Former B.C. Premier Claims Trudeau Victory “Will Lead to WAR” With Provincial Governments

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War–what is it good for– absolutely nothing. It most interesting to witness establishment media’s political angle as election day moves closer.

Former Liberal Premier of B.C., Christy Clark, is warning that if the Liberal party wins the election, they can expect there to be an all-out political war with at least two provincesand possibly more.

In an interview that aired during Thursday’s episode of CTV’s Power Play, former B.C. premier Christy Clark warned that Alberta and Ontario will not respond well if the Oct. 21 election results in a second term for the Trudeau-led Liberals.

“I think if Justin Trudeau is re-elected prime minister…there’s no question Ontario and Alberta are going to be at war with the federal government,” said Clark.

To be forthright, CAP are proud of the way in which our party anticipated the potential chaos resulting from the Trudeau victory in 2015. We have consistently maintained Mr. Trudeau is both a divider, and a destroyer. We have never claimed to know exactly what he will destroy, but have always believed it will end up being something fundamental within Canadian society.

Here’s why: Whether the specious brain of Justin Trudeau understands this or not, this person has functioned as a political puppet for four years running. His decision making consistently reflects the will of the United Nations, African governments, Islamic nations, as well as that of international banking and their enjoyment of Canadian debt and deficit.

Salient CAP Question: Does Justin understand what the frack he has been doing throughout his tenure? Or has he simply been used like a puppet on a string to advance a socially destructive agenda on behalf of his string-pullers? Perhaps Canadians will never know for certain.

However, what Ms. Clark is saying is 100% in line with CAP theory. If Trudeau wins, a form of “war” will break out within Canadian society. One example is what Christy Clark is referring to, however make no mistake–there are countless other possibilities of serious destruction.

Example: What happens if Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives win the most seats, yet King Justin somehow remains PM? Talk about a set-up for trouble in our streets. Do media really believe Canadians to be so meek-and-mild as to put up with this?

CAP don’t. We believe there will be serious social consternation if this scenario unfolds. Conclusion: Trudeau the trouble-maker.  A form of “war” results as the anger boils over as millions of Old Stock Canadians who despise this man begin to take action.

Division: Ontario and Alberta vs. the Liberal Laurentian Mountain “elites.”  Quebec against Alberta. A potential coalition government of Liberals, NDP, Green Party. This is yet another example of where Conservatives may well flip-their-lid if this were to occur.

What else? Trudeau’s elevation of Islam above all other major religions. M103, citizenship for terrorists, billions to fundamentalist Muslim nations. Therefore, secondary wars– —Christianity vs Islam. Old Stock vs Third World. Pipeline activists versus Environmentalists.

CAP could on like this for quite a while, but suffice to say there is an overall message here:

Justin Trudeau was planted as PM to create social division and consternation within Canadian society. Pourquoi? Because all the chaos will assist Trudeau’s globalist backers in their agenda:

Get Canadians at each other’s throats like never before in modern history. Trans-form white Canada into a minority. Establish Islam as Canada’s dominant religion. Erode Canadian borders(Trudy’s Tweet). Create a post-modern nation state in which Anglophones and Christians trans-ition to ostracized communities.

Please do tell- has Justin Trudeau not followed this entire agenda in totality? Of course he has– every darn bit of it! What a disgrace this man is.

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Has this political charlatan changed the very nature of Canadian society for all-time? Will Justin’s immature, reckless and borderline-manic personality result in full-scale societal chaos within our nation?

CAP believe this to be a very likely scenario–regardless of whether Mr. Bollywood Blackface wins, or not. In other words, the damage caused by this man may be irreversible in many respects.

What a sad state of affairs for the former “Great White North.” Of course, Mr. Justin has zero interest in a “former” anything about Canadian identity–he wants all of it gone for good.

Why do we say this? Consider this question: During his four years in office, how many times has Trudeau made a verbal reference to Canadian history? That is, outside of running our national heritage into the mud while branding Anglophone Canada racist and bigoted.

Answer: ZERO times. Why? Is it not reasonable to believe a PM would reference some element of our past over a four-year term? For example, pay tribute to former prime ministers. Speak with pride about Canadian history. Reference the decision-making of former PM’s.

He never does this–not ever–and CAP know why: “out of sight, out of mind.” Socialist ideology claims that to successfully destroy a nation, first destroy its history.

Is this not perfectly in line with the behaviour of King Justin? Of course it is. What a puppet this man is! CAP will guess on the root of this phenomenon: Gerald Butts.

In our opinion, Butts is a communist, and so is Justin Trudeau. So was his father Pierre. Brother Alexandre works for the Iranian government, loves China, and praises Fidel Castro.

And yet, media geniuses like John Ivison and Andrew Coyne cannot comprehend the reality of the situation? Ever read a single article in our mainstream media which references any aspect of this curious political condition?

NEVER. Why? Because media is fully on-board with the program. When government and media function as a single unit, it is a sign of communism infiltrating a political system.

How all this fits together so neatly should be a giant red flag for Canadian society. It isn’t– once again suggesting the influence of socialist methodologies within Trudeau’s Canada.

Get Trudeau and boyfriend Butts out of government permanently. This may be a start to a return to Canadian values thrown in the trash bin by these scheming globalist destroyers.


4 thoughts on “Former B.C. Premier Claims Trudeau Victory “Will Lead to WAR” With Provincial Governments”

  1. Hi Brad,

    What a realistic article. I really like all of your work. Sorry, I haven’t been commenting lately. I guess it’s that I was in the hospital and had surgery. Kinda hurt a lot and I have a hard time functioning when I am in pain. Fortunately, I am on the mend. albeit slowly. I too believe that Mr. Trudeau is a communist. For me the war of separation is just starting to happen. It won’t matter who wins the federal election because one way or the other THE WEST will separate from Canada and form our very own government that controls our own destiny. Thanks for reading my comment. Talk again soon. Without prejudice Sincerely Douglas…..:>)

    • thanks for your positive comments. Yes, Justin is a separator and community divider. An awful commie type who should be deported along with his commie brother and scumbag Gerald Butts, another commie.

  2. I don’t understand all the rest of his caucus – surely some of them must question his motives. They all just go along with whatever he and his Muslim members want.


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