Foreign-Born To Forge NEW SOCIETY, Transfer Anglophones To Minority In Canada

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“You look at the statistics and you can see it: who’s the bulk of the new population, who’s going to be our future,” says Henry Yu, an associate history professor at the University of British Columbia. “This is the strongest indication yet — obviously, it’s been developing for decades — that there is a new Canada.”

As it happens, CAP know all about Dr. Henry Yu, “Professor” at UBC in Vancouver. For two decades Mr. Yu has been speaking out negatively  regarding specific Canadian communities.

CAP has written about the “post-modern” personality type cultivated by government, media and academia for the past 40 years. It is a mind-set based upon the fine art of a vendetta against “mainstream” Canadian society.

What makes this such a monumental problem for Anglophone Canadians is that the ruling prime minister is a leading proponent of an attack upon our people. From here, the sentiment is fed through all major institutions within society. Professors, “multicultural” organizations, fundamentalist religious peoples, social justice warriors– all appear to be on a mission of Anglo-bashing.

This societal structure is so much more effective when we include the fact that 3rd World immigration is about to dwarf English Canada. Simply put, our “days are numbered.”

The blood-thirsty are “at the gates”— and our community downfall is all but assured. Won’t the globalist be THRILLED when our communities trans-ition to the shunned minority community. 

“The federal agency says the foreign-born population in that new Canada is expected to grow four times faster than those who are Canadian-born over the next 20 years, which is projected to create the most diverse population since Confederation.’

Witness media positioning!  This is FANTASTIC– Canada will have the most “diverse population” in its history. Only one thing omitted here– Anglophone Canada will in no manner exist as an “equal player” as this unfolds.

Do not believe a single word CBC and Globe & Mail tell you in this regard. There is only one place that “Old Stock” Canada is headed here, and that is straight “down the drain.”

CAP Crystal Ball: By the year 2038, white Canadians will have trans-itioned to what CAP has coined “Second Nations” Canada. You all remember First Nations Canada? Regurgitating government and media, it is European Canada which created an oppressed First Nations community.

“What about this, guys?” a certain Trudeau fellow asks of his trusted advisors. “Simple– we can justify stealing Canada by pushing the ‘whitey as land-stealer’  theory.”

That’s the ticket, fellow patriots. It is here the long-term justification of the decimation of English Canada resides. CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing. Result? Canadians of European Heritage become society’s “nemesis” community.

There you have it, ladies and gentleman patriots of Canada.

“We have an incredible global human capital from this new Canada,” Yu says. “We need to think of ways to build upon it rather than being scared and saying, ‘Oh my God, we need to make them all into carbon copies of English migrants who came 200 years ago.”

Some folks want a dead English Canada. Unfortunately, this is sentiment is shared by PM Justin Trudeau, and his gang of Liberal-Globalist destroyers. Expect much more to come.

“This is enriching our society,” says Mahmood, who moved to Calgary from Pakistan in 1992.

Like hell it is. The enrichment applies to 3rd World Canada EXCLUSIVELY, while the detriment belongs to Anglophone and Christian Canada.

CAP hereby declare the decade of 2020-2030 as the time period where Anglophone Canada transitions to a hated minority. All the rest is social manipulation at the hands of the “three-headed” hydra of globalist decimation: Government, Media, Academia.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est 2016)

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