For Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Immigration Policy Is All About Him

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“I’ve long said that one of the most important responsibilities of any Canadian prime minister is to protect that (immigration) consensus, stated PM Justin Trudeau in a recent conversation on Liberal government immigration policy.

You may have said it, Mr. Trudeau, but several points contradict your personal portfolio as a blind evangelist for mass immigration to Canada.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Objectives — immigration

  • 3 (1) The objectives of this Act with respect to immigration are

So, what is to occur in a case where social, cultural and economic benefit transition from beneficial to detrimental?

CAP are not like you, Justin. If we make a statement, we work diligently to back it up:

“Canada is caught in a population trap and needs to rein in immigration significantly to escape it, according to a Monday report from National Bank of Canada economists, part of an emerging consensus that explosive growth is exacerbating some of the country’s economic troubles.”

“We currently lack the infrastructure and capital stock in this country to adequately absorb current population growth and improve our standard of living.”

Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it? Not quite, because Team Trudeau continue to maintain the highest per-capita immigration quotas on the planet.

Apart from economic conditions, the social impact of immigration intake has also taken a deep-dive in terms of public perception:

‘Poll finds more than half of Canadians want fewer immigrants than Ottawa’s target’

“A Nanos poll for The Globe and Mail found a rise of almost 20 percentage points in the past six months in the number of Canadians who think this country should accept fewer fewer immigrants than Ottawa’s 2023 target of 465,000.”

‘Growing number of Canadians believe immigration levels too high: Poll’

“A growing proportion of Canadians is sharing the belief that the current rate of immigration to Canada is too high, citing concerns about how newcomers might impact the availability of affordable housing.”

So Trudeau is wrong. Nothing innovative about that one, it happens all the time. Our PM speaks to Liberal government sycophant journalist Susan Delacourt:

“We know that shutting down immigration would not even be a theoretical answer.”

Of course it isn’t. Too bad Ms. Delacourt or any other federally-funded journalist refuses to expose the number one motivation for the PM’s virulent support of immigration policy:

He wants it because it is— theoretically— a “silver bullet” for the penultimate goal of government: a transition of Canada to a one-party state controlled in perpetuity by the Liberal Party of Canada.

He’s a nasty piece of work, this Trudeau character. Inflexible on every woke globalist piece of political jive he is. Then, in hypocritical fashion, he turns around and claims to be a “progressive” politician. It’s a hoax, and always has been.

‘Three in four Canadians say higher immigration is making the housing crisis worse: Poll’

“63 per cent also said volume of newcomers adding pressure to education systems.”

The evidence is conclusive. Trudeau is erroneous in his claims, and is presently working against the will of the people by desperately clinging to increasingly archaic immigration policies.

Face the facts, Mr. Prime Minister: the “immigration consensus” you speak of no longer exists. Seeing as you claim to be a progressive politician, why aren’t you progressing beyond Liberal Party status quo on immigration intake?

While your at it, how about progressing beyond another piece of archaic public policy called “Multiculturalism?” Your assumed father may have invented it, but looking at the current state of society, institutionalized diversity isn’t doing Canada any good either.

“Despite the frequent Trudeau government declaration that ‘diversity is our strength,’ a new poll finds that Canadians — both white and non-white — are skeptical of the maxim, and believe that diversity can bring problems.”

Holy Cow– even Trudeau’s preferred form of citizens are skeptical of “diversity” and its manifestations.

“A mere 24 per cent of Canadians saw diversity as an unambiguous ‘strength’ — roughly the same as the 21 per cent who characterized it as predominantly a problem.”

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] take stock of the situation in a manner that never occurs within mainstream media:

When it comes to immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and related social policies, our ruling Liberal government are functioning as a “rogue” entity. Casting aside fundamentals of democracy, the Liberals are leading our country down a path that the majority of Canadians oppose.

Democracy in action? Not a chance. If Justin Trudeau ever goes into that good night of political office, this should be society’s greatest take-away.

Leave it to establishment media to cover-up the entire sordid affair. They will try, that’s for certain.

3 thoughts on “For Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Immigration Policy Is All About Him”

  1. Trying to think of a new; imaginative way to describe this worsening Trudopian nightmare–Left me with–Nothing. The descriptors have all been said. Mere words don’t do it justice anymore. The serious damage this insufferable baboon has caused is way off the charts, and no one seems able to stop him. Singh can pull the plug; but has his own anti-Canadian agenda. The Canadian federal political system was always just one “Trudeau” away from the past eight; intolerable years. Too bad the Canadian Founding Fathers weren’t as forward looking as the authors of the US Constitution. It’s not perfect; but what we have is a vapor. Our loss.

    Under common law; (US; at least) Trudeau is culpable. Rhetorical question: Can we extradite him?

    • Addendum: The only truly satisfying way to express our abhorrence of this smarmy tyrant is through the ballot box. Even that measure is being withheld from us.

  2. Justin and his sidekick Jagmeet are both egotistical maniacs.
    First of all Canada is not ready to have a leader that wears a turban. Canadians were scammed into thinking this young offspring of a well known name could be a good leader.
    As it turns out, Canadians are finally realizing that both these charlatans have ruined our once proud country.
    Today I read a story about ” how Canada could learn a lot about EV’s from Norway “.
    That was the headline and it drew just over a thousand comments. When I clicked the
    ” Most Liked ” comment, it said that we need to work on a better charging network, and here’s the biggest surprise, the comment went on to say, our system is not ready …… it’s like bringing millions of immigrants without the infrastructure “.
    Again another example of what Canadians are really starting to comprehend about the Fed’s push to allow more immigrants.
    People are waking up to the destruction caused by immigrants who want everything we ” old stock ” Canadians worked years to achieve.
    Immigrants, especially from the middle east and India want it all as soon as they step off the plane. And if they don’t then they start shouting racism and discrimination. Have you seen how many immigrants have joined well paying non profit agencies as a way to achieve control and status in communities across the country.
    Using these agencies along with fellow lawyers who have set up shop here, they target our customs as discrimination and then with the help of MP’s of the same origin, they are changing our country to suit their homeland customs. In other words they don’t want to be Canadians, they want the clean land and have ” old stock ” Canadians pay for their lifestyle.
    The proof is in the cities of Surrey and Brampton.
    How did this happen, when immigration was supposed to be about integration ?
    Enough of this ruining Canada at my expense. Stop bringing in terrorists and racists to my Canada.


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