Five Year Investigation of Barry Sherman Murder Delivers Not A Single Suspect

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As calendars reached 2022, mystery surrounding the deaths of Canadian billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman entered its fifth year without a single suspect being identified. Although devoid of potential suspects, additional information on the case was presented by Canadian media in early 2021.

Barry Sherman, founder of Canadian pharma giant Apotex, and his wife Honey Sherman, were found dead in the basement area of their home in Toronto’s North York neighbourhood on Dec. 15, 2017. Their deaths were determined by investigators to be caused by ligature neck compressions, a type of strangulation.

According to CBC News, Apotex lost a $500 million court case involving a drug patent in the weeks leading up to their deaths. The company had laid off staff, with more cuts forthcoming. The Sherman home was for sale at the time of the murders. The couple’s real estate agent, Elise Stern, called police from the home at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017.

“They’re dead,” Stern frantically. Along with realtor Weidong Zhao and his clients, Stern made the discovery as they wrapped up a showing of the home. Zhao said his clients, who were from mainland China, considered it a “bad omen” to see the bodies and left the home before police arrived.

Eight days after the bodies were discovered, son Jonathon Sherman told investigators that “the couple had enemies.” The couples son told police his parents “were complicated people and that there are people out there who would have a grudge against them and would have a reason to hurt them.”

The closest that reports have come to identifying a suspect occurred in November, 2020, when a Toronto Star article indicated that Toronto Police had identified a person of interest in the killing. Police Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu confirmed a report that “a person of interest had been identified, but not arrested.” It was the first and last time any allusion to a perpetrator has been made.

Barry Sherman, age 75, had a reputation for litigiousness business practices. In “Prescription Games,” a book published in 2001, he mused that a rival might want to kill him.  As it turned out, his prognosis was dead on the money.

Sherman’s funeral in December, 2017 was attended by thousands. The country’s business and political elite were out in full force, among them Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto Mayor John Tory. 

As it happened, Justin Trudeau had a direct connection to the billionaire couple. In 2015, Barry Sherman was a major fundraiser in Trudeau’s bid to become prime minister. Sherman and his wife hosted a fundraising event at their home, with each guest paying $1,500 dollars to attend the event two months before the election victory. At the time, Mr. Sherman was being investigated for fraud by the Canadian Federal Government Lobbying Commission. 

Resources deployed to solve the murder detailed 51 officers working the case. They combed through more than 2,000 hours of security footage. A total of 474 investigative actions were “vigorously pursued,” with 240 people being interviewed, or identified to be interviewed.

They found nothing. According to Macleans, the late physician and pharmaceutical entrepreneur Morton Shulman called Sherman “the only person I have ever met with no redeeming features whatsoever.”

Seated together next to their basement swimming pool, the Shermans were discovered hanging from belts tied to a railing. The violent deaths of one of Canada’s richest couples— with a net worth estimated at $4.6 billion —rocked the intersecting worlds of big pharma, political fundraising  and billionaire philanthropy.

Mr. Sherman was a man with myriad enemies. Canadian law enforcement has failed to come up with a single lead in a five-year period. Considering the circumstances and resources applied, the murder of Barry and Honey Sherman stand as Canada’s greatest unsolved mystery.

13 thoughts on “Five Year Investigation of Barry Sherman Murder Delivers Not A Single Suspect”

  1. I suspect that if a ‘real’ investigation was done, the “mystery” would be solved. However, the reality is that they were to some degree involved with politics and apparently crossed swords in some manner with the wrong person, for the perceived wrong reason, and that was enough to bring the wrath of a ‘higher source’ down on them.

    Politics is not a ‘kid’s game’ but is very similar to being a member of a ‘gang,’ which is what politics is, and there are penalties for ‘crossing swords’ with someone within the gang with power and the capability of having orders followed. The trail of bodies behind the Clintons over the years speaks volumes in support of that comment.

    IF and when this puzzle is ever solved, which I doubt will ever happen, my opinion is that the trail would lead to someone high up in the political hierarchy. But I have no intentions of holding my breath in anticipation.

    • Someone “high up in the political hierarchy” is always someone who is owned by those high up in the economic hierarchy. Politicians from the old-line political parties are bought and paid for.
      They do as the party whips tell them and they know they have to before they ever run for office. They’re puppets who carry out the orders of the wealthiest families on the planet. Scapegoats for those who really cause the disgusting rot of society, but make no mistake about it – they carry out the wishes of the ruling class.

  2. I believe it’s tied to the Covid Plandemic and big Pharma monopoly of “the cure. Vaccine” and I believe he produced and promoted a few drugs that would deal with Covid…so they needed to get rid of their thorn to move forward. Billions at stake. Follow the money.

    • I agree with you. Apotex was a producer of Ivermectin. The drug that works, but was forbidden to be used by none other than the Government of Canada.

  3. Was the man in the doorbell video who lingered in the vicinity of the Sherman home during the presumed time of the murders, ever identified? He had a distinctive gait and had walked miles to the location.

  4. I agree with you. Apotex was a producer of Ivermectin. The drug that works, but was forbidden to be used by none other than the Government of Canada.

  5. Everyone made ivermectin. But they were Canadas #1 producer of hydroxychloroquine.

    Which if you recall was violently pulled from the shelves even before ivermectin was a thing.


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