election interference. An exercise in futility on the level of the Katie Telford testimony, Johnson’s role is to exonerate the Liberals to stimulate a return to “business as usual.”

That business being a half-century of covert understanding between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist government of China.

4 thoughts on “Former CSIS Official “Ready To Name Names” on China Election Interference”

  1. I can’t believe the Trudeaus have got away with it for so long. It can and must be changed. There is something wrong in the way that this Government runs. No matter which party, the people are like sheep. Idle?lazy?too much money? What? Anybody got any answers?

  2. All this, well known since the 70’s really. All documented in Jonathan Manathorpe’s book Claws of the Panda – Beijing’s campaign of influence and intimidation in Canada. Printed in 2018.


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