For Justin Trudeau, Everything That Isn’t Liberal Is Racist

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A new analysis from mainstream media sets the tone for serious discussion on the topic of racism: “Why aren’t more hate crime charges being laid in Canada? A Globe and Mail analysis examines police performance across the country.”

“Police forces that devoted more resources – full-time investigators and community liaison officers – still solved fewer than 30 per cent of cases; others solved fewer than 10 per cent.”

Translation: the fault is found in law enforcement. At least it’s a change-up. Consistently and without fail, media hold the public responsible for increases in racism. More specifically, the fault lies with a certain type of citizen– what ex-Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper referred to as “Old Stock” Canadians.

One has to wonder about these circumstances. Astute observers may conclude all is not what it seems. Indeed, when it comes to PM Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada, nothing ever is.

Racial tension comes from the placing together of disparate ethnic groups within a geographic area. The speed at which integration occurs is fundamental to the problem. There is nothing unique about this concerning Canada. Conflicts of this nature are as old as civilization itself.

Why is it that our controlling institutions refuse to recognize this sociological fact? Are sensible Canadians to believe that so-called intellectuals and “experts” in our universities do not understand such a basic concept?

In Canada, the source of the problem is immigration policy. This is irrefutable. As such, there’s only one way to deal with it– do not speak of it. In politically correct circles, it is not permissible for responsibility to be found in objective truth. It must be found elsewhere– the general public, law enforcement, white supremacy–anything apart from its true source.

As a result, racism has transitioned to a tool for social manipulation. A purpose lies behind its contrived condition. Clear-thinking Canadians would do well to ask themselves the following: are government and media working to minimize racism, or exacerbate it? Is bigotry a systemic weapon in which to sculpt society toward a pre-conceived result?

A recent “hate crime” covered by CBC News speaks to our assessment:

“It’s a scar: Mosque in Mississauga looks to beef up security after attack”

After which “experts” bemoan bigotry in society. Justin Trudeau immediately issued a statement, as did Ontario Premier Doug Ford. New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh also called out the atrocity.

Based on media positioning, it’s time to chalk up another example of “Islamophobia.” Does the fact that the perpetrator is identified as Mohammad Moiz Omar make a difference? Or is this more fuel for the fire in support of Canada’s racist condition?

Cultural Action Party will go with the latter. It’s all “grist for the mill” in Justin and Jagmeet’s Canada. As it was with the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa. Based on the existence of one swastika flag, Trudeau transformed the protestors into a gang of racist hooligans. Devoid of logic, legacy media took the ball and ran with it. Racism was declared the fall-guy, as it is whenever Canadians do the one thing that Justin Trudeau cannot tolerate: opposition to his social agenda for our country.

Time to wake up and smell the rainbow-coloured roses: our prime minister’s approach to racism has transformed our society. None of it is for the better. Rather, the outcome is community fragmentation not experienced in the fifty years since father Pierre Trudeau forced multiculturalism upon Canada.

Is racism in Canada an instrument for political manipulation? Is there a specific purpose to government’s  illogical approach to race relations? Has PM Trudeau established a social condition whereby everything that isn’t Liberal is by default racist? If so, what a trap it is. This is nothing less than coercion– the arm-twisting of 38 million Canadians to conform to a brand of neo-authoritarianism.

To think that mainstream media eludes everything we speak of is our most important clue. Justin Trudeau has damaged our country in many ways. None may be more impactful than what should be–but won’t be– recognized by Canadians of all ethnicities:

Justin Trudeau has successfully implanted the notion that Canada is a racist society. He must have a reason for doing so. Chances are high that our country will never be the same again. A service to our country from its prime minister? Not likely.

We recognize the implementation of a form of Silent Revolution in Canada. Not quite the “Sunny Ways” Justin Trudeau spoke of upon election in 2015.

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  1. The boy king is a criminal, liar, coward, hoplophobe, Christophobe, babyaphobe, pervert, fraud, thief, moron and hater. How did such a mess of dim witted dumplings ever manage to get into power under the banner of the LPC? (loons, pukes & crazies)


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