Foreign Media Name 14 Liberal Ridings Allegedly Propped Up By China

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In 2021, PM Justin Trudeau’s Liberals set a record for the lowest vote share of a party that would go on to form government, winning just 32.6% of the popular vote.

“The Conservative Party won the most votes in the 2021 federal election, but weren’t able to translate that support in the most number of seats with the Liberals scooping up a minority government.”

Perhaps, as Epoch Times suggests in an article published this week, the net result of the past federal election in Canada  was skewed by the following victories, as influenced by the government of China:


Richmond Centre– Wilson Miao, Liberal

Steveston-Richmond East– Parm Bains, Liberal

Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam– Ron Mckinnon, Liberal

Fleetwood–Port Kells– Ken Hardie, Liberal

Metro Vancouver– Taleeb Noormohamed, Liberal

Mississauga Centre, Omar Alghabra, Liberal

Markham-Stouffville– Helena Jaczek, Liberal

Markham–Unionville– Paul Chiang, Liberal

Richmond Hill– Majid Jowhari, Liberal

Willowdale– Ali Ehsassi, Liberal 

Don Valley North– Han Dong, Liberal

Scarborough–Agincourt– Jean Yip, Liberal

Aurora–Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill– Leah Taylor Roy, Liberal

Newmarket–Aurora- Tony Van Bynen, Liberal

 Why doubt the veracity of these 14 Liberal Party MP’s elected to office in October, 20121?

 “The former national campaign manager for the Conservative Party during the 2021 election has named every riding where the party believes there was outside interference.”

 Fred DeLorey provided the information during his testimony before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs on April 25, 2023.

 Number of occasions in which mainstream media has enlightened Canadians on this development? Begin at zero, finish at nothing. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star? Forget about it– they work for Trudeau’s Liberals, and in doing do, are vicariously controlled by the communist government of China.

 To be forthright, Cultural Action Party doubted the authenticity of a number of Liberal MP’s election victories since the day Justin Trudeau was crowned pseudo-dictator of Canada. Take current Liberal Cabinet member Omar Alghabra as an example.

Omar Alghabra is a Saudi-born Syrian-Canadian politician(current half-citizen of Canada) who has served as the minister of transport since January 2021, following the resignation of industry minister Navdeep Bains.

A close confidant of PM Trudeau, Alghabra began public life as President of the Canadian Arab Federation in 2005. His advance into the highest levels of Canadian politics began when he assisted Trudeau in capturing the Muslim-Canadian vote by way of a national tour of Canadian mosques previous to the Liberal Party victory in 2015. Mr. Alghabra has won his Mississauga Centre riding four times in succession. 

CAP can see why. Disbelieving the idea that non-Muslim voters in Mississauga voted en masse for this fellow seems like a giant stretch. Now, by way of Epoch Times, we discover that his riding was potentially rigged by the government of China.

Multiplying this MP by 14, we gain insight into why Justin Trudeau has successfully prevented an official public inquiry into alleged Chinese interference in Canadian elections. The same holds true for Chinese money donated to the Pierre Trudeau Foundation.

“MPs Exempt Trudeau’s Brother From Testifying About Controversial Trudeau Foundation Donation”

“Alexandre Trudeau negotiated and signed a deal for a $200,000 donation from a Chinese billionaire in 2016.”

It’s a family affair. Turns out brother of PM, Alexandre Trudeau, is also in the mix of the Liberal Party-Chinese Government political dynamic.

Yet, despite everything, the Liberals continue to control the destiny of Canada. Can it be that behind the woke veil of liberal politics lies communist control of the Canadian government?

Judging by Trudeau’s pending internet censorship legislation, it is likely the case. In yet another case of media obfuscation, the Canadian Senate are set to approve Bill C-11, which will, in effect, transition control of the internet in Canada to the federal government.

“China censors the publishing and viewing of online material. Many controversial events are censored from news coverage, preventing many Chinese citizens from knowing about the actions of their government, and severely restricting freedom of the press.”

“China’s censorship includes the complete blockage of various websites, apps, video games, inspiring the policy’s nickname, the Great Firewall Of China.”

 Looks as if China is all over the Canadian map. Not that the CBC is going to inform our citizenship of the fact. In “post-modern” Canada, establishment media work for government– yet another commonality with the communist way.

 “It’s all a conspiracy theory,” say Liberal pundits and paid-off journalists. Not likely, but what does it matter? Leader of the NDP Party, Jagmeet Singh, has locked in the Trudeau government until late 2025. Lots of time to twist the truth into a major run of propaganda, thus enabling the Liberals to win in two years time.

Now, a former national campaign manager for the Conservatives has named the ridings riding the party believes were influenced by a foreign government.

“There was a strong case to be made that there was a degree of influence exerted by an outside actor in the Chinese community during the 44th general election.”

Did the government of China win the 2021 for Justin Trudeau? Did the entire structure come into formation when ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau became the first Western leader to embrace the behemoth nation of the Far East back in the early 1970’s?

Questions never to be addressed by legacy media they are. Does an indelible link exist between the Liberals and government of China? Is this what has kept Justin Trudeau in office for the past eight years?

September 20th, 2021– Vote percentage, Canadian Federal Election:

Liberal Party- Justin Trudeau: 32.6%

Conservative Party- Erin O’Toole: 33.7%

Is Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, in fact, a post-democratic Canada? For as long as this person remains prime minister, our nation will continue to be pushed in this direction.

3 thoughts on “Foreign Media Name 14 Liberal Ridings Allegedly Propped Up By China”

  1. Why oh why don’t we have a mechanism in Law that forces an independent investigation into allegations like these. This makes our political and judicial system look third world.

  2. Unfortunately most Canadians are complacent and brainwashed.
    Most asleep at the switch. They’re so involved in themselves they don’t see what’s going on on the outside world listening to main stream media believing Canada would never do something like this.
    When they wake up, it will be too late
    There are so few that are awake. It’s sad. Everyone talks about doing something, but nothing gets done regarding the problem. It seems we are out numbered, and we’re all afraid to move forward. I’d like to see a solution to this, but quite frankly were weak people afraid to do anything just keep talking about it.
    And do nothing to stop it , the real reason nobody knows how to do it. We are all guilty of being weak Canadians, afraid to stand up for what we believe in.
    Americans are the same way I’m one of them as well very disappointed in our world and all the people in it. Why do they want to take away our freedoms inhumane people, people are sheep. And we’re following the big black sheep that are taking us down come on someone braver than me do something all this corruption in the government and it continues. How is that possible? When you commit a small crime you go to jail when you commit a big crime, you’re free, there’s no democracy anymore. Just another rant from me. Our system is so broken we’re being poisoned daily all for the love of money what happened to our world while we were sleeping ?
    I knew this was coming for years, but really didn’t believe it would ever happen in my lifetime. I sometimes feel I’m so fortunate I don’t have any grand children because my children saw what was happening in the world and decided not to bring any little ones into the terrible place
    we’re living.
    Things that are being taught in the school system should not. We should go back to some values caring for one another treating people the way we would want to be treated. If we could. It would be a beautiful place again I miss the old days when we were free we can walk the streets safely. We didn’t see all the homelessness drug addiction. Our government is not helping people who need help or we should not see people living on the streets in tents because of greed and a terrible run government government is despicable they don’t care about the people they only care about putting money in their pockets. we are all just little minions to the wealthy and we’ve allowed it to happen so maybe someone has a brain power to do something about it make a change I know there’s a way when there’s a problem there’s always a solution come on someone out there take over and stop this nonsense, one person can’t do it alone we need an army of people good people with values and not all about the money we could all be living a better life . Greed is evil everyone out there wants something bigger and better than the person next to them. So sad to live in a world so corrupt thanks for letting me get this out of my brain and voice my opinion, somebody agrees I may disagree. It doesn’t matter what does matter we all try and do something about it before it’s too late, we are very close to becoming a communist country. We’re pretty much there now when I came to Canada from the US as a young person my mom and dad said you’re moving to a communist country I laughed. I didn’t see it, but it was always here hiding but now the US is much the same anyways enough for this, I could go on forever that’s just my own rant . It will probably go nowhere as everything in this world goes nowhere unless you’re in the liberal government or any part of the government they’re all narcissists. Have a great day enjoy what we can and what seems to be our freedoms. Bye for now.

  3. This is so so true. Trudeau is using islam and chinese funds to destroy Canada. Algahbra is a terrorist member of muslim brotherhood!


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